Dragon Attack and GoWiPe attack (Explained Step by Step guide)

Hey, on InformationLord ,today we explain one of the best-used strategies for clash of clans: Mass dragon attack And GoWiPe attack . Our Last post was about the basic tips ,tricks and clash of clans mod .

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So , in this post, we will be covering step by step guide to



mass dragon attack

mass dragon attack


GoWipe attack

GoWipe attack


This attack strategy can be used on almost every town hall ranging from town hall level 7 to town hall 11. The only things that will vary are: Number of side troops you take with dragons and number and types of spell.


  • Trophy pushing
  • War attacks



  • Effective on almost every town hall
  • Guaranteed 3 stars if executed wisely.
  • Easy to use ,because you only coordinate with one type of troop.


  • Highly expensive training cost.
  • High training time.
  • Large camping space(20 for one dragon).

Below is the detailed insights about the dragon:

TRAINING TIME: 3 minutes.

detailed training cost and dps for dragon

Dragon info



On an average , Dragon attack can perform well on any townhall up to the max town hall 11. If performed wisely with high-level heroes , it can easily hit up to 2 stars. Though dragons have  high hitpoints, then also they can be taken down easily by high-level air defenses. So you need to do everything carefully

I will show you a detailed guide to a mass dragon attack . Discussing every step and how to perform them. Before that, there is a basic mechanism on how to perform a dragon attack on any town hall. It consists of following steps:

  1. Destroy air defense with available spells.
  2. Deploy Dragons on the outside to funnel majority of Dragons into the base (versus circling outside)
  3. Make the way for your dragons to go through the core of the base .
  4. Drop the spells to empower them at the right time(remember to use them where bulk of dragons are available)
  5. Clear the rest of the buildings with your heroes.( Note: You can also use your hero(es) to clean up the outer buildings at the beginning and then can drop your dragons)


Air defenses

Air defenses

Your foremost step should be to take down air defense . If not , there is no way you’re going to 3-star any base. Air defenses are specially made to take the creep out of air troops.

You  either take all the lightning spells or either lightning spells accompanied by the earthquake spell based on your Townhall level.

You don’t need to take on bases that have all their air defenses in its core and it might be difficult for your dragons to reach to the core of the base.


Choosing the air defense to take down during a dragon attack

Air defense selection

Choosing the right air defense to take on can be a difficult task. So, scout the base . Scan the placements of all the air defenses. Roughly measure the distances between all the air defenses,and take down the one which is farthest from all others. For example, two air defenses 1 and 2 are close to each other and the last one i.e. 3 is far from them in comparison. Then,take down the 3rd one using spells.And go ahead with your attack.


funneling during a dragon attack

Funneling Dragons

The most important step. Most of the guys go wrong here. Dropping all the dragons in a small area . Dropping too many dragons in small areas may result in  dragons splitting everywhere down the base and getting shot down by air defense and all your efforts will go in vain.  So, all you need to do is ,spread your dragons to suitable distances so that they can do splash damage to a larger area. right when the dragons are dealing damage from the remaining 2 air defenses , release your CC loons , they will help you taking down the defense structure more quickly because their prime targets are defenses.


Once you have placed all of your dragons , accompany them by dropping rage , haste or freeze spells according to your town hall. Remember to drop the spell efficiently. Such that it covers a maximum number of troops.


This is the second most important thing in the dragon attack. If not done well , even your best efforts can’t get you 3 stars. Once all air defenses are down and your attack is in its last phase of conduction, Drop your hero to distract the archer towers and to clear rest of the outer structures.

Below, I am going to give you a brief outline of the attack at every townhall:


The key problem on townhall 7 is the unavailability of dark spells and cc spell storage. Over that townhall 7 also gets 3 air defenses which make it a difficult task for level 2 dragons. But you can still 3 start if you go wisely. Follow below steps for a successful dragon attack:

  1. Take down an air defense using your 3 lightning spells.
  2. Drop your dragons and funnel their way into the core.
  3. Drop your loons once the air defenses are engaged in taking the dragons.
  4. Finalize and clear the base with your hero.


You’re a town hall 8 now. This means extra spell storage and an extra dark spell storage capacity in clan castle. Use them to ensure a 3-star attack. the basic composition on townhall 8 should be  10 dragons ,2 lightning spell ,1 rage and an earthquake on camp. 5 max loons and a haste spell on CC enforcement. Steps to perform a 3-star attack on townhall 8:

  1. Destroy the far most air defense using two lightning and an earthquake spell.
  2. funnel your dragons into the core of the base accompanied by CC loons.
  3. Drop your rage and haste spell.
  4. Clear the base with your hero.


There two different approaches for Town Hall 9 that work. In my experience we can separate them into 2 different styles, depending on your Hero levels:

  • If your Heroes are Level 15+ you can go with a Queens Walk and Rage Spells
  • If you have lower level Heroes, you need to go with ZapQuake (taking down 2 Air Defenses before)

TH9 Mass Dragon Attack with Heroes Level 15+

You kick off the attack with QUEENWALK. That is , you drop your archer queen and 3 healers. The main task of the queen is to take down the outer buildings and possibly destroy one of the air defense available for her to attack the outbounds. Especially when it comes to town hall 9 where air defenses have become such a beast that they can toast your dragons in a blow, this strategy helps you achieve a 3-star attack.

TH9 Mass Dragon Attack with Heroes Level 15-

When you’re heroes are not above level 15, they can’t take a shot on dragon attack. You can’t perform a Queen walk coz she gets low Hit points then. So , you go with the ZapQuake strategy. In this, you take 4 lightning and 2 earthquake spells (including the cc one) so that your dragon attack might have a chance to score well.

You can try a few variations with taking loons, hogs or lava hounds with the dragons.


At town hall 10 and 11 , it’s too tough scoring a 3-star if your opponent has a well-built base, but you can still give it a shot.

You take 2 lava hounds with all the rest of the dragons(1 lava hound in the cc) . You drop your lava hounds at the very beginning which take on to the air defense distracting them, and in the meanwhile , the dragon does the rest of your job.


Heading to the most decision, In my opinion, Dragon attack performs well at every level, But its usage should be limited due to the high training cost and time. But its worth Trophy pushing and useful war attacks.


another most used attack is the gowipe attack standing for the abbreviation of Golem,Pekka, and Wizard , which are the main troops in this attack. The attacking strategy is simple, Golem absorbs the damage while the Pekka and wizards deal the damage. Golem has maximum hit points among all of the troops in the clash of clans . So, it distracts most of the defense buildings and in the meantime, Pekka and wizards hit the base. Let’s discuss the detailed steps on how to perform a gowipe attack. It also works well when you have low-level heroes or when your heroes are under an upgrade.

Which town halls can GoWiPe take down? 

Basically, the GoWiPe attack strategies can be used from the very beginning ,i.e town hall 8. There’s basically no core role of hero on town hall 8, they just provide a boost . It can also be performed when you’re hero is down. Pekka can deal the damage even if you don’t have the barbarian king in your attack.


  • Clan wars
  • Trophy Pushing
  • Farming


Pros of GoWiPe:

  • Works great up to town hall 10
  • Reliable 2-star attack.
  • If learned, easy to use the attack.

Cons of GoWiPe:

  • High resources consumed and high training time.
  • Rarely 3-star won, Needs perfection.

Troops Composition for Gowipe Attack:

The base composition for any gowipe consists of : 2 Golems, 3 Pekkas, 6 wall breakers and rest of the wizards and archers. Once you reach the town hall level 9, You need to make variations with your army composition. You basically vary the number of wizards or pekka, the number of golem remains same .

And while using spells, it basically depends on the base while you’re a town hall 8. Butt as you reach town hall 9, 4 earthquakes are a must.


The most important step in the gowipe attack is the funneling using wall breakers and wizards. Second is the time when you drop your spells. Even the smallest of mistakes can cost you an unsuccessful attack. The basic steps involved in a GoWiPe attack are:

  1. Deploying your golems and wall breakers.
  2. Funneling using your wizards.
  3. Deploying your Pekka , heroes and CC troops.
  4. Supporting your troops with your spells.


The foremost step in the GoWiPe attack is to deploy both of your golems in a such a way that they cover the maximum area engaging all the defense there. Make sure all the defenses are attacking your golems . Once all of the defense is engaged, carefully deploy your wall breakers.

NOTE: do notice the mortars, they can kill your wall breakers in a blow, and if they die,the attack will become complicated and always choose the right side where you can score at least 2 stars.


Once your wall breakers have blasted few walls and golems are tanking all the damage, deploy 2-3 wizards covered behind both of your golems and wait while they clear all the outer buildings .Coz if there are outer buildings left when you deploy your Pekka ,they may be distracted and might walk along the base instead of walk into the core. note that, it is a very important step. it may sound hard but it’s just a cup of tea.

The wizard ss will clear every distraction to your Pekkas, and hero. Once they clear ,go ahead with dropping your Pekkas and hero.


Once you’re done with the funneling , and your wizards have cleared the outer buildings and have mad a route to the core, drop your Pekkas and hero. Boom! The destruction is started. Sit back and wait for the right time to drop the spells. (NOTE: Kill the cc troops at first using your wizards and poison spell,or they can spoil your whole attack) .

GoWiPe For Town Hall 9

You gain 1 more Spell at TH9 which will give you some additional possibilities. Here’s how you will use your Spells:

  • Drop a Poison Spell as soon as the Clan Castle Troops appear
  • Deploy Rage Spells on or in the path of the PEKKAs
  • Use 1 Jump Spell or additional Wall Breakers to help get through the walls.

GoWiPe For Town Hall 10+:

Now you get the option to either use 2 jump spells or 4 earthquake spells. On a general purpose ,I suggest using 4 earthquake spells if you don’t initially master the usage of jump spell.  This makes your raid and troops deployment easy.


This attack is a reliable 2-star strategy, but coverting it to 3 stars is a bit tough, Still, this strategy remains one of the most popular ones.


Drop your queries (if any) and feedback in the comment section below.











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