Why Torrents are Better than direct downloads

Are you guys are also confused what to choose between direct download or torrents? If yes then don’t worry here I am going to explain why you should choose torrents for downloading and also why torrents are better than direct downloads. Here I am talking about big file-hosting services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, and many others which have transfer limits, waiting times, low speeds and overloads of advertising. To get the unlimited speed and ads free downloading purchasing a premium account helps all that. But as you know not the all people can buy premium membership so they go with free membership and wait for the download to complete at low speed.

Why are torrents better than Direct Download

Why are Torrents Better than Direct Download

But as we all know when we download any file from direct downloads, if by chance internet connection interrupted, then your download process stopped and you get a corrupted downloaded file or sometime you got the downloading failed message which can’t be resumed again from the same point. So this is the biggest disadvantage or direct downloads but there are lots of more too which I am going to share below. So read Why Torrents are Better than direct downloads below.

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Reasons Why Torrents are Better than direct downloads

Here is very simple example of it. When you download anything from a website like Megaupload then you are downloading that file from one source, and only at the speed at which that source is capable of. But in the case of torrents it is completely opposite as while downloading from torrents you are downloading pieces of that file from different sources at the same time. Means there are different sources which are hosting at that file in parts and of course, the speed of download varies, depending on different variables.

Also this is very easy to download the file from torrent once you have found the torrent you want. There are so many sources of torrents to look for and you can find almost everything on torrents. Lets have look at the advantage of torrents below.

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  • One of the best reason is that torrents always give higher download speed. Specially those the well seeded ones. Here I want to explain something here, When you download from a site then you know it’s pre-uploaded file from one source only so you will get only speed of that one source. But on torrents a file has been downloaded so many times so these all down-loaders are seeders and that mean if you download that file then you will get the speed from these all seeders means sources.
  • While downloading from torrents you’ll always get the information like tracklists, recording methods/sources/bitrates, etc.
  • Torrents are also best because before downloading any file from a torrent you can also see its rating and how many votes and downloaders there were. You can also check comments on the torrent to get the idea how the file is and also can check how long ago was it shared. Not only that but there are many other options and parameters that will help one choose the proper and best torrent file to download.
  • One of the biggest reason is to select the torrents over direct download is that torrents are kept for many months, many of them are kept forever including all popular torrents, special torrents. As on the other hand download sites usually keep links operating for only a few weeks, torrents will be always available for download so you can always get the file even it’s not available on the direct downloading sites.
  • On the torrent sites there’s always history of used to be torrents.
  • Just like direct downloading sites there is no time to wait, speed limit and restriction. You can select and download anything from the torrents.
  • As you know if you download from sites like rapidshare then there are some restrictions to download the file. Means if you want to pause the downloading then you can’t as it will be failed only the premium members can pause and resume the downloading. But torrents allows you to pause, stop and resume downloads.
  • You can also set limits on how much bandwidth your torrent application will use on downloading and uploading data. Which is really a good feature to save the data.
  • You can also set queue limit on how many torrent files you want to download simultaneously.
  • Finding files on torrents are very easy as compared to other websites. Means you can find the files easily on the torrents and there are so many members active on torrents who upload files daily.

So these are the reason why torrents are better than direct downloads. If you love to read books then you can use these ebook torrents sites as these are the best websites. You will always get the best and latest stuff on torrents for free. If you liked the post then please share on social media sites and comment your thoughts below in comment box.

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