Self Care Tips for Android Smartphone

Android is the world’s largest ever used Operating System for Mobile Phones , which actually gave the phones the tagship of being called “Smartphone”. Neither IOS nor Symbian and not at all Blackberry and Windows can ever compete with the wast existence of android all over the Mobile world.  I am dedicating this ” Self Care Tips for Android Smartphone ” to my dear friend Akushi Gupta who usually feels her phone hangs whenever she talks with me on Facebook 😉 .Android Fixed

As you guys are well aware that anything cannot be cent percent perfect. You might still be facing problems in android smartphone, which might be due to your error or system error. But today we will surely rectify them too after reading our post on ” Self Care Tips for Android Smartphone ” that too very easily. Self Care Tips for Android Smartphone include problems like :

  1. My phone hangs frequently
  2. My phone has low battery backup
  3. My phone has slow speed
  4. How can I avoid my smartphone from getting infected by malware

We will be confined to the above problems and thus will give you concrete solution in this “Self Care Tips for Android Smartphone ” guide. If you have any other problem regarding your android smartphone then just comment and we would definitely find a solution for the same and even write a whole tutorial explaining the solutions for the problem in your android smartphone.

Problem #1 : My phone hangs frequently :

Solution:  As we guys are so hard Multi Taskers that we wish ti run many things that too simultaneously. Also read : How to Multi Window on any Android Phone and also How to watch four movies simultaneously . But our eagerness or wantness to do things readily within few seconds might not be liked by your tech mate, i mean your android smartphone due to which your phone might hang frequently. This hanging might irritate you a lot. Believe me its just a big headache. Self Care Tips for Android Smartphone suggests :

  • Better install Clean Master from Playstore and thus frequently clean cache memory of your phone.
  • One must avoid usage of live wallpapers or other large themes as they makes your smartphone slow
  • Try always going for Good antivirus software to prevent slowdown of your device by infection.
  • Make it a habit to install all your applications on SD Card. Use App2Sd application to do same in efficient manner.
  • Before opening huge games or big files try closing all apps using your task manager.
  • Try not running various application at the same time.
  • Another important act could be checking the credentials of developer or the info of the application before installing it on your android phone as this may add virus to your currnt phone which leads to hanging problems.

Problem #2: My phone has low battery backup

Solution : Low battery backup is generally caused due to the excessive apps running on the background without your notice. There’s no way by which you can suddenly double your battery life. But atleast you can increase it by few more hours 🙂 Self Care Tips for Android Smartphone suggests:

  1. Charge your battery to 100% ; once fully charged, then install Battery Calibration app from playstore. Note that this requires root permissions that means you need to root your phone. Once rooted then just open this app and tap on Calibrate button and see the results. You will have better battery life.
  2. If you have Sony Xperia Smartphone, then try using STAMINA mode to minimize battery consumption.
  3. Use SetCpu application to set CPU speed of your phone and thus optimize battery. We have earlier written a whole post for the same! have a look on How to Set CPU speed and save battery .
  4. Lower the brightness level of the screen to save battery.
  5. Turn off Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS when not in ise and also disable automatic sync of application to manual updates.
  6. As you might be knowing live wallpapers consume more energy. So always try using a static wallpaper.
  7. If you do not want to use your mobile network then switch  to Airplane mode whenever possible as mobile network consumes most of your battery.
  8. Do not keep application that you do not use any further so uninstall them.
  9. Usage of live widgets can cost you your battery life, So try not using them always.

If such steps are followed then surely you will use your smartphone for much longer time 😉

Problem #3: My phone has slow speed

Solution : This is the common problem in phones which comes with less RAM usually with 256 MB to 512 MB RAM users. This is the hardware issue. But if you are facing this slow speed of your android smartphone problem from few days then you are here in safe hands with smart solution.

Self Care Tips for Android Smartphone suggests:

  1. Uninstall or disable unused applications.
  2. Frequently clear cache memory
  3. Do get software updates for the phone
  4. If problem persists still, then you can reset your Android phone to factory settings, after taking Backup of your data

I am sure the above steps will surely increase speed of your smartphone.

Problem #4: How can I avoid my smartphone from getting infected by malware

Solution:  Malwares are always active over the cyber world. Shit with the creaters of such malwares; But one can readily prevent these malwares by using white hat techniques as suggested in this guide : Self Care Tips for Android Smartphone :

  1. Always research the publisher of the app before downloading from playstore or any where else.
  2. When you install an app then read its details while installing. I mean the permissions that it takes while installing like using of Phone calls, messages etc. Use your common sense to judge the same.
  3. Try sing antivirus on your phone although free might work out.
  4. Avoid installing Android Package Files (APKs) directly.

In this way all your problems related to your Android smartphone can be easily solved. If you want to suggest some more information for the Self Care Tips for Android Smartphone then comment here. We will surely hear you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our site for more such important updates.


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