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Own an Android Phone? Obviously Yes!! So now you must even Own this Wonderful app – Battery Alert available at Play Store for free of cost, which is of great use for lazy buddy and Eco-Friendly guys as well! Wait! How is this App of great Use to nature loving people? Well, the answer lies in the name of the app itself – Battery Alert – which means as soon as your Power Hungry Android Smartphone is full charged you will be alerted by popup with Sound that your battery is now full charge and it is the high time to remove from the charger and Switch off the power brick!

Instant Message popup on charge

Easy Battery Alert Apk

Use of Battery Alert App on Android Phone

Android Battery Alert App is designed to Warn the Users that their battery is completely charged and hence unplug the charger. In this manner it increases the battery life of the smartphone rather than sucking it more by still charging when it is already charged!

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Why shall you go with this Battery Alert App when there are many others same like this in market ? 

Well this is a genuine question! But trust me guys, this app is much better than all those on Google Play, as this app is very much user friendly! Other Apps sucks a lot of battery life itself and hence proves as waste to the smartphone compared to Battery Alert App!

How to Install Battery Alert App on Android Phone [Guide] :

  1. Head over to Play Store On Your android phone or click here to Install Battery Alert App.
  2. Now Search For Battery Alert App – Noel Macwan and Install App dirctly.

About the Developer of Battery Alert :

Noel Macwan is the developer of this app who has really done a great job by developing this very much user friendly app for us and proving as asset to Android Community! He has various other apps as well available on Play Store, Check Out Here!

How To Use Battery Alert App On Android Smartphone :

  1. Open battery Alert App for the first time and Enable Battery Alert Active Button from below.
  2. One can now put the phone on charging without any issues and have a sound sleep until your phone is charged!
  3. Once your Android Smartphone is charged, now you will be alerted and thereby you can unplug your charger.

The usage is very simple and hence it makes it one of the best Must Have android App on your android device!

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