Best Music Downloader Apps for Android [2017]

Music is part and partial of our life. Free music is everywhere demanded and perished in all classes of the society. Let us play and jump to the beats of all the free music available for all of the Android smartphone users. One can download all free music using the best collection of music downloader apps for Android. All you need to do is just enter the name of the song or the album, and you will be presented with the list of songs available for download which can later be downloaded or played online using Android apps for music.

One has the option to select the sound quality of audio in which you want to download free music on Android smartphone. Various formats include 312kbps, 125kbps, 187kbps and other high-quality music direct on your smartphone.

Top 10 Music Downloader Apps for Android

Free Music Downloader

Interested in downloading stuff that is available premium but can be downloaded for free? And here your desire gets fulfil as now one can install free apk directly on your Android smartphone after which you will be able to listen or directly download all of the latest premium content on your Android smartphone.

Listen and Download Free Music Online

You need not go to third party website to download this latest collection of premium music on your smartphone. All you need to have is a Google account and Play Store access and then install this app for free music downloading on your Android Smartphone.

Install now: PlayStore.

Mp3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Downloader app is most appealing when it comes to the user interface it offers to the users who come in search of the premium downloader for Android for free. One has the option to iterate through various options like a library, playlists and can search for the best music available online and after that download it directly to your Android phone for free. This is not all, it does act as a music player as well that allows you to control your music as similar to stock mp3 player with many moderations in music effect.

Official Music app

It’s is a free app that offers premium content of music. One can get ringtones from the music being played and hence improve your sense of listening. This app is officially available on your Android Play Store and is directly accessible to install.

Install now: PlayStore

Mp3 Download Free (Free)

Search across the numerous music libraries all over the world. Download all these premium music for free using MP3 Download free app on your Android smartphone. One can directly search for the song you want to listen to online or download it for offline listening experience with your sound modifications.

Easy Download Premium Apk for Free

One will never have any copyright issues using this app as it is available for free on Google Play Store which is certified by Google for the free downloads. Download all new latest version of Android music download app for Android smartphone and enjoy your full-fledged premium music streaming and downloading Offline.

Install now: PlayStore

TinyTunes (Free)

TinyTunes is the best must have music downloader app for every Android smartphone as it supports all Android smartphones with all the premium music to be downloaded for free. It has all the premium music content ranging from iTunes top songs, top albums to the music of every genre that one would like to hear on his smartphone at a splendid quality.


Directly download the latest Tinytunes Android apk and install it by enabling unknown resources from security settings and search through the most premium content and download all music for free on your smartphone.

One will not find this premium TinyTunes app on Play store. But that should not stop you from downloading Tinytunes apk on your smartphone.

Install now: Website

Free Music (Free)

As the name suggests, Free Music Android app allows you to stream directly to the most popular music all over the world ranging from iTunes top playlist to many other popular premium music albums. Listen online or directly download all music available on your Android smartphone using Free Music Android app. One can favorite any particular song and create a playlist of his own and listen to it on the go whenever you are connected to the Internet or offline(If songs are downloaded).

Free Music App (Free)

Free Music apk offers various genre- jazz, hip pop, rock, electronic, classical and so on. You can add millions of tracks into your playlists.

Free Music is also the best music media player; it has beautiful and intuitive user interface, you can repeat and shuffle songs. You can listen to free music like a radio with wifi.

Install now: PlayStore

SongFlip (Free)

Premium Experience can be judged by the premium look, and SongFlip offers both. Songflip ranges with all of the latest music which is trending with various options of switching to classical, pop, rock and all other genres. Direct download and store these songs to listen to them offline via SongFlip which also acts as a premium music player for free.

SongFlip App

Songflip can be the best alternative to the Android stock music downloader app that comes inbuilt. One can create a playlist of the songs that you like and hence make it easy to listen on the go to the best premium experience on your Android Smartphone.

Install now: PlayStore

Google Play Music (Free & Premium)

Competition becomes severe when it comes to listening premium and smart music on your Android device for free, and Google PlayMusic fulfils your demand when it comes to the best music offering from all over the world. It ranges from various genres to the best music trending all over. One can only signup with Google mail id and get free access to Google Play music library on your Android device.

Google Play Music

One can store up to 50,000 songs for free on your device, depending upon the available storage space on your smartphone. Google Play Music allows you to live stream songs that are recently released in the market and are official. One can buy premium music content online via Google Play Music as well to enjoy the excellent quality of sound when it comes to the music lovers out there.

Install now: PlayStore

SoundCloud (Free)

SoundCloud is referred as the king of online music streaming and downloading service. One can subscribe to the free plan to listen to the live radio and also download all the podcasts directly to your smartphone only once you have the SoundCloud installed on your smartphone.

SoundCloud App

SoundCloud not only allows you to listen to live music or download it but it also offers users to interact with the live audience and thereby creates a healthy community to the listeners out there.

SoundCloud is a freemium that can be installed on any of the Android smartphone running Android 4.2 and higher. One can also create his or her channel on SoundCloud and share the link with the listeners out there and start your radio or music channel. Music downloading becomes easy on SoundCloud with offline storage options that can be made use of when you are not connected to the internet or you are on mobile data on the go.

Install now: PlayStore

Songily (Free)

Songily, as the sweet name of the app suggests one can directly download and listen to the premium Android music available all over the world. iTunes top music grossing can be heard online using Songily and thereby experience Apple iTunes directly via Songily app.

Songily App

It has an excellent collection of free music for all Android devices. Songily also has the option to add music to your favourites which can later be used to listen to premium music on the go without connecting to the Internet. It is officially available on PlayStore, and therefore you need not have to go to the third party website to install this app.

Install now: PlayStore

Saavn Music (Free)

Bollywood industry can not be neglected when coming to online music streaming or best songs collection to all of the music lovers out there. Saavn Android App is the best app for both Bollywood and Hollywood fans which has a good number of songs that are pleasant to hear. One can signup to the subscription available on Saavn and hence store or download latest songs offline on your Android smartphone using Saavn app.

Saavn App

Saavn app has the option to online stream radio of your favorite genre that you want to hear. Save or download online Music free with just one click while you use saavn app online or offline. It has two modes of operation- online and offline. Apart from modes of operation, one can also choose from various modes of listening to the premium music like super excellent quality or standard quality. Saavn app also has excellent option to choose from which then increases the number of songs available to be saved on your Android smartphone.

Install now: PlayStore

Download Mp3 Music (Free)

Download music which is free to hear is offered by almost every Android app, but when coming to Mp3 Music App, this offers some extra features like listening to the song before downloading online of the song. Search from the list of the favorite songs available to download on Mp3 music or live streaming while you work on other apps as you multitask on your Android device.

Download Mp3 Music (Free) App

Using download Mp3 music app is very easy, just hunt the song you want to download in the search bar located at the top of the app and then let the hunt for the premium music available for free begun and at the end simply download the Song you want to save for offline.

Install now: PlayStore

Tubemate (Free)

Tubemate is one of the best popular Android apps to download Youtube videos directly on Android smartphone. But people has underestimated the potential of the TubeMate app as now one can directly download music from Youtube videos to your Android smartphone.

Tubemate App

Using Tubemate is very easy, all you need to do is first Install the modern TubeMate apk and then head over to the music which you want to download on Youtube using Tubemate and then select music or mp3 format while you download that particular youtube video. This downloads the given Youtube video in best audio format.

Install now: Cnet

Gaana (Free)

Gaana is one of the official apps by Google Play that offers music in various languages ranging from Hindi, English to the best Punjabi and other regional languages. Using Gaana app is not so hard to listen to the best music. All you need to do is just subscribe to the free plan available at Gaana that offers you to store least 5GB of songs on your storage that can later be played offline using Gaana app.

Gaana App

One can get all the premium features on Gaana app by just signing up with the Facebook account as well. Excellent music downloader app Gaana Plus can also be accessed for a free trial for students like Apple music.

Install now: PlayStore

Spotify (Free)

Spotify is a popular music streaming and downloading app available across all platforms, mostly Android that has a vast collection of music albums that are evergreen and are loved by a huge set of audience. Although Spotify may not be available to be installed in various countries, one can easily install it from play store to stream seamless music on your Android smartphone.

Spotify Android App

One can subscribe to the latest updates on Spotify to get all the notifications of the best music on Internet and all of the new releases. Free subscription to Spotify also does a great job to download or stream online music free on an Android phone using Spotify.

Install now: PlayStore

How to download music direct from Youtube videos

Youtube videos can now be directly downloaded to your Android Smartphone as music, just by following two simple methods:

  1. Head over to the Youtube video which you want to download as music. Copy the url. (For Eg: )
  2. Now replace the initial part https://www. with “ss” without quotes. (Now your Youtube Url will be like: )
  3. Go the Youtube URL with SS in the beginning and you will be presented with the screen like this that will have a drop down to download the Youtube video as Audio file.Step By Step Guide to Download Youtube Music from Youtube VideosSelect Audio Mp4 format from the list to download the required Youtube Video as Audio.

Hope this makes clear choice to Music Downloader Apps for android.

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