Pure CWM Version 2 For Xperia C


Hello guys, Now after changing Bootversion of Xperia C in order to Install Pure CWM, which was not really designed for Xperia C but another device, Today we have Pure CWM Version 2 Ported to Xperia C by Prashanth Jraj which is especially designed for Xperia C and is bug free as we tested it.

ChangeLog :

  • Pure CWM Version 2 is designed for Xperia C specially.
  • Restore and Backup options are working much smoother with less Md5Sum Mismatch error.

Screenshots of Pure CWM Version 2 On Xperia C :

Recovery log for Pure CWM XC

Recovery log for Pure CWM V2 XC

Advanced Menu

Advanced Menu

Backup and Restore Options

Backup and Restore Options

Mounts and Storage Options

Mounts and Storage Options

Pure CWM Version 2

Pure CWM Version 2 Overview

 Procedure to Install Pure CWM Version 2 On Xperia C :

  1.  First of all Change the Bootversion of Xperia C as specified in the post here : Change Bootversion of Xperia C, If you do not do so you will then brick your phone.
  2. Download Pure CWM Version 2 from here: Do like or +1 or Tweet in order to Unlock The Download link.

       3. Now Extract the zip you downloaded from above using 7Zip or Winrar

      4. Place the Recovery.img on SD Card of your phone. (Do not place it in any folder present on sd card)

      5.Now Run Mobile Uncle MTK Tools and then tap on Recovery Update and let it search, you will see recovery.img, just tap on it an then press          OK . And you are done 🙂 If you are struck then proceed step by step tutorial from earlier post : Pure CWM for XC

This is all you have now installed Pure CWM version 2 successfully. The best thing you can do now is take a backup of existing ROM first to do tests on your Xperia C 😉

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Somesh Chaudhary

Tech Blogger and Android Expert who loves surfing Internet and finding new tech stuff and frame new articles over the same and help the world with the knowledge attained!

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74 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    Have intalled the CWM and when my phone rebooted itself for the first it never turned on again.. Already did recovery several times but my phone still not turning on, pls help 🙁

  2. Howard Langaman says:

    Sir is did you some ways to change the bootversion because I did not have pc to plug-in my phone so that I change it. Please help me sir thanks.

  3. Howard Langaman says:

    Sir is their any option to change my Bootversion because I did not have pc to plug in my phone so that I cannot change it..what would I do.sir pls help me.thanks

  4. Mugi Patriadi says:

    Hi Somesh, after I’d extracted the downloaded xc_cwm.zip file, it become xc_cwm.exe , hence when I’m trying to do Recovery Update by Mobileuncle Tools and pick one kind of Recovery option, there is no automatically pop up for restart the devise, so I did it manually, but when reboot it stuck on the android lie with triangle red icon screen, not as your screenshoot above. Please advise the correct way after extract the xc_cmw.zip file it’s should be .EXE file or .ISO file.

  5. Martin says:

    Good morning, I have the s1 boot 2.14.j.2.16, install pure cwm 2 by mtkuncle, bat when trying to start the phone in recovery mode is stuck in the sony logo freezes, the phone restart with the reset button and start back normal, but there is no way to st ar t recovery mode backup firmware / increase the memori by installing। The zip.
    The phone is a sony c2304. Is rooted.

    Thank for responses.

  6. martin says:

    my s1 boot version is : 1274-4304, 2.14.J.2.6, Sorry my poor English, Iam Argentinian,.. Im install CWM 2by Mktuncle,… but when tryn intro in Recovery mode, Freez Logo by sony,… debo instalar el nuevo bootanimation con el WMshausetup..?? Thanks,.. wait responds

    • If Only Sony Logo is coming, then do this : First Press Volume UP and Power Button and when Phone is Power OFf – Insert USB Cable and PRess Volume Down Button and Start Wmshau and flash the ftf! This will solve your problem! Thank U!

      • Martin says:

        Martin October 26, 2015 at 4:53 pm
        Good morning, I have the s1 boot 2.14.j.2.16, install pure cwm 2 by mtkuncle, bat when trying to start the phone in recovery mode is stuck in the sony logo freezes, the phone restart with the reset button and start back normal, but there is no way to st ar t recovery mode backup firmware / increase the memori by installing। The zip.
        The phone is a sony c2304. Is rooted.

        Thank for responses.


      • martin says:

        Sorry , but my boot is the s :2.14.j.2.16, it is correct, and while the phone is stuck in the SONY logo , just when I try acceseder in recovery mode , however the phone functions properly … Now I consult I must I change the boot.tft to try to repeat the process .. my phone is a Sony c2304 (dual sim) , you can pass the boot for that model .. but since I’m wrong than we are to c2305 .. am right or I’m wrong … .. I await your comments and apologize .

  7. Ananthu says:

    i installed cwm in my xperia c.
    but i cant get into recovery mode.
    what can i do???

  8. mahesh says:

    Sir can u send me the link of z3 custom rom for xperia c

  9. my phone become dead after updating recovery
    what to do
    and i have not change the boot version

  10. parikhit says:

    Sir, I followed the steps and updated the S1 version to .16 and installed mobile uncle and updated recovery . img. But when i enter to recovery mode phone is showing another recovery mode not the CWM!!! I followed the steps line by line

    • Which recovery did you use?

      • parikhit says:

        CWM, TWRP I tried all. When I try to boot into recovery by pressing vol and power android logo with a red triangle coming. Then I need to press camera button to enter into the recovery mode which is a different recovery interface neither CWM nor TWRP. I only used the files from this website only. One more thing before S1 boot version changed to .16 under memory card it was showing no file found which is same as after S1 boot version changed to .16. In your tutorial after changing the boot version under memory card in service menu it was showing some numbers which is not in my case. I have repeated the whole process couple of times, but no use.

  11. Gaurav says:

    I have done already PURE CWM, their is no any problems with this. Then also should i go through the Pure CWM version 2???
    I m using xperia C.

  12. Akram says:

    SIR my boot version is 2.14.J.2.13 I am unable to install CWM recovery whenever I BOOT Into recovery it shows red delta symbol pls help sir.

  13. kr8767 says:

    my xperia c is dead… Motherboard and screen dead after installing CMW.

    Please advise wht to do

  14. razali says:

    Hey sir, my boot version is 2.14.J.2.6 can I proceed? help me!!!

  15. Jims says:

    I have Downloaded Pure CWM Version 2.Zip and extracted but do not get the recovery.img file

  16. boy says:

    How do I know that, my Xperia C have CWM ver.2.

  17. dedependi says:

    hi bro, i want to install this one, but I want to know first, is this cwm for xperia c c2305 or anathoer xp c, thank you verymutch,

  18. anuj says:

    and one more thing….after taking backup wen i restore it says md5 mismatched
    is dis error due to the above error

  19. anuj says:

    somesh wen i goto da mount sectn and mount sd-ext it says error mounting sd-ext…….urgent reply needed

  20. Trilok says:

    i cant able to do it two times i bricked my phone plz tell the correct pro, my phone running on latest 2.16 only.., whts the pro???? its too annoying:(

  21. Hi bro i’m not getting any link to download even after liking tweeting etc….i got links for Z3 Z1 etc…but i’m not getting any link for CWM 2 which is specialy designed for Xperia C as said by U..plz help….

  22. evechan says:

    every time I choose go back, it always show
    E: can’t open /tmp/recovery.log

    when use the first cwm, its ok, never show this warning… thanks

  23. Peyash says:

    Can i apply this process in build version 16.0.B.2.16??

  24. tushar says:

    binary update failed!!

  25. cloudy sensei says:

    hi.. i can’t find the download link for cwm version 2.. i already like as u told.. mind if u can give me the link here.. thanks..

    Xperia C user.. xD

  26. The link is dead. Please help.

  27. the download link not working

  28. hello somesh..

    bro…should i installed like TWRP or other recovery after i installed this CWM…

    sorry bro..im newer.. i will try to follow your tutorial step by step…thanks so much bro..

  29. Thales says:

    Somesh Chaudhary

    You are a HERO !!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH

  30. Amit says:

    when i goto recovery..i get message as below

    E:Can’t mount / cache / recovery / command
    E:Can’t mount / cache / recovery / log
    E:Can’t open / cache / recovery / log
    E:Can’t mount / cache / recovery / last_log
    E:Can’t open / cache / recovery / last_log

    And get stuck when tried to wipe cache partition..
    plz help

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