How to Restore Nandroid Backup without CWM

After successful tutorial to Create Nandroid backup without cwm on any Android smartphone we are back again with to guide you all on How to Restore Nandroid Backup without CWM on any Rooted Android Device.

Restore Nandroid Backup

As CWM is not supported by most of the phones, So it just limits the user to create and restore Nandroid Backups which acts as a lifesaving drug at the time of Phone Brick.

But after creating Nandroid Backup by our procedure i.e by Using Online Nandroid app, we have two options to restore it:

  1. By using Nandroid Manager
  2. If you have successfully ported CWM on your phone (For Xperia C Click here), Then you can directly restore your backup without even waiting for the phone to turn on.

So let us now proceed : How to restore Nandroid Backup without CWM:


Your Phone must be rooted. If your Device is not rooted then please root your device from here.

You must know the position where you have saved the Backup in order to browse the correct location of path if asked by Nandroid Manager.

Step 1 : Install Nandroid Manager Application from the link here(Playstore).

Step 2 : Open the app installed and browse for the backup saved from the SD card or Pendrive attached. Most of the times the backup is automatically scanned and found.

Step 3 : You also have the option to just restore few parts of the backup like only Apps or Messages or Call logs etc. If you are a Pro owner of it then you can even restore Wifi Passwords saved and Paired device data too.

Step 4 : By selecting the data you want to restore or just select full Nandroid data restore, You will be able to successfully roll back to the day on which you took Data Backup.

If you are struck anywhere don’t forget to watch this quick video tutorial to guide you all easily out of obstacles.

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Mere Ta - July 7, 2016

It’s impossible without custom recovery…
And my phone does not support custom recovery,
so iI think I’m fucked up.

    Somesh Chaudhary - November 14, 2016

    May be you can manually try replacing files! Which phone are you using?

Marginbull - July 31, 2014

Hello sir… can i extract the apps from this files?

BeloSolo - June 19, 2014

Quote: “… or just select full Nandroid data restore, ”
This in the the section on how to do it without needing a CWM recovery … but as I just found out, the last stage of this will be to reboot into Recovery. This will fail if CWM recovery isn’t installed on the phone. Post here if this is incorrect, because so far I’ve only been able to extract files, and not been able to do the the full Nandroid recovery.

    Somesh Chaudhary - June 20, 2014

    You have the option to recover data one by one, I mean only messages, contacts , apps and so on!

    Somesh Chaudhary - July 3, 2014

    Installing CWM is now not a tough job bro! 🙂

      gh - February 17, 2016

      How u do it homie

        Somesh Chaudhary - February 19, 2016

        I didnt get you! Can you please be more clear! Thank U!


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