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Clash of Clans is a server based multiplayer game which tasks you to build your own village using the resources gained by attacking other players through the game’s battle feature. The main resources are gold , elixir and dark elixir. Gems being the secondary resources( for boosting upgrades, productions and training, getting builders etc).

It is an online game where you build your village , defense, train your troops and attack other players to earn gold,elixir and dark elixir. Using gold you build and upgrade your defense and buildings ,while elixir and dark elixir are used for training troops and upgrading them. You get extra resources from gold mines, elixir and dark elixir collectors.



Right when you start with the game, you get the town hall level 1 , an army camp, elixir collector ,a gold mine ,2 builders and 500 gems , it will also ask you to rush the buildings upgrade ,avoid that. You will need gems in the future.

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This game requires patience and time. Once you get yourself indulge into the game, the game seems a lot more interesting than you ever heard about it.

There are basically two strategies:


You go for looting resources even if you loose trophies. In these cases , you go for the cheapest army and try to target as much resources as you can.So you go with Barch (barbarians and archers) and Goblins attack. Goblins are the key. They are quick and causes 2x their normal damage against the resources.



When you’re on trophy pushing, you need to make sure of few things:

1.Most important: You hit a 3 star attack every time

2.You need to recover resources consumed in training your army. for example , a dragon army take around 3.5lac elixir at TH8, so hit those targets only which provide a minimum loot of 3.5 lacs.

3. You need a strong army composition, TBH , you may have luck getting 3 stars a few times with normal giant-wiz-arch army composition , but it does not work once you move up in the leagues.

best attacks that can easily hit 3 stars if well executed are: Dragon attack , GoWiPe , Valk attack(needs perfection for TH8 , works well on TH9 too) , Hogs attack.

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With pushing trophies you also need a strong layout which can successfully defend against enemy attacks. So, Don’t just go for continuous attacks. Sit, relax, defend , and attack when you have an active guard. That is the best time for attacking without losing any shield.

Digging up COC forums and from my different resources,i managed getting this:

  • You get a free 12 hour shield at 30% destruction, 14 hour shield at 60% destruction and 16 hour shield at 90% destruction
  • The attacker must use at least 1/3 of a full army for their TH level
  • Attacking through a shield removes 3hrs on first attack, 4 hrs on second attack, 5 hrs on third, etc (attacking no longer removes it entirely). Shield time is deducted on attack (i.e. when you drop a troop), hence you can search for bases without draining your shield.
  • Shields can now be dismissed at any time by clicking the red minus sign on the shield icon.

Another shield-like mechanic called the Village Guard was also introduced in this update.

  • The village guard acts like having the app open and online. You cannot be attacked and you can attack as many bases as you like without depleting it. Note you can dismiss it at any time, like shields.
  • You can buy 2 hrs of village guard once a day in the store for 10 gems.
  • Buying a shield from the store will remove any active village guard.
  • Between 30 min and 4 hrs of village guard is automatically activated after a shield wears out. The time given scales with league level.2
  • Any attack which does not result in a shield awards free village guard depending on your current league level (explained below)
  • The village guard counts towards the Personal Break timer
What’s the difference?
  • Village guard lasts for a short period, while shields last for a long period
  • You can attack through both the shield and the village guard, however attacking through a shield removes time
  • Free village guard time scales depending on league, however shield time is the same for all players

NOTE : These are only estimates, might change with updates.

But as you see , it is a lengthy process . Upgrading defence , buildings , townhall. It requires a lot of investment and involvement . So here we present a modded apk with unlimited resources.

Latest COC Hacked App for Free Coins, Gems and Elixir

NOTE: It’s a private served and so is nowhere connected to real SUPERCELL Clash Of Clans Server, hence All players on this server  will be like you. Modded and with unlimited resources.


  • Unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixir
  • You can practice different attack strategy(coz you don’t need to care about resources anymore)


  • The game is not connected to the official COC server
  • all players will have unlimited resources
  • the updates from original Clash of Clans reflects lately on Modded apk

Clash of clans modded apk v8.332.16


clash of clans modded village

Clash of clans mod apk


As the supporter of Supercell’s fair play policy i do not support any use of hacks and illegal use for the game. This mod is just for practicing and misuse should be avoided.


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