CM12.1 For Note 2 (Stable ROM)


Finally CyanogenMod arrives for Samsung Note 2, which is compiled by my friend Ivan Meler. He has beautifully compiled CM12.1 for Note 2 which is quiet Stable but is Unofficial Build. Yet It gives pure Official Taste of Cyanogen Mod 12 based on Android 5.1 Lollipop On Note 2.

Few days back we brought you the Android Lolllipop 5.1 ROM for Note 2 N7100 which was not that stable as many of you complained that WI-Fi did not work as a result we learnt from our earlier post and tried to rectify them. Today we present you all with Android 5.1 Lollipop based CyanogenMod 12.1 For Note 2 N7100.


Download Latest CM12.1 for Note 2 N7100 from below:
Download Note 2 N7100 CM12.1 ROM

Download our Android App from Playstore in order to stay Updated about Note 2 Updates : Download Informationlord App

Here are the earlier ScreenShots of CM12 for Note 2 N7100 :

Npte 2 N7100 CM12 About Phone

Multi User on Note 2 CM12

CM12 Note 2 HomeScreen Cm12 Note 2 REcent Tasks CM12 Notification Bar CM12 Privacy Settings Note 2 Cm12 LockScreen Note 2 CM12 Live Wallpapers Note 2

As this is the First Build we gonna provide you much stable builds lateron! Please report the bugs in order to make this CM12 ROM for Note 2 N7100 More stable and user friendly.

What’s Perfectly Working on CM12.1 for Note 2 :

  • Wi-Fi
  • MULTI USER SUPPORT which enables to switch accounts
  • OpenGL (CPU rendering)
  • MALI blobs (GPU rendering)
  •  HWComposer and MALI R4P0 drivers
  •  Rotation
  •  Camera (this DOES NOT include stock camera app, use e.g. google camera)
  •  Bluetooth
  •  NFC (Android Beam)
  •  Sensors (ALL!)
  • Internal / External SD Card
  • Vibration
  • GPS is now Working

Known Issues : When you open the Keyboard for the first time, You might not actually able to use it! So go to settings then Languages and Input and Select the Keyboard again! And here you go! Your Keyboard Starts Working.

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Guide to FIX Mobile DATA on CM12 Latest build for Note 2 : 

  1. Download this small file from here.
  2. Place the downloaded file to Internal Storage of the Phone
  3. Now Open Terminal Emulator app.Then type the following:
    su  sh /sdcard/

    Important: You need working root (supersu or superuser) and do this every time you enable 2G/3G data. Also, you have to have data enabled when executing this script.

  4. This will fix your mobile data successfully 🙂

Guide to Fix Camera on CM12 Note 2 :

To fix camera after flashing supersu go to terminal and type:

su  sh etc/init.d/80cfw

Now you can install Google Camera or any other app which will work perfectly alright!

Procedure to Install CM12 On Note 2 N7100:

Important: Take a Nandroid Backup before proceeding in order to Roll back if you do not like CM12.

  1. Download Cm12 Unofficial Built Dated 22 November from below. The link is locked in locker! You need to like or Tweet or +1 Us in order to unlock the Download link.It is Mega Link! So guys if you are unable to download it, then read our post to Unblock websites and download it.
  2. Then Download Flashable Google Apps for CM12 Build from below. Download CM12 Gapps Flashable ZIP
  3. Now Boot Into Recovery Mode and then Factory Reset and Clear Cache and Dalvik Cache
  4. Flash the CM12 For nOte 2 N7100 and Restart the Phone
  5. First BootUp might Take Little Time. Be patient. Once Booted then simply again reboot to Recovery And Flash the Google Apps and restart.
  6. Enjoy CM12 on Your Note 2 N7100.

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Here is the Video Tutorial on How to Install CM12 On Note 2 N7100 :

Review Of CM12 on Note 2 N7100 :

Do report the Bugs and comment them here! Do not forget to subscribe to the website and stay updated, we are soon release another stable build in a day or two. Till then enjoy CM12 on your Note 2 N7100. Once Again Thanks Ivan Meler for such a fast response to build CM12 for Note 2.



Somesh Chaudhary

Tech Blogger and Android Expert who loves surfing Internet and finding new tech stuff and frame new articles over the same and help the world with the knowledge attained!

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152 Responses

  1. Adnan Jaweed says:

    No type of video is working in any player please help me with this

  2. anas says:

    plz help how to downlod not 2 cm file

  3. Bas says:

    Thank you! Running it on my N7100 and like it! I waited forever on an update from Samsung and/or CM12 but it never came. I hope this will be actively maintained, since it already seems quite stable on my phone. I tried to install N7105 rom from CM, because it’s official, but got an error there, cause my phone is N7100. Thank you! I am not sure if I can expect OTA updates on my phone now?! Would be terrific of course. You filled a big big gap my friend, probably for loads of people. Bas

  4. domenico says:

    thanks for the Data tipp. Is there a way to automatize it?

  5. Vishal says:

    Dailer was stop when importing contacts from sim.. Tell me how to fix it??

  6. SukumarbBalllavoul says:

    I just found an issue with otg drive..
    When i insert it to device, it keeps restarting the device untill i eject the otg off the device.. Can yiu please help me fixing the issue.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi bro,
    I was using Dn4 before installing this ROM. After the installation the battery drains fast. On the previous ROM the battery was working fine. And also I faced a problem after the installation that I am unable to install Framaroot APK and occuring am error instaling superuser.
    Requesting your kind reply. Thanks

  8. vishnu says:

    hey…can u tell me how to enable selinux. i tried to enable it with an selinuxmodchanger app, its said that selinux is disabled. so i tried to enable it with the setenforce 0 in the the terminal emulator but then also it said selinux disabled. can u help???

  9. Bill says:

    My phone keeps overheating and I significant battery drain. Even when I barely use it my phone gets hot within 3 minutes.

  10. Hi somesh my phone note2 and root not working how fix this ?! Plez help me

  11. Harikrishnan says:

    hi, I’ve installed android 5.1 Lollipop CM12.1 Custom ROM in my Note 2 N7100,but I took the back in Samsung Kies3. How can I restore data to custom Rom. If not possible please guide me to roll back to previous version…

  12. prisoner 849 says:

    Hi guys, according ClockSync, root is not available in this ROM. How can I activate root access?

  13. Amol Barshikar says:

    Also, random reboots … normally observed happening in mid-night

  14. Nate says:

    I have lost my keyboard after flashing it. That’s the first problem i had. Cant type anything right now. What is happening?

  15. Amol Barshikar says:

    Wi-Fi keeps on disconnecting. Build date: 5-Apr’15

  16. Marko says:

    It overheats,a lots of random restarts,masive batery dreain.

  17. Dinesh says:

    I installed the rom today..everything works fine.. except two things..
    Unable to import contact- When i try to import it says contact closed.
    Proximity sensor not working.. and the screen is on even during call..

    Please let me know if you had any patches for this…

  18. DINESH says:

    Updated today.. Grt work… Would like to have theme installation support… So mobile data not working

  19. Dinesh says:

    Hi installed the ROM.. it’s working smooth and fine .. thanks a lot…Fixed Camera issue.. with the work around.. but how do i download themes from playstore and apply it in my mobile??? I am able to download the theme… but not able to apply it… is it a known issue??

  20. shashank chauhan says:

    Hi today I flashed cm12 ROM on my n7100 and since then I am unable to download any theme from play store. His this thing can be resolved bro. It shows an error after completing 50% of download wat to do man

  21. Marcus says:

    I have rooted cm11 daily 4.4.4 used philz to clean then flash dec 8 rom and I am stuck in a boot loop. CM logo then reboot. Any suggestions

  22. MADHU says:

    when i press volume and home and power button recovery mode is activate and immediately no command error is display. how to rectify it. i want install lollipop for note 2

  23. Akbar Basha says:

    Great work guys.. Its been a day since I installed this ROM, am on 12-20141208-UNOFFICIAL-n7100. So far its pretty stable. Had a restart once, camera crashed on the first time but later it worked fine.. Data works fine..But GPS is not working, is there any fix for that? and also was wondering if there is an option to enable battery percentage.. Aprat from the fact that the GPS is not working, its quite stable so fat. A big thanks to the devs.. Cheers..

  24. Shareef says:

    My Note stack on galaxy boot logo. Installing steps were like this :
    1- full wipe.
    2- install ROM zip.
    3- reboot ( and do some exploring ;D )
    4- install busyBox , SU then gapps.
    5- reboot.
    6- “No” permission fix.
    7- work on mobile for a day.

    On first restart the mobile cant boot, So What is the mistake ?

  25. Nathan says:

    Screen shooting?

  26. Mitch Edison says:

    Does this work on all note 2 variants, or just the gt N7100?

  27. Venkat says:

    I’m having Touchwiz Samsung galaxy rooted note 2. .
    Can i try this, so that I can have CN12 in mines ?
    Will it work ?

  28. shwetank says:

    i cant install CM12 ,,,,, its asking for likes but im doing but nothing is happening

  29. Chiraag says:

    The Bluetooth share sometimes keeps crashing. i cannot always listen to music if connected via Bluetooth. It does not occur always but often… Pls fix this!

  30. ANIL UGALE says:

    Thanks wonderful job. every thing is working fine including camera but i have issue with my data access.

    I have go thought with your instruction but it show error on terminal The IP address isn’t valid. Please tell me how can I resolve this. thanks in advance

  31. gaurav says:

    Please tell me how to turn off backlight key.

  32. Ashish Shah says:

    hi! I have installed CM12 my Camera app is fixed but I am unable to use inbuilt apps like inbuilt Camera, apollo music player, etc. kindly advise

  33. Milind Thakur says:

    All Gapps unfortunately has stopped. Please give me any solution for this.

  34. Khwahish says:

    Are the gaaps same as the ones for namless rom?
    Or should i download again?

  35. Farhan says:

    Just flash the rom yesterday but camera is not working, its just stuck on the initial screen. Pls suggest..

  36. Data isn’t working please fix and tge display on some games sucks..after all it’s a good rom

  37. Jay Panchal says:

    flashed cm12 alpha 5 but getting the logo cyanogenmod but than again reboots…what to do…

  38. ashkan says:

    Why we need to do that to fix the data?! Is it safe? What is that IP?

  39. Jaider Gonzalez says:

    se queda reiniciando y no carga, lo he dejado así mas de una hora y no pasa. Lo he reinstalado más de 5 veces y lo he descargado una y otra vez la misma cantidad de veces. Que le hago?

  40. Baqer says:

    Im stuck in boot loop with the 20141130 build. anyone else having an issue? Ive tried a format and cache wipe twice. using Philz recovery 6+

  41. Suyog says:

    Hi Somesh, i am unable to install CM12… I am not getting the screen which you are getting after i press power button volume up button….also there is no backup option in it.. i tried to install from from my SD card its showing E: failed to verify E–sign.. verify signature failed…. kindly let me know how to overcome this…

  42. Chiraag says:

    How ca i flash the updated rom (build – 30-11-14) without loosing any data and apps? i had flashed the rom build (23-11-14) and now i want to update it to the latest without loosing any of my apps and app data etc….


  44. Shantanu Ghosh says:

    Any update on Mobile data?..When will this be fixed…?

  45. Suyog says:

    hi Somesh… Mobile data 3G is not working..

  46. Suyog says:

    I am getting errors while downloading Gapps.. its taking more 3-4 hrs to download the file..and once file downloaded its getting corrupt.. please provide any other link..

  47. Onfame says:

    Data does not work. Also i cant set the apn settings. And i get a force close if i press the provider settings. But i have to say you did awesome work.

  48. Four Foune Fiend says:

    Will that camera fix work on other devices? I’m on a S3 vzw

  49. Alberto parra says:

    Stop applications notify stops also sometimes everything works fine

  50. RChang says:

    Note 2 APN does not work on Cricket (AIO ATT). No data if not on Wi-Fi

  51. Harsha says:

    Please fix these,

    * the advanced settings menu doesnt work in display settings

    * the swype feature not working on android keyboard

    Will update once I find any other stuff.

  52. The 1122 version works great and I fixed the webview by myself. But when I update 1123 version, I just got bootloop. Are there any solution?

    • Please flash the ROM after Data WIpe and Cache Wipe! If you using Philz(Recommended) then simply go to Wipe section and do Wipe to install New ROM that’s it! And flash zip. DO NOT flash all zip in one go!

  53. Shantanu Ghosh says:

    gaaps does not work..also force closure of 3rd party apps like facebook, whatsapp..browser force closes..WIFI working..

  54. alex says:

    i am in bootloop. What i do ?

  55. alberto parra says:

    Bad that not open google applications looks very good

  56. Alberto parra says:

    La descargue todo bien hasta intente abrir mi Gmail se detiene todos los servicios de Google
    por lo demás funcionó WiFi teléfono teclado

  57. Will be fixed soon in a day or two

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