Chrome Browser Includes Touch To Search Feature On Android [Update]

Google Chrome on Android has updated with the Tap to Search Feature that makes your task of browsing internet in a more convenient manner. This feature of Google Chrome Touch to Search is released as a step to the announcement of Google Now at Google I/O 2015 which can brings almost all sort of information regarding the keyword or the Text Highlighted in Chrome.

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The Working of Chrome Tap To Search On Android is very interesting and easy. All one need to do is simply Select the Text on the site, for example you are on any entertainment website and you Select America, then you can get a set of results regarding the same which can be scrolled down with other pieces of data that can be read along pertaining to Entertainment. This is kind of Google Now feature that is said to be indulged into Google Chrome for Android to make the User Interface quiet simple and User Friendly too. Here is the working of the Google Chrome Select to Search feature : 

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How to Get Google Chrome Tap To Search on Android Phone :

  1. Simply direct over to Play Store and Update Chrome Browser For Android : Update
  2. Once updated. Its Done. You have successfully got the Mini Android M Google Now on Android Smartphone.

The other name for Chrome Tap To Search is Chrome Quick Answers to Quick Questions as per Google. Google with the launch of Android M will really rock the Android World! Stay Updated! Do subscribe to the website and share the same!

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