[Answered] Can You Change Teams In Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go involved picking a team after a Pokemon trainer reaches a level 5 in the game. One needs to choose between Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Valor. Now, all the trainers are pretty much confused a to which team they should pick up and continue their journey in Pokemon Go. Well, we have already written an article explain how to choose a team in Pokemon Go. But, many people have already chosen a team in Pokemon Go. But, now they wish to change team in Pokemon Go. But, can you change team your team in Pokemon Go? If yes, how do you change teams in Pokemon Go? We are here to answer all your questions about changing team in Pokemon Go.

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Teams in Pokemon Go will play a significant roles throughout your journey in Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Go trainers all around the world are divided into three teams. Now, basically none of the teams have any inherent advantage. It all depend on the type of Pokemon you have. Or should I say that you should actually be looking forward to choose a team depending upon the type of Pokemon you wish to keep.

How To Change Teams In Pokemon Go?

Do we have option to change teams in pokemon go

How can we change teams in Pokemon Go

Every team is associated with a legendary Pokemon. Team Mystic is represented by Articuno, Team Valor by Zapdos and Team Instinct by Maltros. So, you can even pick your team depending upon your affinity towards any of these Pokemon. But, most people just come across a known person playing Pokemon Go and upon their referral join a team without researching much about it. It then takes them no time in searching for a trick to change teams in Pokemon Go. They want to know how to change teams in Pokemon Go.

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Now, let me come to break your hopes because there is NO way you can change a team in Pokemon Go once you’ve selected it. The three people who represent three teams in Pokemon Go come forward to make their pitch to join their teams the very first time you visit a gym after gaining a level of 5. Now, you were expected to choose a team by giving a thousand thoughts. But curiosity kicked in without realizing the you can not change team afterwards, you just went ahead and chose a team in Pokemon Go.

Can You Change Teams In Pokemon Go?


Now you don’t have to regret your decision. You are left with two options right now. Either start all over with a new Pokemon account and start you Pokemon Go journey from scratch. Trust me if you’re so much hateful about your current team, you can work hard for two day and reach to a level of 8-9 easily. However, the other option is to develop an interest towards your current team. Realize that the team gets strengthen because of strong Pokemon Trainers. Be that strong Pokemon Trainer for your team. Take your team ahead and take over all the gym leaders.

One of the video that might help in changing your teams can be found here:

I hope I was not being rude while facing the reality. That’s the truth, but you can actually consider the two options I’ve stated above, instead of looking for stupid ways of changing team in Pokemon Go. Believe me, if you find anywhere on internet anyone claiming that you can change teams in Pokemon Go, raise a red flag. They will ask you to do some surveys or activities which will fetch them money and you will definitely not be able to change teams even after that. So stay clear of those traps. Do not regret and looking for the question. You simply can not. Enjoy!

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