How to Charge your Phone with Fire

Did you ever imagine that you can even charge your smartphone (Android/iOS/Windows) with just a candle lit up? If you have landed here then I am damn sure you didn’t know it. But, this is now all possible! One can charge his/her phone using Fire or candle that can heat up water.

Quick Guide to charge smartphone with fire and water

How To Charge Mobile Phone with Candle and Water

How can you charge your smartphone using Fire/Candle?

By now you have guessed the product right! It is all possible with the help of the simple gadget named Candle Charger which is available on Amazon for international delivery all over the world.

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Why Would You Charge your phone with Fire when you have electricity available?

One can never predict what is going to happen at the very next moment! Maybe you are into any apocalypse 😛 Well kidding. To be frank this Candle Charger is meant for people who are adventurous and go on long tours. At times you are not connected to power supply. But with Candle Charger, all you need is fire as ignition to charge your smartphone as soon as you plug in the fire and the phone.

Bonus: You can even cook soup over the same fire charger while you charge your smartphone.

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How does Candle Charger Work?

Candle Charger converts the heat energy into current which then charges your smartphone as soon as the setup is exposed to heat. Seems interesting right? Well let’s see the real working of the product from the video by Unbox Therapy:


I know many people still will get confused behind the real use of this so awesome stuff. But do have a look at it! Do not forget to subscribe to the website via push notifications and stay updated for further more updates in the world of tech!

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Dinesh Vel - April 11, 2017

Nice, Somesh Bro. How much does it cost?

    Somesh Chaudhary - April 11, 2017

    It is for 99$ plus shipping!


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