Photography tips and tricks

Photography tips and tricks

Hello friends! Many of us have interest in photography be it for Facebook D.P only. Hahaha. 😀 :P. clicking pictures with a professional camera is cool but all know that it is too much costly. So what to do if someone wants to click good pictures with a primitive camera. The answer is that you should know the functioning a camera and also how to set the settings of the camera that suit the surroundings best.


First thing is to know about aperture as it an important aspect of photography. As cameras are made with similarity in their functioning to a human eye so you can directly related it to an eye. In our eyes we have cornea that collects all light which finally enters our eyes, the front part of the lens also does the same thing. Then the iris shrinks or expands to control the size of the pupil. Aperture also has similar functioning. It is denoted by f/(number) called f-stops. Lower the number higher the size area through which light enters. Like the size of f/1.4 is larger than f/6.

Setting Aperture in camera

So basically what aperture does is it controls the amount of light that enter the sensor in your camera(the sensor is your film negative in the older cameras). But here’s the catch. Larger is the aperture number i.e. f stop(f/8, f/16, f/22)(smaller the size), darker will be the image. So when stepping out in the bright sun, you may want to set your aperture f- stop a bit high, so that you get a clear photograph. And when in darker place set your aperture f-stop to low i.e. higher aperture size to allow more light to enter the lens.

Another awesome thing about aperture is depth of field. We’ve all seen those photographs where the subject is in focus and the background gets all blurry. This is basically due to depth of field. It adds a three dimensional touch to the image, and it looks better. A lesser aperture gives blur to the image.

Photography Hacked

Depth of field. Notice the clarity difference between the lower leaves and the ones above them.

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  1. i am akshay n i am very much interested in cameras and photography. but i am a beginner. your post about aperture is really informative very helpful. can you pl. give me more tips about cameras and photography.

    • good… well for clicking good images first u have to experiment with your camera a lot. try clicking images in various modes and with different settings and u will come to know about various things of the camera. n i will also be posting some posts on other functions, properties and tricks of camera.
      thank you
      keep visiting

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