Pure CWM for Xperia C


After we had Ultimate Guide To Fix Bricked Xperia C we now have no fear to test our full potential on this very own Xperia C. So we tested Pure CWM for Xperia C, which is quiet a good development after Carliv Touch Recovery for Xperia C and then TWRP for Xperia C.

Pure CWM for Xperia C

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To proceed to install pure cwm for Xperia C , Please make sure you have following things:

  1. Your  S1 Boot Version must be  2.14.J.2.6 or 2.14.J2.13 or 2.14.J.2.16(Which is mostly for Western Countries) .

    To check the Boot Version do this: Dial *#*#7378423#*#* on your phone dialing pad and Click service info, check software info. If you do not have the above required boot version then first read this : Upgrade Xperia C Bootversion  and then proceed further.

  2. Your Xperia C must be rooted, if not rooted then Root Xperia C.
  3. Download Pure CWM for Xperia C from here and place it on SD card. (NO MORE SURVEYS)
  4. Install Mobile Uncle MTK tools from Play store.

Credits: Scripts created by : michfood,javuum and yuweng from XDA; Pure CWM for Xperia C is ported by Santosh and Prashanth (XDA members and our well wishers) and successfully tested by Informationlord.com’s admin : Somesh Chaudhary on our Xperia C.

To Install pure CWM on Xperia C proceed as follows:

  • Run mobile uncle MTK tools and Click on Recovery update
  • This application will automatically search for Recovery.img which you downloaded and placed on the SD card.
  • Now tap on recovery.img to install it; if asked to boot into recovery just tap on Yes.
  • Hence you will boot into Pure CWM recovery. If you couldn’t. Then you can also manually boot int recovery by pressing Volume Down and Power button.
  • Here you have instaled Pure CWM for Xperia C succesfully.
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Features of Pure CWM for Xperia C:

  • Pure CWM for Xperia C is based on stock Recovery of Xperia C
  • More user friendly as compared to earlier recoveries for Xperia C. As pictures can tell you a lot so, you yourself discover the features of CWM:

IMG_20140422_213719IMG_20140422_213738 Installing Zip mounts and storage P_20140421_112427 P_20140421_112416 P_20140421_112343 IMG_20140422_213707


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251 Responses

  1. Sunil says:

    CWM install krne ke liye rooted ph hona chaiyea ya direct hi install kr le CWM

  2. Arvind says:

    Hello I tapped on recovery.img to install it & clicked yes ,immediately phone became dead what to do .
    please help

  3. manoj yadav says:

    Sir i tap on recovery.img than my phone shut down and open as shown on this page above the frist image . now what to do

  4. ronald says:

    Good afternoon, sir how can i change my build for sony xperia c to stock?
    Thanks and regards,

  5. Lee says:

    I tired downloading CMW but the site is blocked

  6. roshan rai says:

    I increased the app storage. Thanks to u. Now I want to remove cwm recovery so that I can use default recovery mode option in xperia c2305. How can I do this?

  7. aravind says:

    after installin recovery.img my phone is not switching on

  8. milewap says:

    Thanks for the recovery man,i frst must flash boot!Because i hawe 0.68 and now 2.16,and olso i wanth to ask eksept Sony Xperia c2305 i hawe HTC Desire X!This Chainese tool for flasin mei i use on HTC olso…or noth 🙂

  9. Ayesha says:

    Hey somesh! I cannot find mobile uncle tools app from playstore. It says “item not found”, so please tell me what to do.

  10. Karthik says:

    My s1 boot version is 2.14.J.0.68
    how can I change myboot version
    kindly guide

  11. Sheldon says:

    who have version 16.0.B.2.16 and S1boot version 2.14.J.1.15
    yeah its works very well, dont worry about that!
    thanks for the article

  12. mahaveer choudhary says:

    sir mera sony xperia c mobile recovery krne k baad turn on nhi ho rha plz give me solution

  13. Nghia says:

    hi, i install recovery but when i restart to recovery mode i xperia C do not boot up, it can not be boot up again, could you help me

  14. naresh n says:

    hi somesh
    i followed ur steps but i unable to boot in to recovery. please tell me what to do

  15. Hi Somesh

    I though I followed all the steps as you explained but I missed the back up/restore step, now I have a clean phone. Is there a way to run the steps again to back up the phone?

  16. summymisra says:

    sir accidentally i flashed s1 boot version 2.14.j.2.16 without rooting my phone,, now it is stuck in bootloop.. plz help,, as phone is not brick,,can i go back to 2.14.j.068 again,, if yes kindly provide download link of the ftf file of the same…

  17. Ankit data says:

    Sir, I tried the second link also but still its showing those 25 recovery files with some Chinese names, boot version is compatibke and I tried to copy it in int storage also
    kindly help

  18. Samar says:

    My XperiaC failed to root by both means, suggest now

  19. Rohan says:

    Hi Somesh Mene whole pure Cwm 2 process complete kiya ” are u sure reboot in to recovery ” Bhi aya ok kr diya reboot Bhi hua Bt cwm ki window nhi ayi kya mera cwm complete hua

  20. vanrajsinh says:

    i want 2.13.J.0.54 recovery boot version for sony experia c

  21. aliffe says:

    cara, fiz tudo quando chega Mobileuncle acha o Arquivo boto pra rola reiniciar mais nao da em nada apenas reiniciar e voltar ao normal

    • Você precisa primeiro mudar a versão de inicialização e, posteriormente raiz Xperia C novamente. Isso irá ajudá-lo! Em seguida, o Flash o recovery.img de Ferramentas MobileUncleMTK

  22. Biswajeet says:

    Dear Somesh, i had unzip the CWM.zip & kept the recovery.img in SD. When i open mobileuncle tools & click on Recovery update total 25 nos. search files were showing which is having some Chinese words… which one to select..???

    • I would recommend you to still check the boot version and then proceed! So if all done successfully! Place Recovery.img on Internal Storage and this time you will see recovery.img on Uncle Tools. Just flash it!

  23. how to check my bootmenu version???

  24. Akram says:

    Hi I downloaded and placed the recovery.img in my sd card and then when I clicked on recovery.img in MTK tools the screen comes up saying ARE SURE FLASH RECOVERY! when I click OK it goes of and nothing happens please help

  25. After i finished i got internal memory damaged .. what can i do now ?

  26. Driuzu, The Clumsy Noob says:

    Sir, what if I accidentally deleted an app (contacts storage, it takes memory) and I need to reset it, will every steps I do here become useless? or will it stay as it is? I planned to use ODIN (or should I flash stock xperia C ROM?)

    becauseIi deleted that dimwit, I can’t dial to see boot version (I’ve seen it before deleting that apk), so after changing the boot version, i didn’t double check, and decided to proceed. After the back up started , I saw the comment section full of people saying theirs bricked and having a cold sweat… but no problem, the bootversion updated like heaven (i just found that there is “device info” to see the boot version in mobileuncle tools, yea…) and I’ve done until the CMW (my sd card was full last night, and it failed. done it the second time^^)

  27. jryan says:

    Im using a different recovery.img already can i use do wat is the procedure? Should i just follow your steps and this recovery will replace the that im usinh?

  28. joshua says:

    when i m installing cwm my phone is dead pllzzzz help sir

  29. Joyal says:

    How to remove recovery.img….

  30. Caio says:

    My version of S1 BOOT VERSION: 2.14.J.1.15. How I make? I need other files?

  31. Vipin says:

    How can i remove cwm from phone

  32. When a good developer like you post a link on cleanfile, it feels disgusting….
    Dude grow up, a few bucks is not greater then the respect earned….

    • Lol brother, will respect bring me hosting fees? Well you are right till one extent! but when u can respect then you also need to appreciate the same with your donations!

      • But, the shit doesnt work…. No matter if you complete the survey or not… also , i tried installing twrp , and other recoveries but the phone gets stuck on the sony logo then i have to remove the back cover and reset it… sorry , no hard feelings but a little frustrated about this phone.. Hope, you help.

  33. Desculpe pela demora! Eu irei atualizar o link em um dia ou dois!

  34. Hi Somesh,

    I am not able to complete download from cleanfiles as survey is not happening, is there any google drive or dropbox share for Pure CMW?

  35. vinod matta says:

    somesh .. i checked the boot version it is s1 ..16. followed the steps as specified..now only Sony logo is coming..what should I do.? kindly help

  36. Shreya says:

    when i press recovery image and it started rebooting and now its 20 mins gone but on my screen only sony is coming neither it is starting up nor switching off

  37. Sam says:

    Thanks… Done successfully.

  38. Madanmohan says:


    If i install only Increase Apps Storage Space of Xperia C & not install CWM.
    so wat happen
    1. I lost only internal data (photo,contact….)
    2. I lost all data (files on SD or system files)

    plse help me.


  39. patric says:

    it will work on 2.14.J.2.16?? i need a better answer before i doing this tnx

  40. shrijit says:

    heyy i just recovey.img file my phone is not starting only red light blinks.. plz help

  41. Asad says:

    Sir after installing cwm its not work and not open the recovery mode and my boot version is also same

  42. Pranit says:

    What are key combinations to enter into recovery?

  43. waseem says:

    Thanks man
    But when I put recovery update the app search and find 25 file but the file I download it dose not between them

  44. sidhu says:

    My boot version is 1274-4304, 2.14.j.0.68
    What to do pls help

  45. mihir says:

    can u help me sir????

  46. Dmitry says:

    Hi, Somesh! I’ve just installed the CWM recovery succesfully (the version with a cute butterfly on the background), and now my phone says that the 16.0.B.2.16 update is ready for downloading. Should i install the update with SonyPCCompanion, or should i do nothing about it?

  47. krishy says:

    Bro Please help my phone is not powering on at all……getting jittery

  48. krishy says:

    Hi….after this step “Now tap on recovery.img to install it; if asked to boot into recovery just tap on Yes” my xperia C just shut off….wont turn on at all….please help

  49. DJD Doe says:

    Thanks!! I was about to dump my Xperia C!

  50. Krunal says:

    Hi Somesh,

    I have upgraded my xperia to 16.0.B.2.16 and unfortunately I tried to install CMW recovery. Now my phone is not starting up:(. Nothing working. Is my phone dead? Is there any suggestion?

  51. smit says:

    Still the same thing happens.. I can’t reboot into recovery.. May be it is because my boot loader is locked.. Is it?? If yes then please help me out on unlocking the boot loader..

  52. smit says:

    Hi Somesh.. I am facing one problem here.. I have followed each and every step you have mentioned and successfully ported my boot version to 2.14.J.2.16.. But I am not able to boot my phone into recovery mode whether via mobile uncles or manually.. Whenever I try to go into recovery mode first it shows Sony logo for 2 or 3 seconds and then restarted itself..
    What should I do to enter in recovery mode now??

    • Press Power and Volume Down button to reboot into recovery!

      • smit says:

        Still the same thing happens.. I can’t reboot into recovery.. May be it is because my boot loader is locked.. Is it?? If yes then please help me out on unlocking the boot loader..and ya I have checked under configuration section..
        It shows:
        Bootloader unlocking permission : No

        • Its nothing to do with Bootloader! YOu need to reRoot Again using framaroot and try flashing the recovery with mobile uncle tools again!

          • smit says:

            Hi there.. It’s me again.. I have successfully installed cwm recovery.. I don’t know what’s the problem with 1St link of recovery.img but when I tried to install recovery.img from 2nd link it’s working well and successfully boot into recovery..
            Anyways thanx sir for this amazing information.. 😀

      • smit says:

        Hi there.. It’s me again.. I have successfully installed cwm recovery.. I don’t know what’s the problem with 1St link of recovery.img but when I tried to install recovery.img from 2nd link it’s working well and successfully boot into recovery..
        Anyways thanx sir for this amazing information.. 😀

  53. rishav says:

    hi somesh. my phone gets stuck on SONY logo upon restarting the phone by using power and volume down key. could you please suggest?

  54. Azizan says:

    “Now tap on recovery.img to install it; if asked to boot into recovery just tap on Yes.”,after this step, my phone turn off and won’t turn on. i tried to hold volume down and power button but no response,,nothing happened,,is that mean the motherboard damaged,,??what should i do,,??

  55. Subash says:

    After “Now tap on recovery.img to install it; if asked to boot into recovery just tap on Yes.” step my phone is just showing sony logo …. how can i know if cwm is installed or not?

  56. sreeraj says:

    hey friends, my xperia c is not detecetd by the perfect brush flashng tools,, i have installed all the drivers n also adb drivers.. bt still its not detecting

  57. Josh says:

    Sir please post the link for 16.0.b.2.13 ftf with boot version 2.14.J.2.13 thanks

  58. Amit Patil says:

    when i get into recovery mode pressing power and volume down button..it gets stuck at sony logo..plz help

  59. sreeraj says:

    can anybody software genius give ur number? because i need a help please… or mail me [email protected] pleasee 🙁

  60. kalpesh678 says:

    Hello devs… My querry is when i had rooted first time my XC… And then CWM recovery thru mobileuncle MTK… I might hav missed a step(cant remember properly) bcoz of that my XC was hardbricked completely dead.. Somehow i got my fone repaired motherboard from service centre… Bt ssly aftr that im severly afraid if installing cwm via mobileuncle..my quesn is y such happened..? I want to explore XC more by instlling cwm bt very afraid now since im outof warrenty… Pls solve help needed

  61. Nitin Soam says:

    bro need some help, i have this version 2.14.J.2.6, installed mobileuncle mtk and then download the recovery.img in random folder (SD Card). But clicking on recovery update it showing some results in chinese. i’ve no idea what to do now?

  62. Axay says:

    Can I install the Xperia z1 or z2 Rom with twrp or the pure cvm with latest version 16.0.B.2.16?



  64. dilipmugesh says:

    same problem for me,have you solved this problem
    if you have solved please help me
    send me to:[email protected]

  65. GeckomoN says:

    i just upgraded my build version to 16.0.b.2.16.. its the latest one you posted. now my question is, can i install pure cwm with this kind of build? thanks

  66. haberler says:

    After updated to build 16.0.b.216 still can flash the rom ?.

  67. CypherX Ninja says:

    Somesh I installed Garliv Touch Recovery. So I need to install Pure CWM again? Or is this possible to go with Garliv?
    Please Reply, Thanks!

  68. manish says:

    somesh i have updated my fone to 16.0.B.2.16 but the s1 boot version is 2.14.J.0.68 so if i want to flash z2 rom do i have to flash my fone to old update 16.0.B.2.13. one more thing after i install z2 will my fone have kitkat and will it get kitkat updates

  69. somesh lamichhane says:

    i did it but after rebooting my phone doesn’t accept lock password. i know its the same password, but it says wrong pin. whats the matter., and what is the solution to this? i have to open my phone

  70. nel says:

    after i installed the cwm my device totally shutdown. and i cant open it. what must i do now? please help mee..

  71. Hey! I have upgraded my phone to 16.0.В.2.13 online through PC, but still showing the S1 Boot Version 1274-4304, 2.14.j.0.68 & file sys version: WORLD-i_16.0.B.2,13……….Is it necessary to have 2.14.J.2.6 or 2.14.J2.13 boot version for CWM?????

    • You need to follow the procedure described here in order to get the desired boot version!

      • My Pc wont be able to install the driver in that chinies software..Perfect Flash
        I tried doing it in another PC this time driver installed…but it stuck in Sony Eriction PageI tries that Long preess Volume – Key…but nothing workd….
        FYI I have upgraded my phone to 16.0.В.2.13 online through PC, but still showing the S1 Boot Version 1274-4304, 2.14.j.0.68 & file sys version: WORLD-i_16.0.B.2,13

  72. Asad says:

    I dowmload it from link but it’s not installed help me

  73. Thank you Informationlord.com 🙂 now i have CWM on my xperia C 🙂 Regard From Indonesia 🙂

  74. lucky says:

    I am updated my xc at sony center but my s1 boot version doesn’t change.
    Now plz tell me how ican install cwm on my xc with old boot version.

  75. Guinho says:

    hello guys, I’m from Brazil and updated the version 16.0.В.2.13, only my S1boot 2.14.J.1.15 is, how should I do to install CWM for Xperia Pure C?

    I appreciate the attention now and help me, please!

  76. s lakshminarayanan says:

    I have flashed the rom with boot version 2.14.j.2.13 successfully as explained by you. Rooted. Checked for rooted. ok. Installed mobile uncle. Installed pure cwm as explained by you. But not booting in CWM. Even with volume down + power button.. Always goes to stock. Now I agree with Mr.Nair. Probably, this cwm does not work with 2.14.j.2.13. Any solution?

  77. Sam Nelson says:

    Sir thank u finally I installed z2 rom but for me there are two camera icons and smart call handling is also not working pl..help sir

  78. Arjun R. Nair says:

    Bro I got it working
    Just had to flash stock recovery and then again cwm.
    Now if I follow your tutorial for dark z2 Rom will I have to root the phone again and also have to restore my data?
    I’m asking coz in your z1 based Rom tutorial the Rom you restore is already rooted and not having the stock crap app and it also has gracias engine and exposed installers already in it?
    I prefer having those in z2 Rom too

  79. Arjun R. Nair says:

    can you install z2 rom using stock recovery ?

  80. Arjun R. Nair says:

    My phone doesnt boot into recovery mode.
    it just boots normally even using manual way.

  81. sam nelson says:


    • What kind of brick is it! Try fixing it from this tutorial.

      • sam nelson says:


  82. pumsymon says:

    Hello, i want to ask you 1 more question, “is there any possible way to Increase Device Memory of Xperia C”?? cus on Xperia C it’s only 0.98GB Device Memory, so it’s hard to install many programs, even i use App2SD to more some app to my SD card, but it’s can’t help much. That’s why i ask you some possible tips to increase Device Memory of Xperia C. Thanks in advance..

  83. Navneet says:

    Sir while creating backup it shows an error ” error while backing up DATA”

  84. pumsymon says:

    My Xperia C was Shutdown when i choose Update Recovery. It cant be able to start up again. What can i do? Could you help me, please??

  85. iwan says:

    Hi Somesh can i copy this document to my blog

  86. rupesh says:

    can b reparation Rom in xc

  87. rupesh says:

    how to remove cwm recovery from mobile i want to go service centre

  88. Hanna Liyana says:

    hi admin..which one is the best recovery, Carliv Touch Recovery, TWRP or Pure CWM?

  89. jennifer rivera says:

    I cant find the download link..

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