Scan QR Code in Windows 10 Mobile Phone [How-To]


Although Microsoft removed the Stock QR Scanning code App from Windows 10 Mobile, but still many users are in need of it! So here we bring you the easy guide after which you can easily Scan QR Code on Windows 10 Mobile. QR Code Reader actually simplifies a lot of tasks when we are too lazy to type the URLs and whats more is – QR Code is more preferable form of sharing data to customers by large companies.

QR Code Scanner for Windows 10 Mobile Phone, scan qr code in windows 10 phone

Well the solution is quiet simple to the question – How To Scan QR Code on Windows 10 Mobile Phone?

All you need to do is simply install this – QR Code Scanner App for Windows 10 Smartphone after which one can easily scan QR Code in Windows 10 Mobile that too at very fast rate when compared to stock Windows QR Code Scanner app.

This is it! It was so easy to do! Do not forget to subscribe to the website in order to receive many other important updates pertaining to Windows 10 Smartphones and tricks with them!

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