Trick To Use Google Chrome as Video, Audio Player, Photo or PDF Viewer

Windows/Mac Chrome easy file explorer method

Ever wondered that you can easily play music, video files directly on your chrome browser all with a simple trick. Google Chrome being one of the best Internet browser can also be used as file manager. Not only as a file manager but as file explorer too to Watch or view documents, photos, pdf etc.. One is … Read moreTrick To Use Google Chrome as Video, Audio Player, Photo or PDF Viewer

Background Play: Audio Playback for YouTube Guide

Hey there fellas, Admit it ,you all have once in a lifetime have tried playing YouTube video by locking your phone, but it just stopped playing then. Well, I got a solution for all of you guys by which you will be able to do: Lock screen Audio Playback: Listen to Audio even when you … Read moreBackground Play: Audio Playback for YouTube Guide

Do It Tomorrow App review

Hello Friends! Today’s post is dedicated to my Lazy friends-  “do it tomorrow app review” ; Don’t forget to subscribe  for more such updates. Do it tomorrow app has been designed for all you procrastinators out there. Do It Tomorrow is a subtly designed program that will make your task management days simple and hassle free … Read moreDo It Tomorrow App review

Earn Online using Qadabra


Hello friends! It is a dream of every blogger or website owner to earn and hence get recognition for whatever he or she does. One might have also applied for various publishing networks like AdSense or or Google, but all are not lucky enough to get approval from such giants. So here is a … Read moreEarn Online using Qadabra

C++ Encrypter and Decrypter Software

Hello everybody! Today is an era of technology where privacy matters a lot and  one does not want to compromise on it at,be it at any cost. What we provide you is for free. So we have come up with an easy solution for all of our visitors. My classmate Sumit Thakur, has wonderfully made … Read moreC++ Encrypter and Decrypter Software