6 Best Free Web Hosting Providers

When it comes to hosting a website, many small business owners, professionals, and individuals consider finding a free web hosting provider. There is widespread misconception that no web host offers a genuinely free hosting service. Many do have free plans, but they are limited in ways that you will eventually have to upgrade to a paid plan. But there are some free web hosting services out there that do actually offer you lots of freedom with resources. Here are the 6 best free web hosting providers you should consider when looking for a free service.

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1. x10Hosting

This free hosting provider has been in business for over a decade now. It offers quick sign-up and single-click installers. You can setup your website quickly. You get access to cPanel admin panel, the most popular control panel. When it comes to storage and bandwidth, the web host promises unmetered services. However, there is a limitation on how much data you can store and how much data transfer can take every month. Once that limit is crossed you will have to upgrade your account or your site can potentially go down.

x10Hosting offers two subdomains, but you will have to pay for a domain. The host offers 3 email accounts and supports MySQL and PHP databases for free account holders. The hosting provider does claim that account holders can think of upgrade once their website starts generating decent amount of traffic.

2. 5GBFree

This is a popular free hosting provider. And as its name suggests, there is 5GB of free storage on offer. It offers an ad-free environment for those availing its free hosting service. there is 20GB of bandwidth available every month. Unlike other free web hosting service providers, this is a new host. There is no information as to how they are able to sustain the free model and how long they can do so. It offers 1 parked and 1 add-on domain, but no email account. This means you will have to pay if you want to create an email account for your website. 5GBFree offers cPanel and PHP and MySQL support.

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It is worth noting that earlier 5GBFree offered and ads-based free hosting service. The host moved over to a no-ads platform. 

3. Weebly

Weebly was founded in 2007 and has hosted more than 40 million sites worldwide. Its free hosting plan allows you to create beautiful and feature-rich websites without professional help and in a short time. The host claims to offer unlimited bandwidth for free plan, but there is a cap on how much data you can send and receive every month. And when it comes to storage, your site and its data cannot take up more than 500MB of space.

As great as Weebly may sound and the tens of millions of websites it may host, it doesn’t offer free domain. You can host your website on the Weebly subdomain. Interestingly, it is so popular despite the fact that it shows ads, offers no email, and doesn’t support ecommerce. The platform also doesn’t have any integration with third-party tools.

4. AwardSpace

The longer a web host has been offering free hosting services, the more trusted it is in terms of continuing to do so. So if you want to host a free website, AwardSpace is one of the earliest hosts to choose. It was founded in 2003, it doesn’t mean that you can continue to stick with the free plan. Many users will find the free plan to be adequate for their needs, but it has been created in a way that you will eventually have to upgrade.

There is 1GB of storage space and 5GB of monthly bandwidth on offer. It is a no-ad free hosting plan that also offers a free domain. You can create one email account too. There is support for MySQL and PHP, but when it comes to control panel, AwardSpace offers its own custom panel. There is no simple and feature-rich cPanel on offer.

5. 000WebHost

Those zeros in 000WebHost’s name suggest that it is a free hosting provider. And it does stand true to its name. This is one free web host that ticks all the boxes. It has been here since 2007 and has tens of millions of users. It offers a true free hosting service that comes with 1GB of storage space and 100GB of bandwidth. Even a big website wouldn’t be able to exhaust that bandwidth. You can host 2 websites for free, get free domain, and up to 5 email accounts. This host further provides a no-ad environment and support for MySQL and PHP. This host offers cPanel, which makes it even more special.

And if that is not enough, there is a free and fully-equipped website builder. So with 000WebHost, you can design and host your website without paying anything. And the site builder and hosting service are all easy to use. The host claims that its free business model is supported by its paid plans which start from just $3.49 per month. It also receives donations from its community of users. This web host provides the perfect platform for small businesses, professionals, individuals, bloggers, and nonprofits to create and host their websites for free. And all this comes with a premium customer support that is in no way less than that offered to paid hosting users.

6. Byethost

Byethost is part of a larger network that offers free hosting services. Similar to 000WebHost, this web host also supports its free services due to the success of its paid hosting services. This host offers 1GB of storage space for your website, and 50GB of bandwidth. There is a no-ad environment and free parked, add-on, and subdomains. Similar to 000WebHost, you can also create 5 email accounts for your site. But it doesn’t offer cPanel. You can use VistaPanel to manage your account.

Free website owners can avail quality customer support through free community forums. Tech support is also available.

So these are the 6 best free web hosting providers in the industry. 000WebHost stands out for its highest bandwidth, cPanel offering, free domain, 5 email accounts, and free and easy site builder. The hosting company doesn’t funnel its free users to sign-up for paid service. It claims to continue to offer free hosting service forever.

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