Battery Issue on iPhone 6S or 6S+? Samsung Vs TSMC Chipset

Which iPhone 6S/6S+ are you using? One with Samsung Chipset or the other by TSMC Chipset? Well one might think what a difference will it make? Yes, it makes a huge difference- iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus which are packed with TSMC chipset are much energy efficient when compared to Samsung SOC. In the tests conducted on both the chipsets of Apple’s Latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, the results are quiet surprising, the chipset which we thought would outshine other went actually back. Hence TSMC chipset are giving a battery backup of 25% more than Samsung SOC on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus.

We are not jumping to conclusions directly as developers are already testing the same on their Apple iPhone Smartphones are the results are here in the screenshot below, This conclusion was drawn after a dev tested his two different iPhone 6S running Samsung Chipset and TSMC Chipset individually and the results were quiet surprising.

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Now you might wonder which iPhone 6S/6S+ are you using, well we have a solution for the same after which you can yourself get to the chipset packed in your iPhone – TSMC or Samsung. To do so, simply head over to the Apple App Store  and install the App named Lirum Device Info Lite on your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus and once installed, open the app, you will find Apple Chipset information and then compare the same with this :


TSMC Chipset Samsung Chipset

iPhone 6S



iPhone 6S Plus N66MAP


If you are lucky enough to get your iPhone packed with TSMC chipset then its well and cool else enjoy Samsung chipset. Do share the same in order to share the news to all Apple fans. Hope to see you in our new posts. Do subscribe to the website for the same!

Source : reddit, C4Etech

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