Hidden Game Inside Android/PC Google Chrome

Everyone of us saw Internet Browser Google Chrome’s T-Rex dinosaur whenever Chrome is having problem connecting to internet. T-Rex dinosaur had short arms, therefore lot of things were out of its reach. This is the reason behind showing that dinosaur when Chrome having problem reaching internet. And yes it has a secret hidden behind itself in Google Chrome Offline Error.


More interesting thing is that the Google Chrome offline dinosaur can turn into a game. Press Space  Bar to activate the game on PC’s Chrome and for Android’s Chrome simply tap on screen. Mission of the game is to prevent the running dinosaur from crashing into saguaros. This is all about Hidden Game Inside Android/PC Google Chrome which seems to be quiet more interesting!

Game is written in JavaScript, and complete source can be found in view source option. Give the game a shot by disconnecting your device from internet and share the same! Keep reading interesting posts by visiting Informationlord.

Somesh Chaudhary

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