Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM For Samsung Note 2 N7100


Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM For Samsung Note 2 N7100  is one of the stable Lollipop Build for Note 2 compiled on Android Lollipop sources by Nameless community. I myself tested Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM For Samsung Note 2 N7100  which is quiet interesting to install and taste upon. Although Android Lollipop ROM For Samsung Note 2 N7100   is unofficial port by Nameless Community but still i will insist you all to taste this Android ASOP Lollipop ROM on your Samsung Note 2.

Whats Working in Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM build dated 17th November :

  • Network is working absolutely fine
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • Google Play Services
  • Notifications
  • And All better features that are expected to work in a stable build

Whats NOT Working in lollipop ROM for Note 2 :

  • Camera do not work ( Will be solved in next update) Camera FIX : Check Out here : Note 2 Lollipop ROM Camera Fix
  • BootAnimation gives White Flash Screen effects

Partially Working :

When you boot Android Lollipop for the first time, You will see that Android Keyboard is absent. So you need to simply go to settings and then Languages and Input and Choose the Keyboard as default and your problem gets solved!

Here are the screenshots of Android Lollipop on Samsung Note 2 N7100 :

Android Lollipop on Samsung Note 2 N7100

About Phone Android Lollipop Note 2


To see more screenshots, then simply Like or share us in order to let the world know what we have got 🙂


Procedure to Install Android Lollipop on Samsung Note 2 N7100 : 

  1. Download all the required files from below. You need to Unlock the Locker by Liking us or +1 or Tweet us in order to share the article and help others too.
  2. Now first of all take a backup of existing ROM in order to help you to restore in case you do not want to stay on Android Lollipop ROM on Note. You can use any recovery you are on like Philz or TWRP. I used philz recovery.
  3. After backup go to Wipe Section in the Recovery and Wipe to Factory Settings and then Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache for normal Recovery users and for Philz Recovery Users, they can simply go to Wipe Section and Do wipe to Install A New ROM.
  4. After that Install ZIP and browse for the Lollipop ROM for Note 2 which you downloaded from above and flash the Lollipop ROM.
  5. After the installation is done. Then simply Reboot the system. If you get message saying your Root Access is lost, Then simply Select NO.
  6. It will take a lot of time for the first bootup. You may see White Color screen flashing while bootup. Do not panic and let it take its time.
  7. Once Lollipop boots up on Note 2 N7100. Then Power off the phone and again boot into recovery by pressing Volume Up + Home Button and Power button.
  8. Now flash Busy Box first and then SuperSu and Google Apps packages one by one in the order as mentioned.
  9. Then restart the phone and enjoy your Android Lollipop experience on Samsung Note 2 n7100.
  10. Video Tutorial to Install Android Lollipop On Note 2 :
Also Check  Camera Fix : Android Lollipop Note 2

Do not forget to drop your views here and share the article in order to let the world know the development had happened 😉 Do subscribe to the website in order to get the latest fixes of the Lollipop ROM and the Note 2 Development! Thanks to Chainfire for Root and XDA for Busybox. Huge thanks to NameLess ROM community for such a fantastic ROM.


Somesh Chaudhary

Tech Blogger and Android Expert who loves surfing Internet and finding new tech stuff and frame new articles over the same and help the world with the knowledge attained!

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87 Responses

  1. BUJALD'GREAT says:

    not working…….plz fix

  2. Indu says:

    Iam getting a “teamwin logo” on my Note 2 NT7100 after the firmware install and reboot. Iam unable to install the google apps zip

  3. dev parikh says:

    I am not getting hw to do it

  4. montadher says:

    rom link not working :/ please fix it

  5. Haris Ahmed says:

    bro my phone ran out of memory. it is 16 gb built in but it is showing just 20 mb

  6. frszmn says:

    Can I know changelog for the latest version

  7. Hari Darshan Lamba says:

    When i am installing zip file nameless-5.0.2-20150108-hammerhead it gives me error 7 Installation aborted. please leave the reply thanks.

  8. For now be on stock we will soon bring the update

  9. al says:

    Why my screenshot not working?

  10. ninz garcia says:

    good job!! working on my note 2 n7100, the only problem was i cannot view my contacts and some of my 3d games like the amazing spider man is not working. anyway thanks you so much.

  11. Milind Thakur says:

    play store is working???

  12. Tushar says:

    Goes in a boot loop 🙁

  13. Hari Darshan Lamba says:

    i lost my call recoding recorded via call recorder limit 40. After 40 call record its deleted old file by software it self. can i recover my recoding if yes then how please help me memory is phone and mobile is galaxy note 2

  14. It will only work with Samsung Note 2 N7100 !

  15. prashant sachdeva says:

    my phone is detecting my sd card but its not showing in storage or anything after installing this rom
    please help me with this

  16. laszlo kaszas says:

    wifi connect problem….

  17. denzel says:

    le servise google play s’est arreter et le reseau pour telephoner ne marche pas

  18. foxinnm says:

    WiFi does not work on me . which you use in stock

  19. papcy says:

    Is it any video available to see how the s pen works?

  20. Shantanu Ghosh says:

    I have TWRP recovery…ROM installed properly but still WIFI is not working…flashed ROm many times but still WIFI didnt gives an error “AUTHENTICATION PROBLEM”…but i know i am using the correct password for the WIFI…any ideas?

  21. Christoph Matusek says:

    camera is not working, if i start camera, its freez. can i help you?

  22. loving the rom only issue is when rebooting mobile it causes go launcher to crash everything else works fine but if possible could this be fixed ?

  23. Leo says:

    Hey I’m stuck in a boot loop. Do you know how could I fix that? I’ve tried the wipe many times in mane ways. even the wipe to install a new Rom.
    I had MIUI 5 installed before. android 4.1
    is there a way that the bootleader is an issue? I couldn’t find ut how to check what bootloader I have.

  24. Sunny says:

    I am getting Status 7 error while installing the zip

  25. john says:

    when stable rom will release?

  26. WiFi is working fine did you see the video tutorial?

  27. sunny says:

    Hi if i boot my note 2 right now and as you are working on the bugs and will update it soon, so my question is how will i be able to update the rom.?will i have to do all this again or just like unrooted phone go to settings and check for updates and then update it from there. What will be the process.?

  28. papcy says:

    I haven’t installed it yet . Can you provide some screenshots about the s pen feature ?

  29. Bert Steve says:

    Yes! How’s the material design animations? Are they smooth? Do you think installing a custom boot animation is safe?

  30. Balaji says:

    hi, please explain every step to boot the note 2 and get the updated lollipop 5.

  31. Ashu says:

    Apps like line are not working please try to rebuilt it asap

  32. Bikash Mohanty says:

    Please let us know how much time it take to boot up first time Because . I did it two three times but it get stuck in boot up only.. last night It stuck for 5 hours still not booted so reverting back to 4.4.2. I am using DN3 4.4.2. So is there any problem my part or this happen to other too. How can iI fix this i really want to get hands on experience this ROM

  33. Tryed the ROM on my note2(n7100) working fine except WiFi please tell me if there is any fix available for it.WiFi is detecting my router when I enter the password it saves it and does not connect.when I manually try to connect it says authentication error but the password entered is correct only.pls help.

  34. jaleno says:

    Before i flash this does it lag and how much memory am i able to use and can i use custom boot animations on it

  35. Lucas De Araujo says:

    How i install a bootloader in this rom for I can charge my cell phone is turned off? Help me pls

  36. Nishat says:

    after porting the rom phone rebooted saveral time with flashing screen… is it normal???

  37. Deep Motwani says:

    Bro i want lollipop for xperia c

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