Sony Updates Album App to 6.6.A.0.6


Media Apps provided by Sony are interestingly being used all over the world which have strong hold on Smartphones! Sony Updates Album App to 6.6.A.0.6 which includes Material User Interface Scroll in the Folder View along with the Image that can be seen in the Folder View!


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If you did not receive the Update notification for the Album 6.6.A.0.6 then you can directly download the Album 6.6.A.0.6 app from the link below : You need to Unlock the download link by Like or Plus One Or Follow Us

The interesting feature that is observed in the latest album update 6.6.A.0.6 is Scrolling effect that can be seen in the Folder View along with the small tile that highlights the folder! Here is the small preview of the same : Album 6.6.a.0.6-Folder View

This is the most significant update for Xperia C users as the earlier one had a bug in which if one deleted the Image and when restarts the phone the image used to come back! But now in this app the problem is solved but there might be black lines sometime which i didn’t recognize on my Xperia phone!

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