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Easy method to Run 2 or more whatsapp simultaneously on Same Android Smartphone in 2017, 100% ban proof and tested successfully on all android devices without rooting or jailbreaking your device

The World is getting smart, so are we. Now a days, we use Dual-SIM mobile phones- One for your dear wife/girlfriend and other for your X or Office 😉 .But we have Whatsapp installed on our smartphone. Whatsapp has become part and partial of everyone’s life. What if you have Whatsapp activated using both of your SIM Cards! This method is quite easy and straightforward! Let us now showcase you the Top Working Methods of 2017 to Use 2 WhatsApp number on same android phone without getting banned.

How To Run 2 WhatsApp [Without Root] On Same Android Smartphone

Many Methods to Install 2 WhatsApp on a Same Android phone in 2017 are now coming to be obsolete, but we are providing very accurate ways to Install Dual WhatsApp on Same Android Phone, which is explained in this post – The Various Methods to Install Two WhatsApp on the Same Phone without Any problem!

OG Whatsapp and Whatsapp

Today we have a solution to install 2 Whatsapp on the same Android phone, which means you can use 2 Whatsapp account on same android phone without switching between them. One can also install 2 WhatsApp on single sim android phone or install 2 WhatsApp on simless android phone/tablet. Which will make your tasks easier.

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[No Root]

Need for Two WhatsApp On Same Android Phone [2017]

People wander all around searching for Multiple access to WhatsApp Accounts, and land up to pages asking them to fill in surveys and end up without getting any success to Run Dual WhatsApp in 2017 with 100% guaranteed working. But Why do we need Multiple WhatsApp Account Access on same Android Smartphone!

Today a person has various roles to play in when coming to Office and When at home, and in order to lead a peaceful life, one needs to cope up with different environments and as a result we need two or more different spaces to live our life which clearly answers as to why do we need Multiple or 2 Whatsapp account on Same Android Phone.

Requirements to Run 2 WhatsApp on One Phone

Next big question that arises after having 2 Whatsapp numbers is – Will their smartphone be compatible to Run 2 WhatsApp or Multiple WhatsApp Accounts? Yes! Ofcourse, Yes!

Least Requirements to Run Multiple WhatsApp Account or Activate Many Numbers on Same Android Smartphone are :

  • Atleast 512Mb RAM
  • More than 200 Mb of Storage to make Dual WhatsApp Access more easy and healthy
  • Two or More Mobile numbers which are required to verify to WhatsApp in the process of accessing Multiple WhatsApp Account on Same Android Phone

One is now ready to land into the Various methods to Install Two Whatsapp on same android phone. Check out the listed methods for Dual WhatsApp easily.

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How to Use 2 WhatsApp in dual sim phone -100% Working

Using Dual Sim Smartphone bring you another tension to use two whatsapp with two different numbers, but the solution is very much easy. Let us proceed to install Working Dual WhatsApp method for 2 Sim Smartphone:

  1. Install latest GBWhatsApp on your Dual Sim Phone. (Download Link in next Section)
  2. Activate the other number on which you want to activate Second WhatsApp Account.
  3. Now use 2 WhatsApp in same phone phone with dual sim mode.

Other way of achieving dual whatsapp apk on your smartphone is by switching users or by using parallel space, this method is also well described in the later section.

[Tested] Run Dual WhatsApp using GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsapp is the best Original WhatsApp which is working fine with all the latest updates! One can enable or Disable Blue Ticks and even set if you want to show yourself Online or Offline on GBWhatsapp. GbWhatsApp 2 WhatsApp on same phone is the best Alternative to WhatsApp Plus which was earlier on high demand which offers a great number of features like – Hiding Online Status, Disabling BlueTicks, More Privacy settings compared to original WhatsApp

Features Of GBWhatsApp – Best Latest WhatsApp Plus Alternative

GBWhatsapp is the app which enables users to Install Two WhatsApp account on Same Android Phone without causing issues between Chats and Backups. We also provide you guarantee to keep all of the users updated to latest GbWhatsapp, but make sure that you subscribe to the website for further Updates to Latest Dual WhatsApp Methods. Gbwhatsapp offers a wide range of features. A few can be explained as follow to Dual Whatsapp on Same Smartphone.

  1. Extended Settings To WhatsApp – Latest WhatsApp Plus Feature – Here is the list of features that are added to current GBWhatsapp and thereby increasing its potential to high usage compared to Original Whatsapp. You get an advanced Menu showcasing details on GbWhatsapp like – Privacy Settings, GB Settings, Restart (That cuts the scenario of restarting the device if your WhatsApp hangs), and many other interesting Tweaks.
    Change Whatsapp privacy settings GB WhatsApp Mods latest WhatsApp

    Best Features in GB Whatsapp – Privacy + Gb Mods

    One still has the freedom to use WhatsApp from Chrome, i.e, via WhatsApp Web which is another exploit to Hack Whatsapp for noobs in GBWhatsapp.

  2. Hide Or Show Online Status On WhatsApp to your friends. Not only this, one can also hide notations like Writing Status, Recording, Disable Blue Ticks, Blue Microphone or Second Tick individually for Groups and for Single Chats as well. All this is achieved via Privacy Settings of GBWhatsApp, which is same as WhatsApp Plus which we earlier used for Dual WhatsApp or Run 2 WhatsApp on Same Android Phone.
    Show Hide Online Status WhatsApp Hack Feature in GBWhatsApp

    Hide BlueTicks, Show/Hide Online Status in GBWhatsApp

    This really opens space for the relationship goals and also getting freedom from friends who keeps on irritating you over and over if you have read their messages.

  3. Theming And Mods on GBWhatsApp: Another beautiful WhatsApp feature that enables you to Modify Theme settings in GbWhatsapp is GBMods which Adds up custom made themes without compromising speed of GBWhatsApp.
    GbWhatsapp mods to change conversation screen templates

    Modifications that can be done in latest GbWhatsapp Update

    One can modify settings of how they want their Conversation Chat to appear to them, by replacing the icons they want in new Dual Whatsapp system – latest GBwhatsapp.

    Best GBWhatsApp Themes to Change User Interface in WhatsApp

    Themes to Modify Gbwhatsapp – WhatsApp Mods

    Select Theme of your choice and you are ready to go to the new Avatar you chose and enjoy Multiple WhatsApp Account On Same Android Phone using dual whatsapp – GBWhatsApp latest WhatsApp Plus Alternative.

Enough with the features of GbWhatsApp, let us now jump into the Instructions set to Run Multiple WhatsApp on same Android phone or Install Dual WhatsApp Apk on same Smartphone without getting WhatsApp blocked on your number.

Procedure to Install Latest GBWhatsApp To Run 2 WhatsApp on Same Phone

GBWhatsApp Dual WhatsApp, Download Latest Working OGWhatsApp

Best WhatsApp Plus Alternative to OGWhatsApp- GBWhatsApp Latest Update

DualWhatsApp with GbWhatsApp is all possible by first installing a GBWhatsApp Apk. This means that you do not need to be rooted to Run 2 Whatsapp or Install 2 WhatsApp on Same Android Phone, unlike 2Lines for whatsapp which required Rooting of your smartphone. Follow these steps to Run Multiple WhatsApp using GBWhatsApp on same Android Phone-

  • Step 1: Download latest updated GBWhatsApp alternative to WhatsApp Plus. To Unlock the Download link, make sure that you +1 or Like or Tweet Us in order to Keep audience updated with Dual WhatsApp Method
  • Step 2: Make sure that you have enabled installation of Unknown Resources from Security Settings to install GBWhatsApp which you just downloaded. [Do not panic, as this will not breach any of your security; Once Installed, one can then Uncheck Installation of Unknown Resources]
  • Step 3: Open GBWhatsApp for the First Time and Activate Second WhatsApp number by Text Verifying or Tele Verifying the same. [This procedure is the same procedure that users use to Activate Original WhatsApp]
  • Step 4: Now you can run Two WhatsApp On Same phone without any issues with extended Dual WhatsApp Privacy Settings.

Video Tutorial to Install GBWhatsApp and Activating Secondary WhatsApp Account can be found here.

Install Dual WhatsApp Using Parallel Space App [No Root]

Parallel Space is a third party app that creates two different environments in same android phone after which one can create two Whatsapp account using different numbers and therefore Activate Two Sim Cards in Same android Phone.

Dual Facebook On Same Android Phone using parallel Space

Dual Facebook On Same Android Phone using parallel Space

Parallel space not only helps to install Dual WhatsApp, but at the same time, One can also use Multiple Facebook accounts, Instagram Accounts and various other Multiple Social Accounts. No Root is required to Dual WhatsApp using Parallel WhatsApp. Here is the short procedure to Install 2 WhatsApp on 1 Phone using Parallel Space App-


  • Step 1: Install Parallel Space third party app from Play Store.
  • Step 2: Now Open Parallel Space app and Click On “+” button and Add WhatsApp App to it.
  • Step 3: Now Activate Second Number of WhatsApp in Parallel Space WhatsApp app which you just added.
  • Step 4: Follow on-screen instructions – Entering Verification Code that you received via SMS or Call, as you Activate Dual WhatsApp in Parallel Space using Original WhatsApp without Rooting.
  • Step 5: Now whenever you want to use Second WhatsApp account, all you need to do is simply press down the Apps Switcher Button or Recent Apps Button and Go to the WhatsApp (Parallel Space).

Video Tutorial to Run 2 WhatsApp Using Parallel Space App can be found here along with Step By step guide explained in more detail. Parallel Space App is the Best alternative to 2 Line WhatsApp app which is now obsolete.

Hack WhatsApp – Use Same Number on Two WhatsApp Devices

You might wonder, out of the blue, why are we at using 2 Phones with Same Whatsapp account. But then it is a must to learn how to safeguard ourselves and fight against WhatsApp Hacking or Spoofing. One can easily hack WhatsApp Account by exploiting WhatsApp Latest Feature- WhatsApp Web. You do not require to Root to hack Whatsapp. So one can hack whatsapp without rooting. Here is the simple guide to Hack WhatsApp to Use Same Number on Multiple Devices which have or do not have WhatsApp installed on them.

  • Step 1: Grab Victims Smartphone and Open WhatsApp App.
  • Step 2: Go to Settings in Whatsapp and Select Whatsapp Web.
  • Step 3: Now open Chrome Browser on another device which will be used to Spoof Original WhatsApp Device, and go to, where you will see QR Code. [Make Sure that you have requested Desktop Site, if QR Code is not Visible to Hack WhatsApp]
  • Step 4: Now scan that QR Code in Victims WhatsApp Web and that’s it. You have now real-time access of Victims WhatsApp Account which means now you can easily use Same Whatsapp number on Two or more devices.

In this manner, you can easily accomplish the goal of using 1 whatsapp account on multiple devices. More Detailed Instructions and Video Tutorial to hack WhatsApp can be found here.

OGWhatsApp Dual WhatsApp Same Android Phone

This method might now be obsolete, but this is the best method to Import Your Original WhatsApp on your secondary WhatsApp number, i.e you can get all the data of Original WhatsApp on GBWhatsApp officially without any problem! OGWhatsApp has officially come to an end!

Best thing is that this tutorial to Install 2 Whatsapp on Same Android Phone / Dual Whatsapp on Android Phone you need not to be rooted! 🙂 Today’s tutorial will mainly focus at installing OGWhatsapp alongside Whatsapp on Android Phone without any user conflicts and thus use both sim card numbers to activate them and use Whatsapp on both the SIMS using same android phone.

Now not wasting your time any more, Let us proceed to Install 2 Whatsapp on Same Android Phone :

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  1. First of all, You need to have 2 SIM cards working which are currently available with you so that we can activate 2 whatsapp on same android phone without any problem.
  2. Now open the Original or Stock whatsapp and Tap on options and then Settings >> Chat Settings >> Backup Conversions to backup full whatsapp data along with contact details.Backup whatsapp
  3. Now Just Clear all your Whatsapp Data by Going to Settings >> Applications >> Whatsapp >> Clear DataClear Data of whatsapp
  4. Now go to your SD card and there you will see a folder with name : Whatsapp , Now rename that folder to OGWhatsApp as you can see in the below picture, OGWhatsApp
  5. Now just Uninstall Whatsapp Original version from your Android Phone.
  6. Thereafter, Download latest OGWhatsapp for Android phone from the below.WHICH IS UPDATED MARCH 2015 ONWARDS : DOWNLOAD LATEST OGWHATSAPP 2016
  7. Now install OGwhatsapp on your Android Phone and simply activate it with your previous number, which was your earlier Original Whatsapp number.
  8. After activating you will see all your Conversations which were done using original whatsapp on OGWhatsapp.
  9. Now to run 2 WhatsApp on same Android phone simultaneously with two accounts- Now just download Whatsapp either from Playstore or from here.
  10. Just activate the original whatsapp with other number and thus enjoy two whatsapp on same android phone.

If you are getting any obsolete error for OGWhatsApp or any of other WhatsApp then read : Fix for OGWhatsApp Obsolete Error

If you are struck anywhere, then please comment and we will be at your service. If this trick helped you a little then Please like and share this trick as a token of thanks.

Will My WhatsApp Number Get Banned if i use Dual Whatsapp?

This is the common question that keeps on hunting many of the users who wish to install two whatsapp account on same number, but to their surprise it is not true. As i am also the one who is still using 2 whatsapp on one android phone in this 2017 without facing any issues of Whatsapp number ban.

Hope various methods to Install 2 WhatsApp on Same Android Phone or Run Multiple WhatsApp on Same Android Phone using DualWhatsApp Apk were very clear to all of you! Do not forget to subscribe to the website for further latest updates to Dual WhatsApp.

Easy method to Run 2 or more whatsapp simultaneously on Same Android Smartphone in 2017, 100% ban proof and tested successfully on all android devices without rooting or jailbreaking your device

Somesh Chaudhary

Tech Blogger and Android Expert who loves surfing Internet and finding new tech stuff and frame new articles over the same and help the world with the knowledge attained!

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    I just did a download and it telling to use latest version of OGwatsapp

  112. ahmed says:

    Evrything is ok but the original whatsapp show only 27 contacts from 88 . and the ogwhatsapp show them all 88 contact . samsung galaxy gt-i9100 s2 . what to do??????#

  113. amit says:

    Ogwhats app dead on August..

  114. Hello, It’s showing download new version of this app… from the original source 🙁 what to do ?

  115. sonali says:

    Wt do I do to use og whatsapp it say my date s old and all tat plz hlp

  116. Milind says:

    OGwhatsapp is dead It will not work find some new ways

  117. Aw says:

    Downloaded n installed d OGWhatsApp on 21 Aug. Thanks a lot. But now it needs to be updated as d version expired on 3 Sept. Do u hv d latest version? Thank you.

  118. ogh says:

    I have done it with the lates version, but it is not working it semms is not finding the back up..
    What can I do?

  119. krishna says:

    i have follow all the procedure.
    After installing OGWHATSUP, it shows ” this version og OGWHATS app became obsolet on 8 aug 2014 Tap download to get latest version “.
    After downloading i have got my origial whatsup rather than OG whats up. plz inform me [email protected]

  120. Manas says:

    M a getting a problem in OGWhatsApp that ur OGWhatsApp is out of date and update the same by downloading latest version but after downloading it’s not getting updated, got d same error on original whatsapp but its running fine after Updation . Kindly help immediately

  121. amit says:

    I have downloaded ogwhatsapp 5 times but it is not working and I m fed up of doing this. Can u pls help me to get out of this problem?

  122. cant get backup conversation

  123. mjzanozi says:

    ur app showind out of date and its saying that download the new version
    of whats app not ogwhatsapp

  124. TJ says:

    Its shows that v need the latest version of can u give us on a new link

  125. keni says:

    The OGwhatsapp is not up to date version.therefore unable to sync with the latest whatsapp

  126. Anmol says:

    What to do if Whatsapp data is stored in internal memory of phone..not on SD card?

  127. sree says:

    got error message ” it looks like your client has been modified. Please download the latest version from our website or google play store ” please help to resolve this issue …..

  128. arushi shar says:

    I can’t find the whatsapp folder on my sdcard

  129. salhin says:

    I got error message ” it looks like your client has been modified. Please download the katest version from our website”

  130. prateek says:

    do you provide any service yourself
    i mean any service centre of urs?

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