Easy Guide To Change Bootversion in Xperia C


Hello guys, after seeing many guys facing difficulty in changing the bootversion of Xperia C to make it compatible to Install Custom recovery on Xperia C and thereafter increasing Apps Storage Space to 2GB we have finally made an Easy Guide To Change Bootversion in Xperia C after which no devices will be bricked which is promise of ours. All you need is to follow this Easy Guide To Change Bootversion in Xperia C.

For whom is this Easy Guide To Change Bootversion in Xperia C for ?

Xperia C users who DO NOT HAVE  S1 BOOTVERSION AS  2.14.J.2.6 or 2.14.J.2.13 or 2.14.J.2.16 Must PROCEED WITH THIS GUIDE 🙂  In this tutorial we will guide you to get the desired bootversion.

To check the S1 BootVersion one can

  • Dial *#*#7378423#*#* on your phone dialing pad and Click service info, check software info. And if your S1 Bootversion is not as mentioned above then proceed. Like for the user as you can see in the screenshot he needs to proceed further. 🙂Indian Stock Bootversion

Benefits of Changing the Boot Version of Xperia C:

  1. One can easily Install Custom Recovery On Xperia C without losing Data after following this guide.
  2. No chance of Bricking your phone which you earlier faced.
  3. Easy way to change S1 Boot version 2.14.J.0.68  or any other Undesired to required one.

First of all download the following Things that will help you to cope with this guide :

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Easy Guide To Change Bootversion in Xperia C:

  1. Install and Run Wmshau Perfect Brush you will see the software runs in Chinese Language. To change the language to English one can rename the language folder C:\Program Files\完美刷机\language_x like this. restart the flash tool now you will get English language (Thanks to Xenon1978 XDA for this)
  2. Now Enable USB Debugging On Xperia C and connect it to PC.(To enable :Go to settings > developer options > USB debugging.If you don’t have developer option, go to settings > about phone > press on the build number a couple of times until it says ‘you are now a developer.)Now Connect Xperia C to PC  with USB debugging Enabled. Your phone will be detected by the Perfect Brush. Now Click the Large button as a result you will now see the Drivers of your phone starts installing on the PC as shown (Needs Net Connection):
  3. Click to Key brush as shown in the picture above after getting detected. You will see window like this:
  4. Now Tap on 1 and select the ftf which you downloaded in the beginning with the name: Xperia C Easy Bootversion Change.ftf and then Press on 2. i.e start flash.
  5. Now the flash will start, When you get a screen showing a Sony Phone like this :flashingThen unplug your phone and SHUT DOWN XPERIA C then By Pressing Volume Down Key Plug your USB cable to Phone and wait for Perfect brush to detect.After this Xperia C gets detected in flash mode and then leave the rest on the software.
  6. After successful flashing the ftf, Restart your phone or it will Restart itself. . Now Check the S1 Boot Version again. I am sure this time it will be 2.14.J.2.6 or 2.14.J2.13 or 2.14.J.2.16 as in the screenshot below : Changed Bootversion
  7. Now One can easily proceed to Increase Apps Storage Space To 2GB without fear.

Credits: Thanks to Prashanth Jraj and Android Devs for giving this awesome and time saving idea. And Also thanks me, Syed Azeem Uddin and Prashanth  Again for testing it.

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Somesh Chaudhary

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196 Responses

  1. JISHNU says:

    Can I change s1 bootversion with mobile..?

  2. max abraham says:

    after installing the driver software, i enabled USB debugging in my phone and connected to my pc but the wmshua software is not detecting my phone, still says not connected.. why is that ?..please help me

  3. pls help
    my device is not connecting
    its irritating…

  4. Proxy Alpha X says:

    I want to play Pokémon Go and instaled a 5.1 lolipop rom on my Sony C, but the apk doesn’t work becouse said “analizys error” .I don’t Know if the rom changes only the interface . If i unlock the bootloader will i run the 5.1 lolipop system of the rom? Can u tell me?

  5. Aniket says:

    Hello Somesh,
    I failed to mention below.. I can go to the android system recovery menu. In system checksum option it displays sony C2305 2.14.J.2.16 user.
    I think this means the bootversion has been updated. But why is my phone still restarting in a loop?
    Could you please provide a solution to my problem?

  6. Aniket says:

    I followed all the steps exactly as mentioned above. Flash also finished successfully. But the phone is now restarting in a loop. it just keeps on restarting, nothing else cant even shut it down!! My boot version earlier was 2.14.J.0.68.
    Please need your help. What should I do now??

  7. rissabh says:

    while changing s1 boot version shows flash failed no script

  8. Custer Jeremiah P. Valencerina says:

    Sir i am done flashing the ftf file and my boot version changed , but a sony logo wont disappear on any of my apps , i can still play games though its just annoying that the sony logo wont dissappear

  9. If bootloader unlock says not allowed can we change the s1 boot version is that possible

  10. Raj says:

    Hii,while changing boot version from. 68 to .16,I got an error known as “NO SCRIPT FOUND” plz help me with the solution.

  11. abhishek says:

    Hi buddy
    As I flash that ftp file with wmshua after some time it shows flash failed due to unstable usb or something like that
    I am not using original Sony data cables
    is that cAusing the problem please help

  12. Raj says:

    hello mate,
    while i was following the above steps for changing the bootversion from from .68 to.16,i stuck at an error called “no script found”
    plz tell me the solution for this error.

  13. munesh says:

    Wmshau Perfect Brush link are not work
    plz help

  14. pradip says:

    hey bro im trying this, but when i connect phone with volume down key .. nothing is happning… what to do????

    • Have You installed ADB drivers! and before directly connecting phone to pc in Power Down and Volume Down Button Enable USB debugging and Connect it with Wmshau perfect brush while the Phone is ON!

  15. Yadvendra says:

    Service info > configuration> boot locker allowed status: no
    What to do now?

  16. kasyful says:

    do i should skip when it said cant backup while on perfect brush

  17. My phone cant connect to the perfect brush, what should i do ?

  18. SRK says:

    sir i stuck at 44% at first step downloading drivers showing an 2 hours

  19. Christo says:

    when I connect my experia c to pc perfect brush tool shows samsung note is connected.
    how can I solve this??

  20. Mohammed Zaid says:

    Hi Somesh, When I shut down my device and start it again by pressing volume down key, some files got installed but i dont see any change in tool screen and my device also restarted.. For how much time do I need to press the volume down button??

  21. Karthick says:

    I did install the perfect brush software… How ever when I run the software, connect the phone, it seems like it’s connecting and installing the driver like forever

  22. Aunu says:

    the perfect brush software is not recognizing my phone,. What should I do..?? Please help..

  23. kaldor ten says:

    my s1 bootversion is already 2.14.J.2.16
    do i still need to change that ?

  24. Vimal says:

    hi there, i have rooted my xperia C and enabled USB debugging, but Wmshau Perfect Brush after installing all the drivers shows it as disconnected, please help…

  25. buivannam1 says:

    in mtk tools. choose update recovery> select recovery.img in sd. Reboot the computer to turn off the screen naturally black, red sensor lights only appear on sony logo of the machine. I do not reboot it. Please help her with the doctor. now charging the red LED not green, do not know so well into the battery charger can not anymore. help ..
    source: google translation

  26. Rocky Blues says:

    My xperia will not be damaged by doing this steps to change botversion…means
    My xperia will not be brick.???

  27. arie says:

    My phone version C2305 n S1 boot version. should I change the version first or straight away increase memory storage?

  28. I’ve installed the z3 rom but unfortunately I’m unable to set any image as a background. Help me plz.

  29. Shashank says:

    Dont see the download link

  30. misuari says:

    I did install the perfect brush software… How ever when I run the software, connect the phone, it seems like it’s connecting and installing the driver like forever. Is there any other way to install the driver…

  31. misuari says:


    already download everything. Install it… how ever it seems like it’s taking forever to install the driver… is there any other way to upgrade the bootversion…

  32. marshall says:

    i have been downloading the drivers from last 6 hours, I have a 4 mbps connection.. I was wondering how much longer does the program needs? or did i made any mistake in the process?

  33. rizaldi says:

    all instruction done..then restart ,, still boot version 2.14.J.0.68.. its not change… twice im try and the boot version still not change.. ??

    • Then go via Updating to b.2.16 offline and then you will get the desired bootverion!

      • rizaldi says:

        brother Somesh can you help me,, my xperia c is cant acces wifi, hotspot n bluetooth… i check in status Wi Fi Mac Adress: Unavailable, bluetooth adress: unavailable, ip adress: unavailable.. can you help me fix that problem?

        nb: i found that problem after im upgrade my xperia by pc companion to 16.0.B.2.1.6 ,, im try to downgrade to 16.0.B.2.1.3 (C2305_16.0.B.2.13_Generic World.ftf) using wmshua but still face that problem again?? any solution brother,, thx for support

  34. SIR after shutting down my Xperia C (from the 5th step)
    when am connecting the mobile while holding the volume down key its not detecting anything(just black screen)
    and after sometime its continously restarting…and not stopping ..even it is not coming to its old version please help me..tell me what to do.!! please

  35. ajay singh says:

    my build number is 16.0.b.2.16 plz tell me where i find ftf file plz tell me very imp for increase ram plz send me direct link

  36. Tenzing Yangzom says:

    Didn’t understand how to do it 🙁

  37. Krishna says:

    Sir I run WMshuasetup…… But mobile can not connect the PC

  38. kamran ansari says:

    Somesh Chaudhary sir mera boot virson is sai flash krny k baaad 1274-4304, 2.14.j.2.16 hogiya hai so tell me abh kia hogya

  39. jawed says:

    After changing boot version…. the build number remain same or it is also changed…

  40. Ajay says:

    Please tell me point 5 in detailmobilw switch off krke connect krna h pc mai thn press volume down key only

    • Pehle Phone ko swtich off karo! Then Volume Down button ko davakar rakho and USB cable lagao! Aapne Volume Down Button tab tak nahi hatani jabtak aapka pc aapke phone ko detect na kare!

  41. ibrahim sohail says:

    can u please attach a url link of ftf file to change the boot version iam unable to find the download
    thank you
    your support is really appreciated

  42. razali says:

    Hey sir somesh chaudhary, my S1 Boot Version is 1274-4304, 2.14.J.2.6 can i proceed with this guide? Hope you can answer my question A.S.A.P.

    Thank you.

  43. harshit srivastava says:

    hey how an i chnge the boot version of xperia c ple send me the suggedtion and required software plzzz

  44. naveen says:

    Hi….please provide original lollipop rom…so that we can install lollipop apps

  45. Well we have mentioned each and every step here! Then what is the problem! Please follow the tutorials!

  46. Mayurdhwaj says:

    Dear Someshji,

    I can’t change my boot version. Want to send you the screen shot of the error but can’t. Kindly suggest a solution.


    [email protected]

    • Well, it will be good, if you narrate the error!

    • Lortar says:

      restore everything back to normal stock firmware using sony companion 🙂 then root it using the superflasher that mr somesh uploaded then flash it then its good i did it for two days i finally figured it out 🙂 off to customizing it hahaha its not even mine

  47. Renatinho says:

    My bootloader is locked ( unlock allowed : No) . I can still change the s1 boot version and like to proceed to install pure cwm ?

  48. Renatinho says:

    Someone managed to perform this procedure on xperia c c2304 ?

  49. Nilesh says:

    SIR after shutting down my Xperia C (from the 5th step)
    when am connecting the mobile while holding the volume down key its not detecting anything(just black screen)
    and after sometime its continously restarting…and not stopping ..even it is not coming to its old version please help me..tell me what to do.!! please

  50. Hugh Jackman says:

    When i try to flash it ,It says FLASH FAILED RomPackageNotFound

  51. It doesn’t show any option to insall zip… What should I do?

  52. sumanth says:

    SIR after shutting down my Xperia C (from the 5th step)
    when am connecting the mobile while holding the volume down key its not detecting anything(just black screen)
    and after sometime its continously restarting…and not stopping ..even it is not coming to its old version please help me..tell me what to do.!! please

  53. sid says:

    the abd drivers is not working.

  54. sir my xperia can not be connected for boot version….

  55. hui says:

    do i need to backup my things before the flash star他?

  56. Josh says:

    still on 0.68 need help

  57. sidhu says:

    Give me ur mail id or contac. Number boss pls

  58. Laxman says:

    hi after shutdown my Xperia C (from the 5th step)
    when am connecting the mobile while holding the volume down key its not detecting anything(just black screen)
    and after sometime its restarting
    than when i check for the S1 boot version still it is same as previous
    1274-4304, 2.14.J.0.68
    Please Help Me…

  59. Silence says:

    do i need to press both volume down and power button or just the volume down button???

  60. sidhu says:

    Boss can I go to Sony service centre and get all this boot version and other stuff installed can u say me which one I should go I stay in banglore pls or give me contact details whom I can contact and get things done I am not good at all this so pls help. Me out plssssss

  61. Smit Shah says:

    when i turn on my cell in flash mode….it shows error and is not detected by perfect brush plzz help

  62. Prasad11 says:

    So no new developments for xperia c??

  63. Enchong says:

    if i do change my bootversion to this sir will i lost all may data on my experia c??

  64. anuj says:

    Is it 2.14.J2.13 or 2.14.J.2.13 coz my boot version is 2.14.J.2.13

  65. I cant flash , the error coming ( Can’t install wmshua Client! ) , ,, pls help

  66. sadtox says:

    flash step doesn’t complete it totally stop at 0% and dont goes to further step so i am totally unable to cahnge its boot version wht can i do to solve this problem

  67. sharan says:

    Can’t able to download tft file from that link..
    Can u plz upload another link??

  68. Mahesh says:

    Flash doesn’t start… it is stucked 0 % plz do help me.

  69. vincent says:

    why im stuck in 10%? i did it right. when flashing,my phone turn on and stuck in 10%.

  70. ram says:

    hai i have xperia c2305 and
    my config=>Rooting Status
    Bootloader unlock allowed:No

    it showing “No” Can i STILL root my xperia C by using Boromir exploit(u r guide http://www.informationlord.com/rooting-xperia-c/)
    1.is it possible to root(even if root status is no)
    2.what is difference b/w rooting and changing boot version

    sorry if its too long

  71. Arash says:

    sir mera phn boh0t hang kar raha hai app space increase karney pr plzzz sir mujhey phone ko dubara waisa hi krna hai jaise pehley tha storage jaisey pehley thi

  72. riaz bhatti says:

    Sir it will work with 16.0.B.2.16 firmware

  73. Rhina says:

    could you help me to upgrade the front camera. The front camera is too bad. 🙁

  74. 2gb mod flash kar ne ke bad recovery me E: cant mount aa raha hai.

  75. imran says:

    My phone can’t reboot after i change the root….somebody help me…..

  76. Jefferson Martins says:

    my xperia c is the c2304 version is safe to do this procedure? thank you

  77. sri says:

    Pls make a video for upgrading boot version. Of xp c

  78. Elamaran says:

    the ftf file is not recognizing for me..what can i do??

  79. flash tool link doesnt work

  80. dyoga says:

    sir,i can download the bootversion change tft file,can u upload them again?

  81. shoaib says:

    Hi sir,
    I have downloaded everything(ADB, perfect brush, ftf file) enabled usb debugging and phone already rooted. But the brush tool is not recognizing my xc device …..
    Need some help

  82. raj09 says:

    worked for me…thnx alot

  83. sukhveer says:

    thanks alot somesh bro 😉

  84. Josh says:

    what firmware version is this ?

  85. thnk u very much..!! 🙂

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