Free Call App Without Internet or Carrier Data

Yes, finally we are free from Network barriers and you have read it right, we have brought you the best in class app for Android Smartphones, using which one can make free calls to any mobile network without any data plan or any other Restrictions. This is basically a free call app without Internet or basically One can make calls without internet connection.

We present you the app – Hullo – free calling app in India. Just simply install Hullo App from Playstore and follow the procedure below in order to make free phone calls to India. make-free-call-hullo-app

Hullo – the free calling app to any number in India do not require special permissions to get Installed. That is no root required in order to make free phone calls to India. Hullo – the free call app without Internet can be downloaded directly from Playstore. One can simply go to the playstore or to its official Website in order to Download and Install Hullo App. But make sure that you are using Android Smartphone which is capable of making phone calls that is it has Sim Card support. Here we have the full guide for the procedure to Install Free Calling App in India. Please do not forget to subscribe to the website in order to receive many more updates which gonna help you improve your tech standards.

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Procedure to Make Free Calls using Hullo App

  • First of all Install Hullo App from Playstore (Windows And Iphone users will get soon)
  • Login with Facebook ID and grant permissions
  • Now you will be prompted to enter your mobile number so as to get it registered, therefore enter the number which you are currently using on your android smartphone.
  • Once Verification is done, Now you can place calls to any number in your Phonebook using Hullo. calling-using-hullo
  • Once you place a call, then wait for a while, You will receive a call from a landline number, as you can see in the picture below, just receive the call and wait till the call gets connected to the desired number: receive-call
  • This is it! You have successfully placed call and now you can talk Unlimited for Free Without any Data Cost or Balance deduction.

This App to Make Free Calls is made by Examify, we are sincerely thankful to the company for making such an app that can make ends meet by saving a lot of money for mobile User. If you face any problem, Please feel free to drop a comment! We will surely help you! Enjoy Free Calling to Mobile numbers In India Without Data or Balance deduction! Do not forget to share this article in order to help millions! Do not forget to subscribe to the website in order to get the updates of the releasing of hullo app for Windows and Iphone users.

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  1. Mashud says:

    not found in playstore can u provide apk link file

  2. shahrekh says:

    with out data plan cant make a call…..either i’ve to use wifi of mobile data..then m able to make a call

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