Pokemon Go Beginners Guide: All You Need to Know

Pokemon Go has been a sensation since the last year in the whole world as people are going mad over their childhood love. So I have explored a lot of pokemons and even visited the gyms and Pokestops around my area. With this, I decided to write an ultimate beginners guide to Pokemon Go so that all my fellow trainers can play this game better and be the best among your friends. This Pokemon Go beginners guide will have everything you need to know about how to play Pokemon Go as we are covering A-Z Pokemon Wiki and you can use this to know everything about the Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Go has been officially launched in the US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand until now but a lot of people have Pokemon Go Android and many of them also know how to download Pokemon Go for ios outside US easily. It’s natural that people can’t wait to play the game they have been waiting for since years, so that’s that. Well, we will be giving you some good tips to play Pokemon Go in the most efficient manner by not wasting the resources and also tell you the meaning of different terms, items and locations in the game.

What is Pokemon Go? How to Get Started?

how to play pokemongo

How to Play PokemonGo game


So, what exactly is Pokemon Go? Why are people so mad about it? Well, it’s an augmented reality game for Android and iOS devices where in you can explore real-world locations and find hidden Pokemon to catch them.  Yes, you are guessing it right! This game will use your GPS to find Pokemon in the real world.

To get started you need to go the Apple ‘Appstore’ or Google PlayStore and search ‘Pokemon Go’ or probably you can find in on the Home-Screen since it’s the most popular game all over the world right now. Tap on it and start the download and install it after that. Once installed, open the game and it will prompt you to register on the Pokemon Trainer Club website or you can sign-up using your Google accounts. I chose the Google accounts option as a lot of people faced the Pokemon Go GPS signal not found problem if they used the Pokemon Trainer club account.

The next step is to talk to Professor WIllow who will be with you for the whole Pokemon Go journey and you will have to choose a Pokemon Go nickname, change your character by choosing the right facial features, bag and a hat and after that, you will have to choose your first Starter Pokemon. Thinking if you can choose Pikachu as starter Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Try the link and uncover the trick now!

So well, if you aren’t in love with Pikachu, you will have three options – Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander to choose from. Choose the type of Pokemon that you can handle the best. I personally chose Charmander since I knew I would be able to catch a water Pokemon later and master the art of beating other players at a gym.

How To Catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

To catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Go is very simple, you just need to take care of some simple things so that you don’t miss out catching a rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go if it appears by chance. So you need to follow the below steps in order to catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Go:

Best methods to catch pokemon in Pokemon Go Game

How To Catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go Game


  1. Keep your phone fully charged with fully running Internet and GPS connectivity
  2. Start off by walking in your neighbourhood and keep your phone while moving
  3. Your phone will vibrate once when a wild Pokemon will be appeared
  4. Tap on it and swipe the Pokeball towards it while the circle diameter remains big

PRO TIP: You can turn the ‘AR’ camera off from the top right button on the screen to Catch Pokemons more easily!!

You can download the app given below to Play Pokemon Go without Leaving Your House, amazing right?


Terms Used To Evaluate a Pokemon’s Strength

There are a lot of factors on which a Pokemon’s strength, levelling up and evolving depends. You need to know certain Pokemon evaluation terms so that you will be able to decide which Pokemon to catch and whom to power up. A majority of people are wondering what does CP mean in Pokemon Go or how to use stardust in Pokemon go. So here’s your answer guys!

  • CP (Combat Power) : This is the measure of the power of your Pokemon. Higher CP means the Pokemon has better attack as well as defense power too. This can tell you which Pokemons to keep and which ones to Transfer.

Don’t know what Transfers mean? —–> Why to Transfer a Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

  • Candy: The candy is a very rare item which when given to a Pokemon along with Stardust, helps to increase the CP. Yes, if you want to increase the CP of a Pikachu, then you will need the required Stardust and a Pikachu candy ONLY.
  • Stardust: Stardust is the item you will need in order to regularly power up your Pokemons. No matter what Pokemon you want to power up, you will always need the required Stardust along with the particular Pokemon candy to increase the CP. We have share some great tips on how to get more Stardust in Pokemon Go by following some good practices, so you can check it out.

Pokemon Go Items

There a lot of items in Pokemon Go which can help you to quickly advance and give you an edge over the other players, we will explain you the use of all the Pokemon items and also how to get them.


The main tool of a Pokemon trainer is a Pokeball which can be used to try and catch a wild Pokemon that appears around you. You get 50 Pokeballs at the start of the game and you can get more Pokeballs by going to a nearby PokeStop and interacting with it by flipping the circle. You can also get some Pokeballs as rewards if you level up or you can purchase them through the Shop using the Pokecoins.

Want to know the trick to get more Pokecoins? Check This: Get Free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go


PokeStops are the places where you can get free Pokeballs, Revive, Potions and other such items for free daily. There are numerous PokeStops everywhere in the world, so make sure you stop by at one daily to keep it going.

Pokestops in Pokemon Go Game

PokeStops in Pokemon Go game



You must have noticed that when you go to a PokeStop, you might get some Pokemon eggs along with the Pokeballs, revive and other items. Pokemon eggs are of three types 2km type, 5km type and 10km type. In order to hatch a Pokemon egg, you need to walk the distance depending on the type of Pokemon. We have shared some killer tricks to hatch eggs faster in Pokemon Go previously.

When an Egg is placed in an Egg Incubator, the player must travel a certain distance tracked by the phone’s GPS before the egg will hatch. Only one incubator is given at the start of the game and can be used as many times as needed, but more fragile versions to incubate multiple eggs can be bought in the Store or gained from levelling that will break after 3 uses.


Incense is a smelly thing which when used, lures all the Pokemons hiding in your area and increases the rate at which you are finding Pokemons for at least 30 minutes. You get 2 Incense to use at the start of the game for free but you can buy more from the Shop in a batch of either 1, 8 or 25 by using the PokeCoins. The incense can allow only the player who has used it to discover the Pokemons unlike the Lure Module, explained below.


Lucky Eggs, unlike regular Pokemon Eggs, are used as consumables that increase your overall experience gain by double the amount for a period of 30 minutes. You can purchase them on the Shop in batches of 1, 8, or 25 in exchange for PokeCoins.


What is Lure Module in Pokemon Go Game

Lure Module in Pokemon Go Explained

A Lure Module is similar to incense and can attract Pokemon to a particular PokeStop for a period of 30 minutes. Not only is it more effective, but it also targets the PokeStop not just for the player, but all players interacting with the PokeStop during that period! It can be bought from the Shop in groups of either 1 or 8 in exchange for PokeCoins.


Restore your Pokemon back to health after battling at the gyms with Potions. Each potion type is unlocked at a different level. Potions can start being found in PokeStops after level 5. You will be awarded potions when you level up as well. Super Potions will start appearing in PokeStops after level 10.

  • Potion – Restores HP by 20 points.
  • Super Potion – Restores HP by 50 points.
  • Hyper Potion – Restores HP by 200 Points.


Revive will help a fainted Pokemon recover with half of its maximum HP. If you talk about a Max Revive the Pokemon will get all of its HP back. Note that Pokemon can only faint in Gym Battles againt opposing gym teams. Training against your own will never result in fainted Pokemon. You can find Revives after reaching to Level 5 at the Pokestops and also win them when you level up.


After reaching to a certain level, you will unlock the Great balls and Ultra balls. Though you cannot buy these balls at a PokeStop but you can earn them as rewards when you level up or getting them by stopping by at PokeStops randomly.

How To Join a Team in Pokemon Go

As users acquire and strengthen more Pokemon by catching more and more of them, they will have to use them to battle other players to take over the leadership at Pokemon Gyms. These can be found at different locations in the whole world. You can focus on building a very strong Pokemon team and when you reach level 5, you will have to join one of the three teams — Team Instinct, Mystic or Valor — and aim to claim a Gym as it helps to increase the overall global rankings of your team.

How to Select team in Pokemon Go

Which Team to Select in Pokemon Go

Check this article to know more about Pokemon Teams: Which Pokemon Team Should I Join?

Well, this pretty much sums up our massive Pokemon Go Beginners Guide and we have tried to cover each and every aspect a beginner should be know who is starting to Pokemon Go. Hope you enjoyed reading this guide, feel free to comment your questions or queries regarding Pokemon Go basics or anywhere if you are stuck or facing any problems.with the game. We will be happy to help you solve it. Keep visiting for more latest Pokemon Go updates and tips and tricks to play the game better!

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