SXDNickiHybrid Kernel Blows Xperia M Benchmarks

Xperia M is very much lucky to have the SXDNickiHybrid Kernel compiled by Noel Macwan, which really makes use of the hardware given in Sony Xperia M. One can not believe what  SXDNickiHybrid Kernel provides – It really improves Performance of Xperia M to a great extent. Here is the Antutu Benchmark after Installing SXDNickiHybrid Kernel on Xperia M which is around 19K which earlier hardly was upto 13K only.

Xperia M benchmarks

Overview of the features offered in SXDNickiHybrid Kernel :

GCC 4.8 toolchain
XZ compression for lighter ZImage and faster boot
makefile optimizations for snapdragon SoC’s
Use -mcpu=cortex-a15 when targeting MSM Krait CPUs
~ Linux Kernel 3.4.4
~ USB Fast Charge
~ Smooth Scrolling Table
~ Intelligent Hotplug
~ CPU frequency limiter
~ Frandom
~ Enabled ZCache by default
~ Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks
~ Dynamic Fsync 2.0
~ Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
– Optimizations to default SLUB allocator
– Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased
-Lock initial TCP window size to 64k (Improves network ping and output)
~ ARM Optimized AES and SHA1 Routines


Installation Requirements : 

You must be using stock 4.3 ROM
Unlocked bootloader

Download SXDNickiHybrid Kernel For Xperia M from here along with details :

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    Dear When we will able to do this in our xperia c?

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