How to Update Sony Xperia C offline to latest build 16.0.В.2.13


UPDATE : Update Xperia C to Latest Build 16.0.B.2.16 released on 8th August 2014.

After getting hundreds of requests from our fans on “How to Update Sony Xperia C offline to latest build 16.0.В.2.13” ; Today we are again living upto your expectations and had come up with concrete tutorial on “How to Update Sony Xperia C offline to latest build 16.0.В.2.13”. Although this update provided by Sony was really worth a lot.

Have a look at the features of the latest Update of Xperia C provided by Sony here.

Update Xperia C Offline

Bonus: This is the life changing tutorial for those who have  still have not received Update on their phones officially. And this tutorial can help you fix bricked Xperia C,  that too very easily.

We have successfully posted how to install CWM on Xperia C, which was the biggest development in Xperia C history and it was also the biggest hit on internet too. Not wasting your precious time anymore, Lets proceed to Update Sony Xperia C offline to latest build 16.0.В.2.13; battery bug is fixed.

Things you must be well equipped with before jumping into “How to Update Sony Xperia C offline to latest build 16.0.В.2.13” is:

  • Download the latest firmware(.ftf) for Xperia C with build no: 16.0.B.2.13 from here.
  • Download the Perfect Flash software to port the downloaded firmware offline to Xperia C from here.
  • Download MTK6589 ADB drivers for Xperia C from here and install them before proceeding.
  • Data Cable
  • Enable USB Debugging on Xperia C
  • Patience

Now you are all set to Update Sony Xperia C offline to latest build 16.0.В.2.13:

Also Check  Android Lollipop Settings For Xperia C

Step 1 :Install Perfect Flash, although in Chinese language but easy to setup.

Step 2:Open Perfect Flash and connect your Xperia C after Switching off  while connecting USB cable remember to hold volume down button.

Step 3:Wait for the phone to be detected and now just follow this tutorial carefully which you will see from the this link :

In this tutorial you just jump to Procedure 2 and follow steps 7 to Step 8. (With Pictures Included).

When you reach at 97% you will feel like the progess has come to still but don’t unplug your phone for any reason until it reaches 100%. Otherwise your phone will hard Brick.

In this way you have successfully Updated Sony Xperia C to Latest Build that too offline which has battery bug fixed and camera quality improved. If you are still struck anywhere ; Please feel to comment and also share your views for the same.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our site as we are developing Custom ROMS for Sony Xperia C, which will be mailed to the subscribed users at the earliest.



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99 Responses

  1. Filipe says:

    I can’t download ‘C2305_16.0.B.2​.13_Generic World.ftf’

    offline link =(((

  2. tried every thing but not detecting phone with volume down while plugging in button the phone blinks red and the green led (phone was shut down while plugging in)….plz help

  3. Amrit says:

    plzzz help me!!!! My Sony Xperia c is not responding any more….red light is appears when i connect to the charger or pc…. this is bcaz of installing the wrong ROM
    also my phone didnt detect for longer time….

  4. naveen says:

    hello , i am trapped in a switching off phones process , i am trying again to again pressing the volume down key
    but my phone not connected, after installing i am did not get how to connect again to

  5. Madhav says:

    Hey my build version is 16.0.B.2.16 is it ok to install

  6. Dipin says:

    Don’t know how to enable USB debugging in my bricked xperia c .. Any luck?

  7. rofiq says:

    Thank you sir, it’s work and finished approx in 47 minnute. ^RD

  8. Rishabh says:

    How much time whole process will take?

  9. I flashed my Xperia c to custom rom using Wmshua and was successful but after flashing I cant download anything from Play store or update any app, it just keeps on showing downloading but never downloads. I have tried clearing cache and removing the google account but of no avail. I even flashed the stock rom another couple of times, still the same problem.
    Another thing when I put my phone into recovery mode it show Android with a red exclamation mark over it.
    Can u give me any ideas as to what the problem might be.

  10. sanket says:

    thank u lots….i had given up on my xperia c…thanx to u..its bk alive

  11. rhed says:

    Can i use wshmua/ perfect flash without internet? Cause its not detecting my xc even i installed the adb driver

    If yes. Can i disconnect my pc after detecting my xc and flash the new firmware or should it be connected to the internet the whole flashing process?

    Thanks sir.

  12. am stucked at 97% please help me//

  13. sagarwagh says:

    How to install the new build no update to xperia c with cwm installed first

  14. hkashi says:

    cannot download the firmware sony C2305 can post again bro pls

  15. aries says:

    hi i have a se xperia c 2305 which i have forgotten to unplug it from charger while playing music last night .then the next morning i found out that my phone is off. But when i push the power button it wont open not even a single vibrate or led light. i thought that it was just battery drained so i tried to plugged the charger in but it only show a steady red LED light (not blinking) for a half an hour but it did not even charged at all i also tried to connect it on my computer but it did nothing at all it didn`t even recognized as a sd card i hope you could help me find answer to my problem…

  16. razali says:

    hi there. just asking. this update now can be updated manual on the phone. after i finish download it , the phone shut down and open again at the cwm pure , idk what else to do . i stuck there . hope u understand my broken english

  17. vineeth says:

    Bro xperia c have 4.4 update or not plz reply fast.,

  18. harjot says:

    BUDDY my phone is not switching on its taking toooo long

  19. hassan says:

    last night i updating my mobile with PCC compansion during update i remove Data cable from laptop after this my mobile act abnormal Behavior it restart and restart again !
    i dnt know what to Do ?

    and one more question is during a hard reset its give a option *Apply update from sd card* so i also download a latus update and save in sd card an mount sd card in mobile but when i choose this otption * Apply update from sd card* so its not shows any file which i saved in card !
    i dont understand what to do ! Plz help

  20. sagar says:

    super flash takes too much time to install driver….i have put my c last night and till next morning, it has downloaded only 5%…….? why? i ve connected my c when it is on and in normal mode having usb debug on of course….

    • Bro you need to download and install adb drivers prior starting and for first time connection you need internet so that the drivers are downloaded by flash tools after that flash that ftf, it will roughly take 1 and half hour.

  21. Burhan Khan says:

    i have updated my cell phone (Xpeia C) but after update and disconnecting the USB it is taking too much time to start (power on) the XPERIA sign is displaying constantly !! PLEASE HELP

  22. vikram says:

    my xperia c wont start up
    only sensor led blinks….
    i hav tried evry thing but not able to connect with pc to update from sony.
    so adb driver also not installed

  23. Toushif says:

    I Found Out New Issues With New Xperia C Build Number (16.0.B.2.16) That Is When I Try To Download Anything From Google Play Store I Get An Error Saying That: – DOWNLOAD CANNOT BE COMPLATED AS DUE TO INSUFFICIENT STORAGE IN DEVICE.. I Have No Media Files Or Apps Stored In Device Memory. I Have Transferred All Apps Or All Media Files To My SD Card… So This Is New Invention Of Sony. Rather Than Fixing The Issues Sony Have Invented New Trouble & Problems For Customer………….So Now I Have To First Unmound The Memory Card & Remound The SD Card Before I Download Anything From Google Play Store….As I Have To Go To App & Than I Have Clear Cach Or Clear Data All Time For Download App Or Google Play Store Or Google Play Services…Still I Get Same Error

  24. Toushif says:

    Hi Can Any One Can Help. I m Using Xperia C Handset & When I Set A ring Tone for Sims & For Any Contacts That Get Altered Automatically To Default Ringtones As After Switching Off The Mobile & Switch On It Back…. Which Means That After I Switch off & Switch on The Handset The Ringtone Get Altered Back to Default ringtone…

  25. _kalpesh_ says:

    damn..i had soft bricked my XC…installed Stock ROM via WMSHua…all went right(no problem or mistake in steps)…it had been completed..but now my display is showing something in it..(damaged)…my phone is out of warranty…pls help… sad

  26. Sir, question, i updated my phone and now i dont have cwm, whats the procedure in installing cwm, is it same as before? Thanks sir!

  27. Bhushan Khairnar says:

    hello Mr.Sonesh ,
    can u pls give us ur number ,i will cal u if u dont mind.

  28. Bhushan Khairnar says:

    I tried it more than 5 times , Pls provide some link if possible ,

    Thanks in Adavnce.

  29. Bhushan Khairnar says:

    Hello Bro,
    I could not able to install Download MTK6589 ADB this driver , hence chia flash tool not detecting my phone
    . my phone is dead

  30. Bhushan Khairnar says:

    Hello Bro ,
    I have same problem , my mobile is not able start and when i connect charger to my mobile LED blinks for few minutes then gon

    pls help how to resolve this issue

  31. vc says:

    please help it keeps on blinking red light

  32. Monil shah says:

    I have Sony Xperia c with latest version 16.0.B.2.13 as a build version but my phone still showing as new update available.. How you fix up this bug. I have To clear data To remove it from notification bar is there anyone else facing same issue

  33. Paulo Diniz says:

    Anybody here have a C2305_16.0.B.2​.13_Generic World.ftf?

  34. neerajairan says:

    I m facing problem to update my Xperia c so please send me a link to offline updates…. 🙁

  35. Rony says:

    i bought Xperia C in May 2014, the build shows 16.0.B.2​.13, have been getting notifications showing16.0.B.2​.13 New system update available,is it necessary to update as build is same kindly suggest. Also when i enable the Wifi after some time it shows Low memory notification, when i check the Device memory in Storage option,aavilable as 100Mb, Apps 564 Mb and Cached data as 10.95 Mb, kindly suggest on improving the device memory as i am new to Android OS.

  36. bitz says:

    hi,my Xperia C is on 2.14.J.0.68.. I tried to follow the “PROCEDURE 2 FOR S1 Boot Version is 2.14.J.0.68” step-by-step and still find myself either stuck/confused after “step 6”. At this point,should my phone be off and then connect it while in “flash mode” (hold down – volume key then plug the usb in)? <– Super Flash then cannot detect my phone if I do this. Or should I leave it on? (when I connect it while it's gets detected but in "normal mode") I already have all the things I know and can't wait to get this done. Any reply will be much appreciated. If you feel like I'm missing something,or you have any suggestion on what I can try,please let me know. I'm kinda frustrated as I've been trying this the whole day (not the new into these kind of stuff).

    Thanks guys,looking forward for your responses

  37. Joseph says:

    I can’t download ‘C2305_16.0.B.2​.13_Generic World.ftf’
    plz send me another link.i bricked my phone while installing bravia engine 2.

  38. Amal says:

    this link not downloading(downloads only 15mb then gets stopped)
    plz send me another link my phone is bricked

  39. Ninofonarcus says:

    can’t download ‘C2305_16.0.B.2​.13_Generic World.ftf’
    It says ‘Exceeded file download limit. Downloading files is prohibited.’
    please solve this soon

  40. tony_khairul says:

    thanx a lot for those info,,,it help me repair my bricked XC….
    can’t wait for the the firmware update

  41. Akshay says:

    Really you are a dude yaar Every single detail for the procedure nd most importantly liked that change to english language thanks dude helped me more than the xda forum thanks a lot dude

  42. Navid says:

    plz update to kitkat xperia c

    • Mr. Navid, Thank you for your interest in the same. I would like to inform you that Xperia C will receive Kikat Update in second half this year, you will further be notified using your mail and also keep checking the website frequently.

      • Thanks for the information dude!!!:-)

          • tito ambin says:

            Sir..i had rooted my xperia C and installed pure cwm successfully but cant use the Z2 ROM..but i had successfully installed it using pure cwm, the problem is when booting it will stuck at after the xperia phone is still running with build B.2.6..i want to ask you 2 question..
            1. Will updating the build effect the pure cwm recovery i had installed and put my phone back to original recovery?
            2. Will updating the build help me to successfully install and use the Z2 ROM?

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