Easy Guide to Deodex Xperia C Build 16.0.B.2.16 (for CWM and NON CWM users)

Easy Guide to Deodex Xperia C Build 16.0.B.2.16 (for CWM and NON CWM users)

With latest update to Build 16.0.B.2.16 for Xperia C which can also be updated directly offline for those who have not got the update officially (Download Links Working), we are again presenting you a beautiful present -> Easy Guide to Deodex Xperia C Build 16.0.B.2.16.

Many of you might be pondering – What are the Benefits if we deodex Xperia C stock ROM?

Ans: Deodexing Stock Xperia C ROM will open possibilities for the masses to modify their apps in  a better way without much tensions about boot loops or fear of not working. One can easily Install Engineering Menu or make Engineering Menu work on Xperia C. It will also enable you to mod your stock firmware as per your wish. (Like Modding systemui.apk or framework etc)

UPDATE : Now One Can Directly Deodex Xperia C latest build With CWM, that too without data loss.

Simply flash the zip from the download link (which can be seen after unlock of the locker) and then boot into recovery and flash the zip. First Boot Up might take little time.

[sociallocker]Download Xperia C Deodexed CWM Flashable ZIP[/sociallocker]

The best part of this procedure is you will have NO data loss which is there if you follow below procedure.

Now you can safely proceed to install Xperia C mods, like Lollipop Settings and many more.

Eligibility to proceed with Easy Guide to Deodex Xperia C Build 16.0.B.2.16 :

  1.  Xperia C must be rooted. If it is not rooted then read: Rooting Xperia C.
  2. You must run on latest Xperia Build 16.0.B.2.16 (Any version either Western or Eastern) .
  3. Now Download Xperia C Deodexer, which is a zip file which must be extracted first in the place you can remember. Download Link : Xperia C Build 16.0.B.2.16 Deodexed Zip
  4. Last but not the least, one must check that Bluestacks is not running on your pc. To check it one can just open task manager and kill the bluestack app if running.

Note: The one who have Installed CWM on their Western Firmwares can take backup in order to be on the safe side. 😉

Now let is proceed with Easy Guide to Deodex Xperia C Build 16.0.B.2.16 :

Remember that all your Data will be deleted! (All apps, contacts, Messages etc. So Take a backup and then proceed! )

  1. Enable USB debugging on Xperia C by going to settings> Developer Options and by checking USB debugging. Develpoper Options Xperia CIf Developer Options is not available then one can first go to settings and then go to About Phone and then Tap on Build Number for more than 5 to 6 times continuously until you get a popup saying you are now a developer. Then go back you will see Developer options in settings!
  2. Extract the downloaded Zip folder and open it. It will have two things as can be seen in the image xc deodexer
  3. Place the xc_stock_deodexer folder in the direct SD Card of Xperia C. Be sure you have placed all the files to the SD Card only.
  4. Now simply run the XC deodexer and proceed as per the instructions in the app and  and if you get popup on your phone asking for Root Permissions then simply tap on grant! And thats it! Here starts the deodexing of the stock ROM of Xperia C.
  5. Wait until your phone restarts automatically. Do not unplug the phone until it restarts or the program closes.

Do not get panic if your phone takes lot of time to restart as it will take in first bootup.

You have now successfully deodexed stock Xperia C firmware! Now carry on your modifications!

Credits: Thanks to my ever helper Prashanth Jraj for finding an alternative to CWM after which one can easily install ROM regardless of boot version and no bootloops finally me too. 😉

Do not forget to share this article and hence help others. Struck anywhere then feel free to comment!

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103 thoughts on “Easy Guide to Deodex Xperia C Build 16.0.B.2.16 (for CWM and NON CWM users)”

  1. hi Somesh,

    I am a beginner so please don’t mind if my question sound stupid.
    Your step says: “Now Download Xperia C Deodexer, which is a zip file which must be extracted first in the place you can remember.”
    Where is this to be downloaded, PC or Phone?
    Which software I need to connect and command this operation through PC?
    Bluestack is it BtvStack ?

  2. Do i need to change my recovery mode or stock may do to flash the zip ? . . . Cause changing recovery will have a lot of work cause i have s1 boot verison .68 . . And dont have pc to change it to .6 or .13.

    Thanks . . .im new with this phone.

    • So better first install custom recovery! But having Computer to change bootversion is compulsory! Without changing the bootversion do not proceed to install CWM on Xperia C else you will Hard brick your device!

    • Hold Volume Up and Power Button Until Phone goes off and as soon as it goes off! Just Press on Volume Down Button such that you are connected to PC via USB! This will boot you into flashing mode! And this time flash B.2.16 firmware and thereafter Deodex using CWM firmware! This will help!

  3. Hello , i’m stuck at the “Installer Xperia C 2305 Deodexed Rom” it says

    x daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 x
    x daemon started successfully x

    then nothing happens.. help me please

  4. i want to deodex my xperia c latest build with cwm (with the help of information lord) but not yet created any backup.
    so i can proceed and flash the zip or first backup?
    i dont have much space in my sd card to complete the backup.so have to buy a new one

  5. Hi! Im about to do this, my xperia c has a build number of 16.0.B.2.13, do i need to get .16 first before i will flash “Xperia C Deodexed CWM Flashable ZIP”(the updated one)? please reply

    • Well if you are not on the latest build then this can create problem! I would request you to first take a backup and then proceed! This will also guide others if they are struck with the same problem!

  6. Hi there,

    When you say SD Card of Xperia C.. What do you exactly mean?

    Internal Memory of Xperia C

    Or External Memory Card…

    Because Internal Memory, I have already reduced the memory size using your website help…

  7. i have tried it 4-5times, and every time i am stucked at loading.. and nothing happends in fiev hours 🙁
    i have lost two days for thisa;sd,f;al

  8. bro.. i started deodexer and done it taking arround 5 minutes only… it automaically close on pc and my xc auto reboot too, does it successfull deodexer…? thx bro for reply..

  9. Somesh, is it necessary to have busybox? Because the first time I install it my phone stuck in the logo. And where do I place the deodexer.exe? In sd card or wherever?

  10. I tried dz post earlier today, i hav too any attemp but it always showsconnect ui timer expired and my xc freeze tell me what to do? My xp is rooted, running latest build b.2.16

  11. sir,my phone got bricked because of this and i succesfully restore my backup,i just follow your instructions properly and installed the adb driver,but when i click the grant button,its freeze and i shut down it by pressing power+vol down and up,is there any another way to deodex this rom?or is there any file or step that you missing?sorry if my english is bad

    reply fast bro,thx

  12. Hey somesh I tried to download it but it stucks in middle and just fails.. Maybe coz my net is slow and I can download it only within a fixed time.. Can u plz upload it somewhere else like Google drive or smthin?

  13. i have the S1 Boot Version 2.14.J.2.13 and i did the procedure 1 to install cwm on xC , but my phone freeze in sony logo , i reset my phone and he is okay , but the cwm recovery not is installed. what should I do ?

  14. Hi Somesh I installed ADB drivers for xperia C, followed instructions well. and freezes at grant root then im stucked at boot animation for 2 hours. I don’t have CWM because my build is 16.0.b.2.16. Hoping for your reply

  15. how to back up the original rom , somesh ,
    im new in rooting having an idea of using this root so
    and how to recover to orginal rom if needed or stucked in between boot
    pl help

  16. Can’t deodex my xperia c.
    It gets stuck for a while when i push the grant root permissions on the phone and reboots and then gets stuck at boot animation… 🙁
    any help would be appreciated,

  17. I can’t believe it !! this damn tool wiped the whole internal device memory !! no apps no data no images, everything gone away on the internal memory !!
    I’m really shocked and devastated you should’ve warned clearly about this !!

    anyway thank you for your work

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