Get 50Rs Paytm Talktime Coupon And 100Rs Pizza Coupon for free

We are back with another offer after Giving 50Rs Talktime using Gaana.com App we today have – Get 50Rs Paytm Talktime Coupon And 100Rs Pizza Coupon for free using another interesting app. All you need to do is simply follow this post after which one will get Rs 50 Talktime along with 100 Rs Pizza Coupon Code.

What will you get :

  1. You will get 50Rs Paytm Talktime coupon once you signup using your facebook account.
  2. Thereafter you will get 1 Tomatino Pan Pizza free from PizzaHut for every 2 referral you make.

Instructions to Get 50Rs Paytm Talktime Coupon And 100Rs Pizza Coupon for free :

  1. Download and install the required app that will give you free talktime and pizza too. (You can unlock the download link by Like or +1 or Follow) [sociallocker]Download TimesCity App For Android || Ios || Windows Smartphone[/sociallocker]
  2. Now run TimesCity App and you will see screen like this:Signup TimesCity with fb
  3. SignUp with Facebook : login with fb
  4. To complete registration and get full offer, if you get popup asking for Redeem Code, then enter  : ILBN or else go to Settings Manually and then enter Redeem Code 🙂 and get your 50Rs Recharge Paytm Coupon.apply coupon
  5. Apply Redeem Code ” ILBN ” as can be seen in the picture below : Coupon Code for TimesCity
  6. Once done you will get popup saying you Are In! Thereafter wait for Rs50 Coupon to be credited. You will get notification once you get Rs50 Coupon credited which can be seen in Get Rewards Option.
  7. Here is the proof of the coupon that you get after installation : Reward
  8. Now get your referral link and refer others and for every two referral you make you will get a Tomatino Pan Pizza for Free.

This is all enjoy friends! Do not forget to subscribe to the website in order to receive other free tricks like this 🙂

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