Use Same WhatsApp Number On Two Phones – WhatsApp Spoofing

Use Same WhatsApp Number On Two Phones – WhatsApp Spoofing

How to Use same WhatsApp number on Two Android Phones or what you call WhatsApp Spoofing is finally here that too in legal way! This is the easiest method to hack WhatsApp to use Same Number on Two Different phones regardless Android or iOS or any other but one will be very easily be using Two different phones to use Same WhatsApp number! One would better call it as WhatsApp hack but believe me guys, this is much more of WhatsApp Trick to Use Same WhatsApp number on Two Phones simultaneously!

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So now jumping directly to the trick to use Same WhatsApp on Two Phones – All you need to have is simply Chrome Browser installed on your phone on which you will access another WhatsApp! Please follow the guide Step by Step, Video Tutorial is also attached at the end of the article!

Procedure to Use Two Phones with Same WhatsApp Number :

  1. Open Chrome Browser on other smartphone and head the url to ,  You might see your phone loading a page to normal Homepage of WhatsApp, so here is the trick, Tap on Three Dots in the Upper Right Corner and then Select Request Desktop Site and refresh the page once again!two Phones with same whatsApp number trick, use same whatsapp number on two phones
  2. Now you will see QR code on your phone, let it be as it is. Now take your main phone whose WhatsApp you want to spoof! And as per your device operating system opt for Use WhatsApp via App from menu in WhatsApp of the phone whose Whatsapp number you want to use on Another Phone.Scan whatsapp qr code from mobile to mobile
  3. Scan the QR Code that you got from Step 1 and wait for it to be detected! Once Detected that’s it! You have successfully spoofed the Victims WhatsApp on Another Phone!

One can send / receive all the WhatsApp messages via one number itself on two different phones! This is so easy! If someone is facing any issue in hacking whatsApp one can follow the video guide attached below :

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  1. I’m using WA on my BB9900 and want a duplicate on my Nokia x. Question is where do I look for the barcode on my BB? Pls help. Thks

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