(How To*} Increase Bluestacks RAM Size Upto 1.8 GB

(How To*} Increase Bluestacks RAM Size Upto 1.8 GB

Most of us are familiar to Bluestacks to run Android on PC. Sometimes it crashes or show glitches while running apps, mainly when its running high memory apps. Bluestacks takes limited amount of memory from computer to use as Random Access Memory, which is 739 MB. When it run high memory apps, RAM acts same as phone’s RAM and its not enough for big apps then. Fortunately it can be increased and hence one can Increase the speed of Bluestacks too.

Bluestacks is a Virtual Platform to run Android Apps on PC/Laptop without the help on Android Phone. It is also used for testing Android Apps created on PC itself! Before moving further, make sure your PC’s RAM has sufficient amount to allocate more amount of size to Bluestacks RAM. If you have any app installed to see RAM size, check RAM size before doing anything, or install Smart System App to see info as below.

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It shows 739 MB, we will be increasing it upto 1861 Mb. Follow these steps :

Tutorial To Increase Bluestacks RAM Size

Step 1.

Go to  C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (×86)\Bluestacks and double click on “HD-Quit.exe“, or if Bluestacks is running then right click on Bluestacks Agent Online at taskbar and click on Quit, to stop Bluestacks services completely.

bluestacks-1-copy1Screenshot (130)

Step 2.

Press Windows key + R to open Run dialog box. Type regedit in the box and click Ok. Click yes if User Control Program dialogue box pops up.

Screenshot (131)

Step 3.

Go to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android and click on Memory option.

Screenshot (132)

Edit DWORD value box pops up.


Step 4.

Click on Decimal option, and change value to 2000 in value data field. Click OK and exit registry.

Screenshot (134)

Now open Bluestacks and check RAM size.

Screenshot (135)

You will notice that you have achieved success with the guide to Increase Bluestacks RAM Size. This tutorial is quiet easy to do. If you are struck anywhere, then please feel free to comment. We are here at your service!

40 thoughts on “(How To*} Increase Bluestacks RAM Size Upto 1.8 GB”

  1. I only have 2 gb of on my Laptop but i need 4gb on bluestacks, is there a way for me to bypass this.
    Physical memory is only 2gb, and a ready boost of also 2gb, can i remake the way windows adds ram using the HDD/SDD with bluestacks?

  2. Great step by step. For me you don’t need to install any external software like BlueStacks Tweaker or anything to increase BlueStacks App Player’s RAM, it can easily done manually from your system.

  3. Hi there,
    I have change the RAM of bluestack as you shown and make it up to 2000. But, it can run well at the setup. My laptop got 8GB of RAM and I have install to D drive where got almost 914 GB. How can I fix it? Thank you.

  4. I’ve 8GBs of RAM on my laptop, I’ve dedicated 4GB to BlueStack, since then, it has a trouble opening, any good explanation why this is happening?

  5. I instlled the app.. it says you must be on jio network or must have a active jio device.. I can view the channel on my phone..

    please suggest.

  6. My comp has 4gb ram how much should I increase up to in bluestacks at first it shows me 1gb ram I want to increase this so how much should I increase the ram …?

  7. i did it but the settings in my bluestacks doesnt change at all still at 1989 my pc is 64bit windows 10 lenovo had lots of free space and has 4gb more than i think.

  8. I also tried the same procedure bt the ram still remains same….Help plz!! Atleast need 1.5 gb so that i can play games without hanging problems…

  9. My PC’s RAM is 4 GB but I have very heavy games and software in it like as “NFS: Most Wanted”, “Android Studio”, “IntelliJ Idea”,GTA, XAMPP, Oracle….. and Windows 10…. Then How much RAM should I choose… BCZ even on default RAM I feel my PC too slow now after installing some softwares…

    • The best optimisation for you is : While running bluestacks stop other things and while running games Stop Bluestacks so that it is not an issue for you. Give 2 GB for Bluestacks and it will eventually speed up the processing on your Bluestacks.

  10. Hi I would need help to do this on latest version of Bluestacks as of May 22nd because it doesn’t seem to increase my RAM (I want to have at least 32 GB, my computer has enough space for that) Thanks.

  11. i did the same and bluestacks Ram actually increased but not upto 1.8gb it was only from 739 to 849 mb.. can you help me to fix the problem ? thank you for the support.

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