Build Update 16.0.B.2.16 Released for Xperia C dated 2014-08-06


As promised by Informationlord, here comes an update for Xperia C although minor Build Update to Version 16.0.B.2.16 released on 06-08-2014 all over the world.Update of Xperia C to Build 16.0.B.2.16

Features in Build Update 16.0.B.2.16 Released for Xperia C dated 2014-08-06 :

#Better Battery Life Much Improvement

#Xperia C hanging problem becoming rare

#Touch response improved

#Less time for charging

#Red Light LED stops blinking when your phone goes down 15%

#Improvement in Camera Quality

Xperia C Update to 16.0.B.2.16

How to Update Xperia C to latest Build 16.0.B.2.16 released on 06-08-2014 :

Run Sony Update Service and then select Xperia C as basic model and then proceed as per instructions. But currently Sony Update Service is discontinued by Sony.

Alternative is : Use SOny PC Companiion to Update Xperia C to latest Build 16.0.B.2.16

Offline Way to install Latest Xperia C update will be posted soon! Guys do not forget to share your views regarding the new update at our TechTalks Information Lord Forum : Latest Xperia C update features.


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64 Responses

  1. Ramkumar says:

    Now the update has become easy….
    I have downloaded in phone itself. First update says the computer required. But now it has been changed. The update is below 25 MB

  2. Amarjeet Rajput says:

    Hello, I am using “xperia C” can some one tell me how to fix the problem of Album back lines. However, I have updated to 16.0.B.2.16 !

    Another problem is low memory. Even I am not able to update all system applications. Error is coming insufficient space in device. Can someone tell me how to fix such kind of problems.

  3. Randale Garcia says:

    hi sir, Randale from the Phl, does GravityBox of the Xposed Module work on Xperia C? thanks and more power.

  4. Vivek says:

    What is the size of the update bro??

  5. my Xperia c shows same upadate though I update it..and after updating ,screen is fluctuating..plz tell me d possible solution..

  6. Feroz says:

    Is there anyone rooted your Xperia C phone after update?

  7. Karthik says:

    Hello Somesh Chaudhary,

    Do you have any idea regarding merging of the two internal memories in our Xperia C?
    1.20 GB is being wasted in the storage section.
    And every time when i try to update any app it is becoming a problem
    Is there any solution for this problem?

  8. sureshkumar says:

    I have updated 16.0.B.2.16 and facing problem in installing new application. Kindly help us

  9. sumeet says:

    Any prob with this update..???

  10. GeckomoN says:

    is it okay if ill update my xperia c to this version? coz im using the dark xperia z2 rom right now and my phone doesnt detect any updates.

  11. Satish Giri says:

    must facilate gujarati language like samsung – not much beneficeary update

  12. shlokan jambhulkar says:

    build 16.0.В.2.16 is 4.3 jelly bean ?

  13. Shrini says:

    Hey how to update Sony Xperia C to Kitkat or 4.4

  14. sandyss9b says:

    Where to the setup file of pc companion on the phone?
    In rooted on xp c.. I tried searching the root directory.

  15. sandyss9b says:

    What is the big deal if bootloader is locked?
    Why should we want it to unlocked?
    Pls tell?

  16. Aniket says:

    what about the battery life and album back it fix or not..

  17. Hiren Boricha says:

    Where is offline mode of update.
    Too slow guys.

  18. Dhawal says:

    Need update for album too bcs black lines appear while viewing pictures…

  19. playns says:

    if already root my xperia C before
    and use Link2SD too
    what should i do for update ?
    Just update or unroot first ?
    thank you

  20. vinícius says:

    Someone knows if the “Z2 ROM” for our Xperia C will be updated to this version and with bugfixes on the ported stuff and stock launcher?

  21. hozaifa says:

    App: WALKMAN, Abum, Movies is stopped

  22. Roman says:

    Please, will not be there any problem with the update if my phone is rooted and using Link2SD?

  23. Mark Tang says:

    I Guess, still not push with Chinese version, Taiwan version rom, no update pushed now.

  24. Santosh says:

    what are the changes observed in new update? XPERIA C (16.0.B.2.16)

  25. Snehal says:

    Bootloader is still locked after update

  26. Vinícius says:

    Still with “no” on boot loader unlock. =(

  27. Fouad Blue says:

    how can i get the update. the update not appear for me. what can i do to get this? plz anyone help me

  28. 馮穎俊 says:

    Hong Kong Xperia C users still get nothing

  29. senthilranji says:

    its not unlock my boot-loader. if any one xperia C boot-loader unlock after update ?

  30. Pankaj says:

    Just now updated xperia c with 16.0.b.2.16 but it didn’t unlock bootloader.

  31. Naeem says:

    No bootloader unlocked sir

  32. Pankaj says:

    Thanks buddy for unlocked boot loader. Just waiting for 4.3 for xperia c

  33. Alex Sandro says:

    Not unlocked bootloader.

  34. my phone and pc companion is not showing any update sir

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