C++ Encrypter and Decrypter Software

Encrypter And Decryptor

Hello everybody! Today is an era of technology where privacy matters a lot and  one does not want to compromise on it at,be it at any cost. What we provide you is for free. So we have come up with an easy solution for all of our visitors. My classmate Sumit Thakur, has wonderfully made a C++ program that encrypts and decrypts text files and hence provides privacy to your data,that too for free. It is a C++ based project and hence is user friendly and can be easily modified.


One can send encrypted or secret messages, email documents all over the world just like FBI agents, without the fear of being read by someone else. All you need to do is to have the software we have made and follow the screenshots:

Download link:



To download the source code please comment!

Video Tutorial :

For any queries feel free to contact us! You can even hire us to make C++ projects as per your wish at very nominal prices. Enjoy your encrypting and decrypting and protecting your secret messages or text.



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