Zenfone User Interface for Xperia C

It has been long time that we have hardly given a mod to Sony Xperia C, so here we come with Zenfone UI mod for Xperia C which showcases beautiful system user interface with the modded icons for Xperia C. One can see how it feels to use Zenfone System UI on Xperia C from the following Screenshots : Thanks to ricouzumaki for this Zenfone Mod For Xperia C.

Obviously you would have loved the mod for Xperia C as usual you do every time! So not wasting your time anymore, One can follow the below mentioned procedure to Install Zenfone Mod On Xperia C :

  1. Make sure that you have Deodexed your Xperia C. If not then first Deodex Xperia C via CWM method.
  2. If you have deodexed using CWM method, that obviously means that you have Custom Recovery installed. Now download Zenfone Mod Flashable Zip for Xperia C from below : To get the Download link, make sure that you +1, or Following Us or Share. [sociallocker id=”2884″]Zenfone-Lollipop_Informationlord [/sociallocker]
  3. Make sure that you have taken a CWM Backup in order to stay on the safe side as well as roll back to the stock theme in order if you didnt like the Theme.
  4. Now boot into recovery mode, and then flash the zip that you downloaded from the above link.
  5. Restart the phone. And enjoy the new Zenfone Mod in Xperia C!

Do not forget to add in your views for the same! If you are struck anywhere then feel free to comment! We are here at your service! Thank You!

14 thoughts on “Zenfone User Interface for Xperia C”

  1. brother , I have a problem with my xperia c , are the audio I send by whatsapp they come out with problems and hear other people say it fast and I do not think any solution for this.you help me? I sorry for my bad english

      • hello, with the theme of the voice memo wasap the same thing happens , go fast, .. if I record the sound and listen , you hear normal … I understand it’s not a matter of mic . as happens with wasap soloo — I have restored factory and still happens the same .. you can help …

  2. hve bugs. when i touch the button next to setting button the system ui will stopped. then it will changer to other language. pls fix it

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