Microsoft Cortana can Now Replace Google Now

It has not been a long time that Microsoft launched its Cortana, the talking assistant for Android Smartphones along with Windows 10Now Microsoft has taken a step further with introduction of Microsoft Cortana Beta Version that is capable to replace Google Now after which one will be able to directly use Cortana Assistant on Android Smartphone!

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It’s a much-needed connect in crime that lets Microsoft have the funds for a favorable confession calm on-thinking than a common habit of launching Google Now in metaphor to Android handsets. There are still appendage ways to admission Google Now features, but Microsoft is therefore hoping that most Android users will experiment taking into account Cortana or set it as the default domicile button environment. The update version yet doesn’t adjoin “Hey Cortana” bond, largely because of hardware limitations that prevent Cortana from always listening for the command. If you’re avid in evaluate Cortana for Android subsequently Microsoft has a sign-in the works process for potential beta testers.

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