GBWhatsApp – 2 WhatsApp on Same Phone Latest GBWhatsApp Download


OGWhatsApp became obsolete or 15 September WhatsApp Expire Error are now solved with GBWhatsApp Working In December which provides you with whole new platform with privacy to Run 2 WhatsApp on Same Android Phone, even fresh install also works. So now one can run Two Whatsapp without Obsolete error. One can also call it as latest OGWhatsApp working.

GBWhatsApp Dual WhatsApp, Download Latest Working OGWhatsApp

The procedure to install GBWhatsApp – The OGWhatsApp Alternative is quiet simple, one need not to take and do backup stuff, as it provides option to Restore data after install. So here is how you can Install or Activate Two WhatsApp account on One Andrdoid phone :

  • Download and Install latest GBWhatsApp working in May 2016 from here.
  • Install GBWhatsApp as normal APK.
  • Once installed, simply open GBWhatsApp and activate another number using GBWhatsApp and thereby you will receive your activation message. If you want to restore your data. Then simply tap on restore while you open GbWhatsApp for the first time.

If you are struck anywhere while following GBWhatsApp – 2 WhatsApp on Same Phone then feel free to comment! Please show us your love by sharing this article to maximum. Hope it has helped you! Thank You!

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111 Responses

  1. Neha Pithani says:

    I am using gbwatsapp but I unable to change admin power in group, I have downloaded updated version also but it couldn’t work. pls help reply at [email protected]

  2. bagsmita medhi says:

    Why it shows error when I apply a theme ???

  3. Farooq says:

    I don’t know y but I can’t restore my chats from my old official WhatsApp… It doesn’t restores at all….

  4. peter says:

    head notifications don’t work immediately I close d what’s app I receive no message hlp

  5. Zayn says:

    I have WhatsappGB in my mobile i want to keep the “Always Online” feature on but i’m unable to do that as i lock my screen i get offline what do i do any advise?

  6. Richard kalanzi says:

    Hello please help me my GB whatsapp is expiring tomorrow but it has failed to up date. there giving me down loader.

  7. ajay says:

    Hi somesh,i had copied my gbwhatsapp data,uninstalled,after some days downloaded new version of gbwhatsapp,installed it but unable to restore backup.tried renaming old folder to new folderalso,but no use.any suggestions please

  8. Robben says:

    I have an OGWhatsapp running on my Samsung phone. I then installed the GBWhatsapp trying to set it up with my other SIM still on the same phone. but I ve been having issues receiving the passcode. kindly assist.thanks

  9. Elizabeth Henny says:

    Hi somesh..i have WhatsApp n GB WhatsApp in 1 i have new android..i have an issue of restoring chat from GB have problem with the WhatsApp..i’ve tried so many time reinstalling but the chat cant be restored.. i’ve backed up n have copied the back up to sd card n my new android..can u help me please how to restore it cause i need all my chat restored..big thanks

  10. mass says:

    i have installed GBwhatsapp and have been using for nearly year and before that also i used other whatsapp. so, what problem i have now is 2years of data is saved in GBwhatsapp but now i have to install official whatsapp from playstore but i m unable to restore the data from GBwhatsapp to whatsapp i have tried so many thing
    like i copy and paste GBwhatsapp backup data folder to whatsapp database folder
    tried to store in google drive but not restored.
    can any one solve this problem ?

  11. gaurav prashar says:

    hi ive a peculiar problem
    i had le1s which was running two what;s app one original and gb what’s app
    i upgraded to lg g5 yesyerday and took backups of both and copied the files of both to my lg g5
    installed original and that restored easily
    installed gb what’s app and restore was an issue not minding that i installed and it opened up very fine with all the previous chats gone but groups were there
    but after a while the gb what’s app doesnt open now

    plz help

  12. Gowtham says:

    Hi somesh how to create a backup in Google drive using gbwhatsapp

  13. d'ace says:

    I have downloaded it but showing parsing error weneva I try to install… Pls help o

  14. Hirak says:

    Ji, had downloaded gbwhatsapp and it started working fine but the photos and videos were not coming on clicking while it was showing copy link etc. So I uninstalled it.. .. can you please guide on to resolve such issue.

  15. Prajay says:

    It says unable to access account
    When I try to restore backup via google.

  16. Koumaiha says:

    Whenever GBWhatsapp expires and i download the latest update, i am unable to intall the new updates unless i delete my original whatsapp, please inform me how to fix this error without losing my whatsapp data

    Also whatsapp+ and GBWhatsapp3 couldnt be installed for the same reason

    Please advise

  17. Nav says:

    Hii sir ….. how I update latest version gbWhatsApp …..pls tell me

  18. vijay says:

    Hi somesh…plz provide gbwhatsapp update…for August 2016…

  19. Vijay Sharma says:

    Hi Somesh…. Gbwhats app is obsolete after 29th July… Plz provided latest update…thanks

  20. Koffi Gbinu says:

    Hi Somesh, I have been using the GBWhatsapp alongside the original whatsapp app. An update message popped up on the GBWhatsapp which I tried to download. I tried installing it n they keep telling me I already have the app installed. Now I uninstalled it n tried installing the latest apk version n I still get that failed to install message. Out of frustration, I uninstalled the original whatsapp too, after which I installed the GBWhatsapp which was successful. Now trying to install the original n I keep facing same problem. Pls help.

  21. rahul jain says:

    Bro i installed gb whatsapp how to use 4 ac in one time

  22. Akash says:

    hello, i tried but it does not detect backups… 🙁

  23. Daa says:

    Already download the file but can’t open on my iphone. Pls

  24. Vijay Sharma says:

    hi Somesh…please provide an update of GB whatsapp as its current version became obsolete. Please provide…

  25. Vijay Sharma says:

    Obsolete message is showing date of 19th May 2016…means still 50-51 days to go…but still can’t go forward in app.. Asking for update…it can be solved or i have to install latest version…if so please provide…thanks

  26. Vijay Sharma says:

    Hi Somesh…now this updated version become obsolete now… Request you to plzz provide an update… It became obsolete today….

  27. Ifad says:

    Plzz sir snd me gb WhatsApp link to gmail
    Mohammedifad. [email protected]

  28. Aditi says:


    I own a Oneplus 2, android version 5.1.1, oxygen version 2.2.1
    I uninstalled my whatsapp to install gbwhatsapp which went through fine but the BIG trouble here is that my play store recognises gbwhatsapp as the original whtatssapp and therefore I am not able to reinstall whatsapp. It is kind of allowing me only to have either of the app and not both.

  29. deepak says:

    Sir update 9920741732send kar dijiye please

  30. sonutunwar says:

    Ye Download kise hoga

  31. rhaphun says:

    What is the purpose of open log in gbsettings?

  32. Vijay Sharma says:

    Hi…i click on link for download the GBwhat’s app. But page not found…

  33. ramesh says:

    Please send me gb whatsapp link
    Mail Id: [email protected]

  34. raviraj says:

    how to install gbwhatsapp it gives error that already app is installed with different signature

  35. excelent, I just installed the GB WHATSAPP WORKS FINE perfect, no need back ups nathing,thanks very much, keep up the good work

  36. Ankit says:

    Give me the link ogwhatsapp or any 2nd whatsapp… Plz

  37. shaikh faheem says:

    I want thod

  38. dinakaran says:

    I am repeatedly getting “App not installed” errors in all my phones

  39. fiz says:

    Hi bro, just want to ask, to use both whatsapp, do i need to use step like ogwhatsapp? Means must uninstall the original whatsapp and redownload it from google play store? Much appreciated if u can help me figure it out. Thanks

  40. Nandish Ajani says:

    one account on two phones is it possible ? (Android)

  41. chaal says:

    Hai… just wanna check I have downloaded GB WHATSAPP WORKS FINE.. but how to use another number… I have to download again the original whatsapp from the Google Plat store??? Kindly advice immediately pls

  42. pam says:

    Where can i download it? I liked it nut still cant downloaf

  43. ketan s says:

    Bhai ye Gb whats app downloadhi nahi hota kya karu…
    plz kuch karo

  44. it is really works on me…thanks man..

  45. san says:

    It is showing like unable to parse the file after download

  46. Ken says:

    Came too late..Gbwhatsapp has existed a month before now 🙂

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