Dual Account On Any Android App Setup – No Root Required

Yea, Finally the time has arrived when one can simply use Parallel Accounts on Same app, like use two whatsapp account on Same android phone via original WhatsApp, similarly use two bbm accounts on same android phone and never forget you can use two accounts to simultaneously play with different accounts in Clash Of Clans Android Phone. This ends the need for Multi User Switch On Android Smartphone which earlier consumed a lots of memory and also ate lot of RAM too causing slowing down issues on Android Smartphones!

Dual Facebook On Same Android Phone using parallel Space

Dual Facebook On Same Android Phone using parallel Space

Here’s a short video describing the same and showing the demo of using Parallel Space on Xperia C Android Smartphone :


What Makes this Dual Account functionality Possible on Android Phone :

Well the Answer is quiet simple, it is just an app – Parallel Space that creates virtual environment which facilitates the users to Run the app with different user data provided by the different or same user without actually switching the user and thereby create Another dimension to the same app! The video attached above also clears many of the concepts regarding Dual Mode of Any Android App using Parallel Space!

Now another Question that pop ups in mind after you read above stuff to do Dual Things on your android powered Smartphone :

Instructions to Install and Use Parallel Space App on Any Android Phone :

Well to do Dual Computing on Any Android App on your smartphone, all you need to have is – Parallel Space Android App installed on your phone! Well the name seems to be little funky, but it exactly serves the same purpose that the name suggests! To do so, just head over to Play Store and search for Parallel Space – Multi Accounts App and install the app and thats it Open it! Opening Parallel Space app for the first time might give you introductory screens showing the usage of App via which you can separate environments for particular Android App!

But Intel Powered Devices are not supported by this App via Play Store! But the good news is, one can directly install Paralled Space App from here too for Asus Devices (Powered by Intel ) – Download Latest Parallel App

Whats The Use of Parallel Space App ?

Parallel Space app can be of great usage to all Android Smartphone users! If you own Dual Sim Android Smartphone and wanna use 2 WhatsApp account on same android phone or 2 BBM accounts on Same Android Phone or to Say 2 Facebook and 2 Instagram Accounts on Same android phone then this app serves a great purpose, as via using Parallel Space App you will be also be able to Run 2 Clash Of Clans Accounts on Same android phone or any other dual gaming accounts which you want to use on Gaming app!

So i hope this clears all your questions regarding Parallel Space and All its benefits on Android Smartphone!

Minimum Requirements to Use Parallel Space on Smartphone :

First and the foremost thing : You must have Android Powered smartphone running not less than Android 4.0 in order to smoothly taste Multi Account Functionality for Any android app using Parallel Space! And Second thing is the Apps that you want to use with Dual Accounts. For Eg :

If you want to Run Two WhatsApp Account on Same Android Phone on Original WhatsApp without Installing GBWhatsApp or any other shits, you can simply tap on “+” after you open Parallel Space app and Select Whatsapp from the list and wait for Parallel space to do its work and voila you can Activate Another WhatsApp number by tapping on WhatsApp App icon within Parallel Space App!

Credits : Ofcourse to the developer of this App – eoc (XDA Dev)

Well this is all about Dual Account On Any Android App Setup – No Root Required , If you are struck anywhere, then feel free to leave comments down below, we will be at your service! And don’t forget to subscribe to the website in order to stay updated with many more tricks and hacks related to technology and other stuff! And i would seriously like to say sorry for not updating the site from a long time! But i am back that too with full force!

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Mohammed Nazick - November 20, 2016

I cant install the app in samsung SM-T231 tab. It shows that yourdevice isn’t compatible. Help me please

    Somesh Chaudhary - December 19, 2016

    Download Latest WhatsApp Dual WhatsApp from the guide here and then you should be able to Install Dual Whatsapp on your Smartphone 🙂

Anil Chari - September 7, 2016

Unfortunately I have forgotten my password on parallel space app in my Android phone ,there is no option of forgot password how can I open now . There is an important data in that . Please help me to get it back

    Somesh Chaudhary - November 2, 2016

    There must be methods to Restore Password using your google account! Did you check?

Aran - June 30, 2016

When I give permission for GBWhatsapp to get Google Drive backups and choose my account, it says it couldn’t be accessed right now (v. 4.65)

    Somesh Chaudhary - November 14, 2016

    Please try the same after you update to the latest version!

Edwin Ang - March 5, 2016

Thanks for the app recommendation! Gonna try now 🙂

    Somesh Chaudhary - March 9, 2016

    Sure! 🙂


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