Dual SIM 3G Switch For All Xperia C Phones


Hello guys, Xperia C is Dual SIM phone. But one SIM card slot only can accept 3G SIM card i.e SIM Card Slot 1. This story has now become old as Informationlord has brought you some interesting Modification after which you can Use 3G SIM on both the SIM card Slots on Xperia C without changing SIM card manually everytime.

Requirements to proceed to Enable Dual SIM 3G Switch For All Xperia C Phones:

  1. Xperia C must be rooted. If it is not rooted then read : Rooting Xperia C and then proceed further.
  2. Your firmware must be Deodexed, if it is not deodexed then read: Guide to easily Deodex Stock Xperia C firmware.
  3. Download Dual SIM 3G Switch(PC) Installer from here: Download Dualsim 3g switch(FOR PC) or Dowload DualSim 3g Switch (CWM Flasable Zip).
  4. You must have adb drivers installed in order to reduce failures!
  5. Enable USB Debugging.
  6. Patience and keen interest.

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Procedure to Install Dual SIM 3G Switch For All Xperia C Phones :

Method 1: For non-cwm users:

  1. Extract the downloaded Dual SIM 3G switch (PC installer)
  2. Now Copy Dualsim3gswitch-informationlord and Paste it on SD Card
  3. Now run Dualsim3gswitch-installer.bat. And follow On screen instructions.( Remember you have Turned off Bluestacks if any)
  4. If your phone ask permissions regarding adb shell, then simply press on Grant. And thereafter do not touch the phone.
  5. Wait until the Dualsim3gswitch-installer.bat finishes its work.
  6. Your phone will now automatically restart. And you are done with DUAL SIM 3G Switch on Xperia C.

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Method 2 : For CWM users :

  1. Boot into recovery
  2. Select Install Zip from SD Card
  3. And Select DualSim3gswitch(CWM)informationlord.zip and install it.
  4. Restart the phone and you are done!

How to Use Dual SIM 3G Switch For All Xperia C Phones:

    1. You must have two sim cards which have 3g service in your area.
    2. Go to Settings>> Dual SIM Card ; Scroll down to see Preferred Data Network, Open it.Enable Dual SIM 3G on Xperia C
    3. You can see which sim to select:Network MOde Xperia C
    4. Just select the sim on which you want to use 3G after tapping on enable 3G : enable 3g on xperia c
    5. After selecting second sim one can easily set the Network Mode to WCDMA to enjoy 3g Service on sim 2 also.


Thanks Amit Chakravarty for the screenshots as i didnt have 2 sim cards to give you proof! I would also like to express my gratitude towards Inder Mohan Singh for helping me in this mod. This is all which made me work day and night! Do not forget to share this article and let the world know Xperia C is the best!

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Somesh Chaudhary

Tech Blogger and Android Expert who loves surfing Internet and finding new tech stuff and frame new articles over the same and help the world with the knowledge attained!

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57 Responses

  1. Aditya says:

    Xperia c dead any solution

  2. Adaw says:

    Bahasa indonesia: kenapa terjadi bootloop setelah melakukan Hard reset…??

  3. Zach says:

    Does this mean that both slots can use 3G service in the same time? Or just that SIM2 can be used for 3G, and SIM1 will be automatically switched to 2G?

    If this means 3G x 3G active in the same time, it’s revolutionary. Really.

  4. Partha Sarathi says:

    I have successfully made changes to my phone and I am glad that the 2nd SIM is able to detect and access 3G. However, I have few observations.
    1. The apps which continuously run in background, such as mail, whatsapp, sms etc , seem to work only when the phone is active. The immediate push feature no longer works after the upgrade.
    2. Loosing network very often.
    3. There is a new soft button appeared at the bottom left of the screen, and it became difficult to navigate cause if that button is touched by mistake then the screen goes off. We already have the same button physically on the phone.
    4. Battery percentage is showing twice. Can the outside percentage be removed?

    Finally, how can I return to my original version?

    Thank you.

    • Well, you are using system ui! Better is to simply deodex stock rom and then use Dual Sim 3g mod

      • Partha Sarathi says:

        I am really sorry, but I am not able understand your response. I want to roll back to my original system, the old old system which was there when I bought the phone (3G only in first SIM and 2nd SIM only 2G), can you please share a step by step guide to roll back to restore? Thank you 🙂

  5. murasaki says:

    Can’t change to sim 2.First 1 is working but sim 2 is in roaming mode,when i try to select it it won’t do it.sometimes it will say “changing sim will take less than 10 secs” but then it still won’t change to sim 2.

  6. Nash says:

    It won’t let me switch to second sim,is it because my carrier does not support 2g anymore?

  7. Flynn says:

    What are adb drivers and do I need those if I’m doing this with CWM>

  8. brama kumbara says:

    Can i use the dual 3G switch to other phone (not xperia) who using xperia c custom rom?

  9. is it safe to copy deoxeder to phone memmory(internal memmory)? because i have not installed a extra storage card

  10. what will happened if i install deoxeder in to phone memmoery (internal memmory)

  11. Nuwan Weerasinghe says:

    what will happened if i copy deoxeder to phone memmoery (internal memmory)

  12. Oray says:

    it works, but its not good enough for Z2 takes away xposed setting, settings background is black, basically the settings is stock setting. no proxy setting etc 🙁 ….
    Restores backup!

  13. hostnow91 says:

    can we roll back after applying this with out having to flash whole software?
    or if we made a cwm backup, will the effect of this mode be included in the backup?

  14. xevex says:

    bro, i got problem, after i install ur 3g switcher, why my setting icon disappear? i have tried both, PC and CWM, but both of them still same, can u help me please??

  15. sumit kumar says:

    after installing in build 16.0.b.2.13 it shows system ui not responding also somesh bro systemui 1.4 not working in this build while working fine for build 16.0.b.2.16

    but i loved build 16.0.b.2.13

    plz helpmods

  16. Josh blB says:

    Hi I have problem with my XC that both SIM can only be gsm if I on the 3g on SIM one SIM 2 will lost its signal “network service unavailable” will this also fix my problem or there are other methods?

  17. erwin says:

    problem solving, by installing system ui 1.4 made by Somesh.

    thank for the help. to guide my for the problem.

  18. Amit Chakravarty says:

    Happy to help you.. 🙂

  19. This MOD was really needed .. Thnx Bro

  20. erwin says:

    my system UI has stopped, first installing i forgot to instal busy box, so i do the second one with busy box installed, still the same problem occur, can akses to my system ui for setting, system ui gone missing

  21. Sudan says:

    This will be very very useful. Thanks Somesh and everyone associated with developing this mod.

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