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7 Best Music Player and Management Apps for Android [Paid + Free]

In this era of evolving smartphones, we have started using this device for more than just socialising.  We carry it with us everywhere we go and use it for a lot of things including listening to music and using our mobile as a media player.

A lot of people these days are going for the streaming thing. While streaming can be convenient, it consumes a lot of mobile data. So, a good music player app is the easiest way out to take your entire music library along with you, on the go, wherever you go.

All Android phones come with a built-in music player app but they might just not be doing the job of managing the huge music collection you have. If your answer is yes, then it is time for you to get a new music player app on your mobile. You need a music player to manage your music just the way you want it to.

The Google Play Store has a lot of music player and music management apps for android to choose from. While it is good to have so many options, it can often be very confusing to decide the one best app for you. To make your job easy, we have listed a few music player apps that stand out from others.

Here are some of the best android music player and music management apps for all your music needs. From storing to managing, organizing to listening to your favourite music, these apps do it all for you no matter where you are.

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  1. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is definitely one of the best, most powerful and feature rich music player that seems to impress almost everyone.

Skins and Music Player Inbuilt in Power Amp

Power Amp Music Player

It is packed with tons of features in an attractive user interface. It is a very customisable audio player which is smooth and plays nearly anything. It can be fine-tuned to the maximum level, looks good and has a whole lot features such as:

  • Sleek interface that is effective and efficient
  • Crisp layout with amazing customisations
  • Amazing playback features that include crossfade, gapless and support for replay gain.
  • Impressive 10-band equaliser
  • Adjustable bass and treble with stereo expansion support
  • Mono mixing, optimised graphical and custom equalizers
  • Tweak settings for sound output
  • It supports almost all of the music and playlist formats
  • Built-in tag editor, dynamic queues and fast library scan
  • Integration of album art and lyrics
  • It can also download missing album art
  • Customisable EQ pre-sets for your headphones
  • Downloadable theme galore with amazingly designed themes
  • 4 different types of widgets with innumerable skins and customisations for home-screen, lock-screen etc.,
  • 15 day free trails with full access and no barriers

Overall, Poweramp is more of a one stop shop for all your musical needs and is the most popular music player on android. It is a perfect music player app for all the music lovers who like to keep their music organised and easily managed.

[Price: Free trial / $3.99]
  1. Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle is one of the best looking music players on android that offers a good array of features. It is intuitive, lightweight and smooth. The distinctive user friendly interface is something that separates shuttle from other music player apps on Android.

Shuttle Music Player app for Android

Play Unlimited Music With Shuttle Music Player

It has a host of cool features such as:

  • Material designed sleek interface which is also customisable
  • A clean and smooth user experience
  • Built-in six band equalizer
  • Playback features like gapless
  • Embedded lyrics and sleep timer
  • Customisable widgets
  • Choice of a few themes
  • Supports various audio formats
  • Automatic artwork download
  • FM scrobbling
  • Allows creating a queue of songs you wish to play next
  • Voice search feature and gesture controls

A few extra features that will be available with the paid version:

  • Built-in ID3 tag editor
  • Folder browsing
  • Chromecastsupport
  • A more variety of themes

It is a viable option for those who like material design user interface. It’s smooth and easy usage and wide varieties of options are something to vouch for.

[Price: Free / Paid version $1.49]
  1. BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer is a delightfully simple and elegant music player. It is clean, lovely on the eyes and quite easy to navigate. It has a lovely black interface that is customisable and gives a spotless performance. It can be controlled with gestures and swipes and can be enhanced further.

Android BlackPlayer Music App To Listen to Endless music

Install BlackPlayer Music App for Android

Though the paid version is more advanced and features rich, the free version is also simple yet highly functional.

The free version is packed with the following features:

  • Built-in 5-band equalizer
  • Support for using a third party equalizer.
  • Gapless and crossfade playback support
  • Bass booster and 3D surround virtualizer support
  • Enables tag editing and other details of an artist, album or song.
  • Support for most of the music file formats.
  • Embedded lyrics and ID3 tag editor
  • FM scrobbling
  • No ads
  • Sleep timer
  • 3 lovely widgets
  • Tons of themes
  • Font customisation
  • HD album artwork on the screen

The paid version adds in extra features such as:

  • Additional themes and fonts
  • More tweak settings
  • A visualizer
  • Better sorting
  • Extra widgets and colour accents
  • Bitrate, sampling-rate and other format details

So many additional features at just $2 is well worth.

BlackPlayer is a simple yet fantastic music player app for people who like minimalism.

[Price: Free / Paid version $2.00]
  1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a pre-installed music player app on most of the android devices. It has a unique feature of reading the files on your device. Since it is a Google product, it integrates with your device perfectly.

Google Official Music Player App

Google Play Music Android App

It offers a huge cloud library for your music, a feature that no other music player app has. You can take your collection of music on whichever device you own or even multiple devices.

  • A huge online music catalog
  • Syncs with your Google account
  • Has access to playlists across multiple devices
  • Offers customisable recommendations on music library
  • Decent and latestmaterial design interface with smooth operation
  • Lovely lock-screen artwork and controls
  • It has its own music store
  • Integrates well with android
  • Supports almost all music formats
  • Equalizer and various audio effects
  • Tons of music to buy from
  • Family sharing plans for streaming
  • Cloud support
  • Free storage of more than 7,000 songs on any device
  • Nearly 50000 songs upload to Google Cloud
  • Music manager that can transfer the entire music collection to your device or to Google Cloud

Google Play Music offers access to all the content on it with an additional subscription of $9.99 per month. But the app also plays the music stored in the library of your mobile. It is a one stop shop for all your music needs.

[Price: Free / $9.99 pm]
  1. n7player Music Player

n7player is a little different from other music player apps. The interface has a unique appearance. Another unique feature is the organisation of library in a nuanced approach. It has one of the most innovative ways of browsing music on your mobile. It uses the pinch to zoom gesture.

Black Skinned N7 Music Player for Android

N7 Music Player For Android Black Skin

The following are the features of 7player:

  • A huge list of your music in collage style
  • Sleek interface based on OpenGL
  • 10-band equalizer with pre-sets
  • Creative use of multi-touch
  • Bass tuning and treble ability
  • Supports bass boost and environmental effects
  • Playlist management and channel balance
  • Gapless playback support
  • Supports most of the music formats
  • Volume normalisation
  • Able to stream music to other devices via Chromecast, Airplay, DLNA and music visualizers.
  • A tag editor and sleep timer
  • FM scrobbling
  • Own EQ with haptic feedback
  • A tag cloud, with a display of names of songs and artists on your screen in different sizes.
  • Album art grabber and lyrics support
  • Lock-screen and headset button configuration
  • 3D album coverswall with multi-touch
  • Manual and automatic album art downloading

n7player is definitely an innovative music player app and management app that has a great combination of unique user interface and advanced features.

[Price: Free / full version $3.31]
  1. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar is one of the best completely free music player apps that offer a variety of ways to play and manage your music.

Music Player Named Pulsar for Android

Best Pulsar Music Player for Android

It is a lightweight music player app that has a clean material design UI and gives a swift performance. With a lot of customisable themes available, Pulsar has the perfect balance between appearance and performance.

The free version contains almost all of the features such as:

  • Clean material design user interface
  • Gapless playback support
  • Support for almost all music formats
  • Smart playlist
  • FM scrobbling
  • Chromecast support
  • Enables browsing music by albums, artists, folders and genres
  • Smart playlists
  • Auto sync album art
  • Automatic artwork download
  • Tag editing
  • Sleep timer
  • Fast search
  • Wide variety of themes

The paid version offers additional features like:

  • 5-band equalizer
  • Additional themes
  • A bass and reverb booster

Though Pulsar is not one of those heavily feature packed music player, but it has all the essential features and some unusual ones as well.

[Price: Free]
  1. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro is a very unique and capable music player app that has one of the most advanced features. It has a good looking and easy to use interface, which can be customised according to your choice. Also, it has numerous personalisation options to make your music listening journey an enjoyable one.

Best Music Player- PlayerPro Android App

PlayerPro Music Player for Android Smartphone to Play Music

A few of the many special features of PlayerPro include:

  • 5 band equalizer
  • Video playing support
  • Various audio effects
  • Downloadable lyrics and album artwork
  • Direct song tag editing from the app
  • FM scrobblingsupport
  • Smart playlist adaptable to your listening habits
  • Music history importing from desktop
  • Voice search
  • Google Now integration
  • ID3 tag editing and DSP plugins
  • Lyrics and tag effects
  • Equalizer and reverb audio effects
  • Audio enhancement support for Dolby, SRS, and Beats.
  • Sharing album artwork and text notifications on social media
  • Different themes and extensions available for customisation
  • More than 20 free customisable skins
  • Variety of  lock screen widgets
  • Swiping or shaking of device to change songs
  • Supports both list and grid view
  • 10 days free trial

PlayerPro music player app has a number of cool features and customisations and gives a smooth and clean music management.

[Price: free / $1.95]


You can never go wrong with any of the above mentioned music player apps.

Whether you are a casual music listener or an audiophile, we have got it all covered for you, from a music player app with all advanced capabilities to the ones that have an eye candy appeal, from the most feature-filled to the most basic and easy to use ones. You can choose whatever you feel best for you depending on the features that you find most important or more appealing.

With these best music player and music management apps for android, you will definitely have a better experience and interface of music on your device.

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