SystemUI version 2.0 for Xperia C [UPDATE]


Hello guys, it has been a long time that i gave any update to Xperia C SystemUI, we started with systemui version 1.4 then version 1.5  and finally we have SystemUI version 2.0 for Xperia C [UPDATE] which has 5 button Navigation Bar with Xperia Written instead of home button plus added Z2 Dialog box which can be seen from the screenshots below:

Normal View of SystemUi V2.o : systemui for xperia c

It has 5 button navigation system namely- Power or Lock , back, Home Button, Recent apps, Menu or Options Button.

Toggled Navigation Bar with Samsung Toggles and Speed Indicator :

systemui for xperia c version 2

Z2 Dialog box with transparent mode as can be seen in the screenshot below :

systemui transparent for xperia c

Procedure to install SystemUI V2.0 On Xperia C:

Method 1 : Using Script method for NON CWM users :
  1. Remember that your Xperia C must be Rooted and BusyBox Installed, Also enable USB Debugging.
  2. Your ROM must be Deodexed, if it is not so, then read : Deodex Stock Xperia C Rom
  3. Download Systemuiv2.0 PC  installer method from below. Do like or +1 or Tweet in order to unlock the download link : 
  4. Extract the Downloaded folder and place the systemuiv2.0 folder to SD Card of Xperia C.
  5. Simply Run SystemUIinstaller.bat from the downloaded package after placing systemuiv2.0 on SD Card and follow on screen instructions and you are done. If you get a popup on your phone asking for Root Access then please tap on grant so that SystemUi V2.0 gets installs easily.
  6. Do not get panic if the Phone stops responding after you run the script, wait until it restarts and you are done 🙂
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Method 2: Using CWM by Flashing the Zip file directly :
  1. You must be on the Deodexed ROM to proceed further.
  2. Download SystemUIV2.0 CWM from here : 
  3. Now Boot into recovery and install zip from SD card and select SystemUIV2.o and flash it.
  4. Thats it you are done.

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Somesh Chaudhary

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59 Responses

  1. doly siregar says:

    Hy mr somesh
    How to delete speed internet icon in status bar…?
    Thanx for info?

  2. Nihar says:

    Sir… I luv this system ui….but I think there is a bug i n it as.. When I try to change my data connection from sim 1 to sim 2 or vice versa….. The phone gets hanged and I cant do anything till it changes the connection…..sir can you please help me.. Or tell me if I have done something wrong while flashing or is this seriously a bug…????

  3. Rohan says:

    How to Change Z2 Dialogbox is old.stock Rom dialogbox it’s name of apk old stock rom dialogbox

  4. sir can u please give the font name shown in this screenshots????

  5. ahmed says:

    sir I installed deodex using cwm.but when im checking in root explorer I didnt see deodex? But I install 3G phone is deodex or not?

  6. Viren Narang says:

    I want only my xperia’s notification area to be changed. Please provide a file for the same. Will be very thankful to you. Please tell how can i change the ui of notification area??

  7. Himanshu says:

    can i just copy the systemui.apk present in this zip file to root folder in order to make changes???

  8. I put the sistem ui v2 along with the Xperia Pure Z3 ROM for Xperia C (Stable Release) ?

  9. justanawbie says:

    can u repair the battery icon bugs. i preferred the battery percentage not in the icon.

  10. niraj says:

    on xperia C After flashed with systemUI 1.4 Zip, and i restarted my phone missing notification bar, status bar, and bottom home bar, plz help me now

  11. Winux says:

    Thanks billion for your magic creation. I installed xc z3 ROM and then updated UI 2.
    But how can I remove network speed meter from status bar. Or total remove UI 2 from my Z3 ROM.

  12. How about restoring to normal?…If i want to revert back to normal state what should i do??

  13. justanewbie says:

    i got a question, can i remove the zip file after i flash it? can it brings any harm?

  14. how to know whether my rom is deoxed or not??

  15. rabe3 says:

    Hi , 🙂
    My friend some one said this “i have Z2 rom, I always get notification to update firmware. is it safe? ” qnd you answer this Yes thats safe, but remember you cant use Z2 again after updating!
    ” sory i will install z3 rom but i want to know what should i do not update? And can i change the font or not ? And can i change the system ui to the stock one or any system ui when i am on z3 rom or i cant .. Pls help i will love you hh 😀

  16. rabe3 says:

    Hi , 🙂
    My friend some one said this “i have Z2 rom, I always get notification to update firmware. is it safe? ” qnd you answer this Yes thats safe, but remember you cant use Z2 again after updating!
    ” sory i will install z3 rom but i want to know what should i do not update?

  17. dyoga says:

    Btw, how to deodex my xperia c with CWM?i tried to deodex my ROM using your instructions with pc a.k.a without CWM but didnt work

  18. dyoga says:

    Bro, can i flash the zip file without Deodexed ROM? I already have carliv touch rcovery, reply fast bro.…..

  19. Oray says:

    i have Z2 rom, I always get notification to update firmware. is it safe?

  20. sagar says:

    Hello sir!!!

    Greetings of the day from sagar..

    Im newbie….so, ive lots of questions…..

    if i have installed Dark Xperia Z2 in Xperia C, can i install this SystemUI V2? Is Dark Xperia Z2 deodexed? Should i replace Xperia Z systemUI that is in Dark by this V2? Which one is better or Dark has already this systemUI? Can i install Xperia Z2 Camera features in Dark Xperia Z2 Custom ROM? (Head over to following link:-

    can you please help me?

    Thanks in advance….

  21. Hey i have xperia C n it is stuck on bootloader

    wt to do?

  22. Arshad says:

    Informationlord text has been seen at the bottom in every screenshots……is it there in UI also?

  23. Nope, you can unroot and get warranty back 🙂

  24. alpha001 says:

    can i install this straightaway or i need to install older vesions first?

  25. rxrei says:

    Hello Somesh, I did all the instructions you stated above and I successfully deodexed my Sony Xperia C using the NON CWM way. And I successfully installed the systemui v2 you made. Then I installed iFont which changes the font of my Xperia C. After 5 tries of changing the font and rebooting. My Xperia C now is stuck on Boot Animation after Xperia Logo comes out. Can you help me recover or fix my phone?

  26. hi it alright if i only install the systemui not the framework and services.jar because im on a custom rom..i dont want to change the framework..tyia

  27. Azam says:

    Hi mr somesh, can u make xperia c custom kernel? Maybe we can flash our phone’s kernel with flash mode and not using fastboot mode. Thanks.

  28. Sumit Kumar says:

    Wow amazing work brother

    Very thanks for this

    But one need

    Can u give me system ui 2.0 without speed indicator

    Plz somesh ji

    My mail [email protected]
    Fb name sumitkhkh

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