Increase Data Cap Limit on Jio Sim [1GB to Unlimited Data] 2017

Reliance JIO Preview Offer which was intended to be launched this year in 2017 is still under testing conditions only. As a result, Jio Happy New Year offer was introduced which was intended to provide Jio data, call services free till 31st March 2017. But we can expect that Jio will provide all its services for free for this year 2017 as well.

How to increase jio speed to unlimited on jio 2017

Increase Jio 4G Data Limit to Unlimited

What is the Current Data Limit on JIO 2017

As a part of Jio Happy New Year offer, we are provided with 1GB data limit to all the SIM card and Jiofi users as well. Many people keep on asking “How to ByPass 1GB Data limit on JIO sim card” This can be achieved by simply following in the various methods to remove 1gb data limit on jio sim in India.

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We have listed various methods to enjoy jio unlimited 4G internet after 1gb exhaust. One can follow from the list provided and if you have some better method of jio unlimited internet 2017 trick, feel free to share the same.

Time Hack for Unlimited Uncapped JIO Data 2017 [100% Working]

  1. Make a note of all the items that you want to download with 4G full speed on Jio sim without lose of 1Gb high speed data.
  2. We prefer that you install UC Browser to download things faster.
  3. Now Download and Browse Unlimited between 2AM to 5AM on all JIO SIM and JIO Fi devices every night without caring for 1Gb cap limit.
    Jio Unlimited Data after 1gb limit high speed

    Get Unlimited Jio 4G data in 2017

  4. The best part of this time hack for JIO Unlimited Internet is- Your daily 1GB 4G internet quota will remain constant although you downloads lots of stuff at 4g jio speed during 2am in the morning to 5am.

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2017 Jio 1GB Limit Hack [Date Mod Method]

  1. Go to MyJio App on your android or iphone which is having JIO Sim Card inserted in it.
  2. Utilise 900MB of 1Gb superfast 4G data on your Smartphone.
  3. If the remaining Superfast 4G data left is less than 100 MB out of 1GB, then go to settings on your Smartphone and Change Date to last 2 days. (For example change current date to date which was 2 days ago) and Save it.
  4. Now reopen my jio app and you will see that you have all your1024MB or 1GB unlimited Superfast 4G data on your jio sim card for free.

Date modification method is the best and the working method to hack jio 1gb 4G data limit on JIO Sim Card or Jio My-Fi Devices.

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How to Increase Jio Speed after 1Gb 2017 Working Method

Another interesting method to hack jio unlimited internet speed is by simply editing in the Jio network settings that are automatically configured on your android or iphone smartphone.

  1. Visit APN Settings and set protocol as ipv4/ipv6
  2. Open UC browser and download few items till the data reaches 100 MB
  3. This will give you one warning and your internet speed will go down
  4. Now just resume the downloads if it works keep on going
  5. Change the protocol to ipv6, now turn on jio internet and just do browsing
  6. Browse till 50-60 MB then restart the mobile
  7. Repeat the same process to use 6-8 MB
  8. Then again change the protocol to ipv4/ipv6

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It is worth trying instead of falling prey to various third party apps that claim to achieve unlimited jio speed which might not work in this 2017 year.

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{2017} Working VPN Method to get unlimited Internet at High Speed in JIO

  1. Install any good VPN on your Android or iPhone. We would prefer TurboVPN for android and Cyberghost in case of iOS.
  2. Now Turn on your Mobile Data (Jio Network) and Open TurboVPN on your smartphone and connect to the location Outside India.
  3. Now enjoy unlimited downloads in Jio 1Gb limited data offer with this VPN trick without worrying about slow download speed after you spend your 1Gb JIO limited Internet.

This VPN trick also worked very fine when the users got the daily cap of 4Gb before 31st Dec 2016.

Make sure that you connect to Server which is out of India.

Simple Tweak or Fix to Get Unlimited Jio data in 2017

These simple tweaks or fixes might sound little wierd to the audience out there. But trust us guys, most of the times, they do work for us.

  1. Use your High speed 1GB Jio 4g data to full.
  2. Once data is exhausted, now turn off your mobile data and Simply Restart your Android or iPhone.
  3. After a restart, Switch ON your Data and Open My Jio App and check for the new 1GB Unlimited 4G quota again available for you at high speed in jio network.

Proxy Method to get Unlimited jio 4g Data without limit

  1. Open setting in Your Smartphone >> Mobile Networks >> Select Jio Sim >> Create New Access Point.
  2. Enter Profile Name as Informationlord.
  3. Enter Apn as JIONET
  4. Apn Type – Default
  5. Enter Proxy – and Port 80
  6. Server – www.google.com

This method alters your current proxy and diverts JIO Stock proxy to mask with the new proxy and thereby increases the speed after 1gb jio 4g data limit is over. Please verify this method if it is still working or not.

Get Jio Sim at Home Step

These are few of the methods verified by us to help remove jio cap on 1gb high speed internet in 2017.

Jio Unlimited Data Trick or Hack not Working 2017

If you are still not able to bypass jio 1gb 4g data limit. Then one can try the above set of procedures with another sim card as well. And sometimes these tricks are patched by Reliance telecom. Therefore, the working of these tricks will not be guaranteed if they are already patched. Do let us know about the working methods to bypass 1gb jio unlimited internet hack for Android or iOS devices [If exists, apart from the above].

Why is Jio Providing 1GB 4G Data for Free in 2017

Another interesting question that keeps popping in our minds is- Why are Reliance JIO services being extended for a very long time that too for free. We are not being charged for the free internet that we are using, for free calls that we are making. Well, the answer is very simple- Reliance is capturing all over the Telecom market. Imagine that you are using a jio sim card for almost a year now and your number is now distributed all over the circle. Now you would defintely not change your number after using it for a long time. It is just a business strategy which is being planned for a long term.

Hope this Jio Happy New Year works till 31st December 2017.

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Please Tell These APN And Tricks And Hacks Or Anything Working Please 🙂

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guys!! the proxy method is not working for me

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im using nox player to watch jio tv on pc but now its stopped working , i had re installed but not working , apk pure 4th & 5th not installing

    Somesh Chaudhary - March 21, 2017

    Please update to the latest APK! If still do not work, then head over to the Bluestacks method!


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