Enable WhatsApp calling feature (No Root Required) Genuine Update from Playstore

WhatsApps most awaited feature – WhatsApp Voice Call is fully working with NO ROOT requirements and just simply updates. Earlier you might have read many articles which might explained you the way by which you can add Voice Calling Feature to WhatsApp, but i am sure they might be fake! So here we are with the genuine trick to Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature on your WhatsApp Messener . All you need to do is simply follow the directions properly!
UPDATE : No more Invites required. All you need is to Update your WhatsApp Messenger App from Google Playstore and hence you will get WhatsApp calling feature Preactivated without Any Invites or other headache.


This is the latest updated post to activate whatsapp calling option, Earlier we did post it but couldnot feed your demands! But now we are ON!
Here are the glimpses of what you get in the new WhatsApp update :




So you have seen the android lollipop feature of Whatsapp which is officially rolled out. For your information this is actually a hidden feature of whatsapp which automatically gets unlock when a user with all unblocks calls you.
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So not wasting your time anymore, let me guide you all How To Enable Calling Feature on Whatsapp without root or Unblock whatsapp calling feature with easy guide –
1. Download and install latest whatsapp messenger from Step 2 i.e Version 2.11.560 or higher. Unlock the locker via sharing :



It is a request : Please share your number so that we can update more numbers henceforth many users can activate Voice Call Feature On WhatsApp
3. Once you add any of the above number, then simply drop a message for us – requesting for a call. But be sure that you are connected to internet and have the latest version of Whatsapp installed from above link.
4. You will receive a call shortly. Do recive it and once you cut the phone. Your Whatsapp calling feature gets activated.
You will see Call button on the right corner as you can see below.


This is all and you are done and thereby receive calls and make calls via WhatsApp data. In this way you have also successfully unlocked Material UI design of Whatsapp.
Do not forget to share this article in order to help guys out there seeking WhatsApp calling feature. Do drop your comments if you are struck or wanna share your love.

Somesh Chaudhary

Tech Blogger and Android Expert who loves surfing Internet and finding new tech stuff and frame new articles over the same and help the world with the knowledge attained!

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59 Responses

  1. RAFFI says:

    Download, but tell me why do I need to drop a msg to the mentioned nos, & how u gonna activate it in my phone from there..? Also, can I make calls to others On whatsapp who have not yet activated or updated it.??


  2. rahul ranjan says:

    Hi Sir , I am Rahul ..My Whatsapp Number is +91 8507672441 . Sir Please call on my number and activate my voice calling feature ..

    Please Sir Activate my Whatsapp Calling Feature Sir …

  3. Harshad says:

    somesh sir
    please call me

  4. Kelly B. says:

    Hello Mr Somesh Chaudhary,

    Attention! Attention!! Attention!!!

    Enabling WhatsApp calling was one of the 21st century of innovation. Let keep posting the update with the great guy by name (Somesh)

    You’re the only genius we knew. Your great innovation efforts, will soon become a greater opportunity “YOU” to be hired by Google, Facebook, or others etc.


  5. Stevedux says:

    Please call me on whatsapp. +584122190050

  6. Jenna Teh says:

    Able to call now? +60188200000

  7. Rushell says:

    Call me on WhatsApp 8762760354

  8. +919759019588….plz add me….

  9. madhan says:


  10. Vivek Kumar says:

    Pls call 8510099242

  11. Jorge says:

    +55 48 96286634

  12. Rahul Kumar says:

    +919330233447 plz help me. My call fearure is not activate.

  13. Anoop says:

    +919008739590 pls cal me

  14. daniel says:

    Call me here Plis +556181880599

  15. amir says:

    Where are those two numbers

  16. sonu says:


  17. Harshal says:

    hi my no is 8149749523 cll me on whatsapp plz

  18. rosith says:

    +918754336086 plz invite…..And activate my voice calling feature in my whatsapp

  19. +5596999765029 call me plis

  20. Touhid says:


  21. Ali says:

    00923336139039 please call me

  22. tayyyab says:

    here is my number plzz call on my whatsapp so that i can activate this feature. +971528237379

  23. wajeed says:

    Hi Somesh, when we can expect the new numbers? And do we have to drop the message from whatsapp? Please reply soon!

  24. sosodef says:

    please call me +421944321000

  25. mizo says:


  26. Angel says:

    Will you get more invites soon or not?

  27. 9408635422 pleased call from whatsapp

  28. send invite please 00201211801216

  29. fisujon says:


  30. fisujon says:

    +8801912628579 pls call me in whatsapp

  31. lakunle says:

    Requesting for a call, I’ve added the numbers

  32. Nikhil says:

    How to activate, bro??

  33. king peer says:

    Hey dear how I share my number in order to recive call da call

  34. naresh says:

    There is no calling feature on my whatsapp

  35. naresh says:

    Bro, i ve installedb2.11.522, i request u to cal me, u ve called me also but there is calling feauture on my whatsapp,,, z der any technical prob?

  36. Sandip Das says:

    Download, but tell me why do I need to drop a msg to the mentioned nos, & how u gonna activate it in my phone from there..? Also, can I make calls to others On whatsapp who have not yet activated or updated it.??

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