Xperia C Home Screen Rotation Mod


Dear Xperia C users,

Our Phone has all the capacity to handle heavy features but still we are lagging behind and old Xperia getting updates to Latest. Why we have to wait for the official updates? Let us make the features that High End Phones have on our very own Xperia C

To Begin with Xperia C Home Screen Rotation Mod one must follow all the steps carefully.

First of all download required APK from this Link.

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Now install the downloaded apk as normal APK.

If suppose, fails follow the following steps

1. Root using framaroot 1.91 (Boromir Exploit). Install Busy box from play store and Lucky Patcher from here

2. Then open Lucky Patcher and click on “Toolbox” and select “Patch to Android”, the following screen will popup


3. Check all that in green and click Apply.

4. Now install the APK which you downloaded earlier, it will proceed without any hindrance. Hope you all liked my Tutorial.

This is just a Beginning I will come back with more such mods to make our Xperia C stand out in the Crowd. So please subscribe to the site in order to make your Xperia C Stand totally different from other smartphones.



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Somesh Chaudhary

Tech Blogger and Android Expert who loves surfing Internet and finding new tech stuff and frame new articles over the same and help the world with the knowledge attained!

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10 Responses

  1. Joyal says:

    Apk link expired plz update

  2. Nandkishor says:

    After restart phone rotations is not working.. please help bro…

    • xevex says:

      mine also like that… retry several times but still same…
      so i try follow mr.somesh’s instruction until 4, then go and replace the original Home.apk with downloaded one…. and it works…
      Location home.apk file: system/app

  3. Nikesh Ctoula says:

    when i open framaroot i see Boromir, Faramir and Barahir. what are their differences? and which one is the best to choose to root?

  4. XKILLER says:

    Actually u can rotate it using an app called ultimate rotation control to rotate ur home screen. NO ROOT NEEDED

  5. prashant says:

    i done all the steps show above but i cant install that apk. please help me.

  6. Prashanth says:

    Easy way to install app isto use Super User mod without using lucky patcher.
    Super User Mod will be posted here soon.

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