Install 4 WhatsApp On Same Android Phone

Install 4 WhatsApp On Same Android Phone

After getting a lot of appreciation for our previous article – Dual Whatsapp for Same Android Phone we now have successfully brought you the latest tutorial to Install 4 WhatsApp On Same Android Phone after which you will be able to install 4 whatsapp on same android phone or in other words you will be able to Activate Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on your same android phone without using Switch Me or any other Rooted app. The Best part of this tutorial to Activate four WhatsApp Account on Same Smartphone is that you need Not to be rooted! This tutorial to activate multiple whatsapp works for both Rooted as well as NON Rooted android smartphones! Now on lets call it as QUAD WHATSAPP ON SAME SMARTPHONE

OG Whatsapp and Whatsapp

Let me quickly tell you how it Multiple WhatsApp Work On Same Android Phone :

We actually gonna install 3 more whatsapp apart from Original Whatsapp which will indeed result us to install 4 whatsapp account in all on same android phone. So please follow step to step method which is easy to go on! Do not forget to share this article as token of thanks to the developers who had really worked hard to meet the ends! You might have noticed that earlier OGWhatsapp expired on 3rd March but now with this tutorial we have updated it to latest WhatsApp servers and hence one is not facing any such issue!

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Our Tutorial to Use Multiple WhatsApp on Same Android Phone is achieved via using:

  • Original WhatsApp (Stock)
  • Latest OGWhatsApp (Updated with no error after 3rd March 2015)
  • ENWhatsApp (Another Alternative created by Ehsan)
  • SAWhatsApp (Yet Another WhatsApp)

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Video Tuturial To Install 4 WhatsApp On Same Android Phone and its working :

Procedure to Install 4 WhatsApp on Same Android Phone or Quad WhatsApp :

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    1. Take backup of the current Whatsapp in order to be on safe side. But it is not compulsory.
    2. First of all download the QUAD WhatsApp package from the link which consists of latest OGWhatsApp, ENWhatsApp, SAWhatsApp. Hope you can install original WhatsApp manually from here. To Unlock the Download links, then please like us or +1 or Follow Us and see the Download Links : (Use Chrome or PC to see the locker)

Download Multiple WhatsApp APK Files for Phone Now

[sociallocker id=3658]

  1. Download Latest OGWhatsApp
  2. Download ENWhatsApp
  3. Download SAWhatsApp

DOWNLOAD FULL ZIP FILE [/sociallocker]

  1. A humble request! Please Leave a feedback about its being genuine! So that other people do believe it! Good News! ITS SURVEY FREE NOW! NO MORE TROUBLES!
  2. The folder consists of three apk namely Latest OGWhatsApp , Latest ENWhatsApp , And Latest SAWhatsapp which do not have any problem of Expiration as you can see in the picture below : Quad Whatsapp folder
  3. Now One By One Install Each and Every Alternative of WhatsApp, i.e Latest OGWhatsapp and other ENWhatsapp and SAWhatsApp.
  4. Once installation is done, then simply activate each WhatsApp account with different numbers and you are done!

If you are getting any obsolete error for OGWhatsApp or any of other WhatsApp then read : Fix for OGWhatsApp Obsolete Error

Multiple WhatsApp Account or 4 Whatsapp Account on Same android phone will help you cope with Your Office, Your Family, Your Ex, Your Future Mate 😉 Therefore share the love 🙂

This is it. In this manner you have successfully installed Multiple WhatsApp account on Same Android Phone or 4 WhatsApp accounts via same phone! Do not forget to share this article in order to help the world out there struggling to update to latest OGWhatsApp! If you are struck anywhere then feel free to comment and hence we will be at your service. This is the all you need latest OGWhatsApp and other whatsapp that will enable you to get the exact thing you looking over the web.

Note that if you are facing errors of WhatsApp being Obsolete then one can head over to this everGreen post of Dual WhatsApp on Same Android Phone which will not upset you at all.

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  1. Hi Somesh, I have been trying to download the OGWatspp but its not downloading completely to me. it’s getting stucked in middle and getting failed. So please suggest me on how to do this?

    Also, please let me know whether i have un-instaill my original watsapp before downloading this OGWatsapp?


  2. Dear Somesh.

    Fantastic work… I have downloaded .. ENWhatsapp is working fine.. I needed to install 2 only.. So thanks..

    try to do something with Telegram and Viber… If we can use same like whatsapp.

  3. Pls ur new link am able to download but the file gives me bad or unknown format am unable to install pls help

  4. I have downloaded the files through mediafire as directed from theclink but asking for pssswordpassword

  5. I had finish the survey yet, but i didnt see which one the link for download those 3 whatsapp like as u said.. #confuse, i use the chrome browser in my mobile phone

  6. Its Awesome, It is difficult to complete the survey, but I tried my best and I have Done it. Now Tree whatsapp accounts on my phone because i have only three nos. U r rock Somesh

  7. Hey how many app do you want me to download before I get the app and you keep commenting play the game but u aren’t being sincere on your part for the download link

  8. I downloaded but when I try to install OGWhatsapp.apk it says :”An existing package by same name with a conflict signature is already installed.”. There is already installed ogwhatsapp in my phone, but after 7 march it obsoleted. Please help me

    • Rename OGWhatsApp Folder to OGWhatsApp1 and then uninstall old OGWhatsApp and now install new OGWhatsApp and then rename OGWhatsApp1 to OGWhatsApp and restore data, That’s it!

  9. Tried opening link but it’s not started even after I downloaded games to play and survey says it’s not avaliable in my area… is there any where you can find solution as after wasting one and hour there is no proper response.

  10. I can’t download this anybody can help me.
    I tried to play rummy and I played a free game but still nthng happened

  11. hi somesh. can you please help me. i am trying to complete this survey from three days to download OGwhatsapp but i did not get success. even once they ask my mobile number in survey and deduct 7 euro from my mobile. can you please help me to give me any solution? i shall wait your reply thanks

  12. Please help me to download OGWhats App.apk. I have tried all above mentioned link but none of them worked for me.
    Kindly help me to download

  13. successfully installed. I only used OG, hence didn’t try the others 2. Would like to know the different between the 3.

    I would like to add in some guide for those who already have an existing OGWhatsApp.

    ** You can’t just overwrite the existing OG with this version, as it will give you error. You needa uninstall your current OG before installing this version, This is still OGWhatsApp v2.11.432 but with some modification.

    By uninstalling OG, you might lose all your previous data and conversation, hence this is what i did.

    – Rename OGWhatsApp Folder to OGWhatsApp-OLD
    – uninstall OGWhatsAPP
    – install new OGWhatsApp downloaded from this side
    – rename/delete the newly created folder. I just renamed it to OGWhatsApp-New
    – rename OGWhatsApp-OLD back to OGWhatsApp
    – run OGWhatsApp, select Restore Data and all your data recovered.

    Happy trying..

  14. already install it..but i can’t get SAWhatsapp and OGwhatsapp just EnWhatsapp…quad whatsapp i can’t to download me please…

  15. Brother.. I completed the survey but Still I could not download the .txt file.. It asks again for survey.. What to do..?

  16. Hi, I couldn’t able to get the download file after completing the survey.. again it is asking survey. Can you help me or send me the OG whats app.apk file

  17. I did the survey… And downloaded… But the file cant b opened coz not .apk… Should find a direct link fr download

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  19. Working Perfectly, Thanks for this awesome strategy! Thanks a ton! Although it takes time in completing survey but you worth that money! Well thanks again! Totally working 🙂

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