Install Jio TV For PC or Laptop [Windows/Mac] Free


Jio TV Android App is the fastest and free app to Watch TV on your Android or iOS phone. But One can easily install Jio TV App for PC or Laptop powered by Windows or Mac. All you need to do is to Install Jio TV for PC or Laptop after which you can get free access to All TV Channels Live for Free via the Internet. Jio Live TV App for PC can be installed easily by following up various tutorials mentioned here. Jio Live Tv app is free to download, and therefore usage of Reliance Jio TV App requires no extra charges as well. Reliance launches JIO 4G Phone at very affordable price which will soon overtake many smartphones.

By following the tutorial – Jio TV for PC Free download, you can also watch Jio Cinema on Your PC or laptop with the same instructions. We will also make a seperate guide for Watching Movies from Jio Cinema for PC or Laptop.

JIO TV on PC is not very hard task until you follow the guide properly. One can achieve to install jio tv on pc or laptop via two easy methods that will enable you to install JIO TV on Windows 8/8.1/XP/7/Vista and also on Mac OS as well.

Reliance Jio TV App comes ready for all Jio Customers on Smartphones. As we do not have direct access to Jio TV App Online for PC or Laptop, therefore we need to follow few steps to Watch Live TV on Laptop or PC using Jio TV App available for Free. Jio Play Live TV Services will provide you with Free Access to All Premium Live TV Channels like Colors, StarPlus, Star Sports, Tensports and many other channels that are charged on Cable or DTH Connection. One can now set Free Caller Tune on Jio Number without hassle very easily.

Setup Required To Watch Free Live TV on PC using Jio TV Apk:

  1. My Jio TV App or Jio TV Apk – Download the Latest Jio TV Live Sports Movies Shows Apk for PC or laptop from the Google Play Store directly. You need to perform a social activity to get Jio TV App Download For PC free.This is the easiest non modded version Apk JIO TV for PC free Download.
  2. Do not open the Jio TV App for PC until you follow the rest of the steps required to Install Jio Tv on PC or Laptop.
  3. PC or Laptop Running Windows XP,7,8,8.1 or 10 / Mac OSX, etc. with Following Specifications:
    1. At least 1GB of RAM
    2. 2GB of available Storage
  4. My Jio Account: My Jio Account is required to Get Free Access using Jio Live TV App for App where you will be asked to Sign in using your registered Jio Mobile Number and Password. [Do not Panic, if you do not have one, You can simply request one in comments Section]
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JIO TV Install Bonus: We are giving away with Jio TV Install Username and Password for the users who request for the same via Comments section. Hope we are serving for the good cause after which you will be able to make Jio TV Download for Laptop.

Install Jio TV app on PC Guide

Download Jio TV App for PC

Jio TV Apk is currently specific to Indian Region only. But do not worry folks. People who are out of India and want to Watch Free Live Jio TV From PC or Smartphone can also enjoy it without actually coming to India physically. A separate section to Access Jio TV App Worldwide can be found at the end of this post.

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Features of Jio TV App For PC or Laptop

As the name suggests, Jio TV App for PC will enable all users to Watch Live TV Shows, Sports Channels, Movies that are on Air on normal TV connected directly to your PC or laptop via Jio Live TV App. Here is a quick snap of My Jio TV App For PC showcasing the live list of Channels and their Electronic Program Guide:

Install Jio TV App for Free On Pc

Jio TV App for PC Install Guide All In One

What are you paying for Free Jio TV For Laptop or PC live Streaming?

Bonus: Now Watch All Live TV Channels without JIO TV App

You are paying nothing to get this Free Live Jio TV App on your Laptop after which you will get 24 hours Live TV on the go with yourself. In this manner, you can enjoy Jio TV App on big screen unlike you used to Install Jio TV App on Mobile Phones earlier.

Once you have Jio TV App Download For PC, then you directly stream all channels for free by just signing to your Jio TV Account.

As you know how to Watch Free Jio TV on Mobile Phones, now let us jump into the procedure to My JIO TV Live Stream from PC or Laptop.

Update: Get Unlimited Data and Voice Calls on Jio without Recharge

Install Jio TV App for PC using BlueStacks on Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/Vista/10 MacOS

Bluestacks is the Software that enables you to run Android Apps directly on your Windows or Mac PC or Laptop. So for this, first of all, you need to have Bluestacks installed on your PC. Directly Download Bluestacks from here and install it as a normal app.

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Steps to Install JIO TV for PC With Bluestacks Method

  • Step 1: Open Bluestacks Player which you recently installed.
  • Step 2: Add your Google Account to Bluestacks player, if you want to Install Jio TV App from Play Store. Or directly Double Click on the Jio TV Apk you downloaded earlier and wait for Bluestacks to Install Jio TV App For PC.
  • Step 3: Once installation of Jio Apk is completed, Now Press on All Apps available on HomeScreen and you will find Jio TV app, Open It.

    Live Stream Jio TV App from Bluestacks to Watch Live TV

    Open Jio TV App from Bluestacks App Menu

  • Step 4: Once Jio TV Opens up, Sign in via your Jio mobile number and Password that you have set for My Jio App. You can press on skip if you are connected to Jio Hotspot, and you will be directly logged into Jio Live TV app for PC.
  • Step 5: Electronic Program Guide of all the TV channels will be made available to you after which you can watch these programmes live via JIO TV for PC. For example, here I am Watching Big Boss 10 Live Stream Via Jio TV App on PC or Laptop for free:
    Watch Big Boss 10 LIve TV Free

    How To Watch Big Boss 10 Live Stream 24X7 Free With Jio TV for PC and Mobile


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Video Guide to Install Jio TV for PC using Bluestacks:

In this manner, you will be able to watch All Live TV shows, Sports, Movies, Daily Soaps etc live on your PC with This Jio TV App using Bluestacks. If you find any issue running Jio TV For PC using Bluestacks, then let us know by commenting below for the same.

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Jio TV app Download For PC With Nox Android App Player

Nox App Player is another Android App emulator that helps you to Install Android Apps on your PC after which you can run JIO TV App on PC and watch Big Boss 10 24X7 Live Stream along with Star Plus, Ten Sports and Various other Sports and Movies channels via Jio Live TV App. Nox is currently only compatible with Windows Platform only. So one can download Jio TV For PC running Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 by following this procedure of Nox App Player. First of All Download Nox Player From here and Install it.

This is simple one of the hack to Watch Jio TV for PC. One can also try Mini Militia game as Mini Militia hack is another game in demand that can be played on PC.

Procedure to Install Jio LIVE TV App for PC Using Nox Player

  • Step 1: Open Nox App Player that you recently installed. It might take a little while to Open Up Nox for the first time.
  • Step 2: Now enable Root Permissions for Nox player, by clicking on Settings Gear and then Tapping on “ON” from Root Options in General Tab and Then Clicking on “Save Changes.”

    How To Watch Jio Live TV app from PC using Nox Player Guide

    Install JIo TV on PC using Nox App Player Tutorial

  • Step 3: Now drag and drop the Jio TV Apk for PC in the Nox App Player which you downloaded at the beginning of the tutorial.
  • Step 4: Once Jio TV Live App for PC is installed, Open it and run for the first time.
  • Step 5: Enter in your Jio Account number and password and log in to Jio Tv App to watch the Live stream of Big Boss 10 or Sports or Movies or Daily Soaps for Free Online.

Nox player is now also available for Mac Users as well that will make things much simpler to achieve Jio TV Install on Mac running Apple Laptops.

Video Tutorial To Install Jio TV For Laptop with Nox Android Player

Hope everything is understood with the procedure to install Jio TV app on Laptop or PC running Windows OS using Nox Android Emulator.

Other ways to in which you can have Jio TV App For PC Free Download include using Google Emulator which is quiet a bit difficult process when compared to Installing with Just Bluestacks and Nox. One can also try Screen Mirroring Jio TV App for PC directly to Large screen from your smartphone. This will also invite full TV experience for free using Jio Live TV App.


Jio TV For PC Free Download using Memu Player Emulator

After trying out two different Android Emulators for your PC or Laptop one can also Install Jio TV App for PC or Laptop using Memu Player Emulator. Memu Player Andriod Emulator currently supports Windows Operating System which means one can have Jio TV for Laptop using Memu Player Emulator very easily.

Memu App Emulator to Run Jio TV Install on PC/Laptop

Jio TV Install for PC and Laptop using Memu Android App emulator

Procedure to Jio TV Install for Laptop Using Memu Player Emulator

  • Step 1:  Download Memu Android Emulator App from here and Install the emulator on your Windows PC.
  • Step 2: Double Click for Jio TV Install on Memu Player which you downloaded in step 1 or directly go to Google Play Store after you sign in to your Google Account and Install Jio Live TV app on PC from Play Store.
  • Step 3: Now open Jio TV app on Laptop using Memu Player which you installed just now and enter in your username and password to enjoy the seamless experience of LIVE JIO TV on Laptop or PC.

Watch Live Jio TV On PC/Laptop Directly Browser

Using Bluestacks or any other third party apps to Watch Live JIO TV on laptop or PC is very easy with all above instructions. But we do also have another option to Watch Live Jio TV On PC directly via Web Browser by simple visiting the Official Jio TV Live website.

My JioTV Live TV App – Online Streaming of TV Channels Directly via Chrome or Browsers

As you have earlier tried Jio TV App for PC and Also done with Jio TV Download on Laptop via Bluestacks, here is the quick method to access Jio TV Web Live via Chrome browser, in short, You can Play Jio TV Live on Chrome Browser or Firefox or any other Internet Browser.

  • Step 1: Head over to official website of Jio TV Live App:
  • Step 2: Login with your Jio Id and Password to Play Live Jio TV on Chrome Browser directly via Website.

If you do not have Jio TV Id and Password, Simply request for Free JIO Live TV Username and Password in the comments section.

Simple Live My Jio TV App Hacks and Mods

Ever wondered you can use Jio TV app without Internet Connection and watch Live tv for free. This can be achieved from the article mentioned here: Watch Jio Live TV without Internet Connection. Not only this, one can even bypass Jio TV Username and Password if you are connected to Jio Hotspot. We will keep you updated with the latest My Jio TV updates and Hacks for Apk after which you will be bale to use Jio TV app on PC or Laptop with ease.

How To Access Jio TV App for PC worldwide

Jio TV app is now limited to Indian citizens. But do not worry we have a solution for the same. Now one can easily Watch Live Jio TV App from PC or Laptop by simply using a VPN or Virtual Private Network which provided Indian IP for e.g., HMA Pro VPN or TunnelBear.

Tutorial to Install and Use Tunnelbear can be found here. All You need to do is to Select India from the list of Countries and then connect! Rest the whole procedure remains the same to Jio TV for PC Download for Free.

How To Get Jio TV Username and Password

As Jio TV app is limited to users of Jio Sim Card only, but one should not get upset for the same! As we will be providing you free access to Premium Jio TV app for free. All you need to do is simply comment on your reason to Get one Jio TV App for PC, and we will inbox you the User Name and password. But do make sure that you do not change it or else the Subscription of Free Live Jio TV for PC will be Cancelled, and you will no longer be able to Watch Jio TV for Laptop/PC [Windows, Mac], etc.

Get JIO Sim Card Delivery At Home 2018

How To Skip Jio TV Username and Password

Installing JIO TV App on PC or Laptop is not enough as now you will require having JIO TV Username and Password. But, you need not to worry as one can easily skip Jio TV Username and Password login via following our other tutorials to Watch Live TV Free directly via links and if using Android Smartphone, then use this App to bypass Jio TV Username and Password and enjoy free live TV.

Guide: Get Your Own My Jio Login Username and Password

[Fixed] Jio TV Not Working On PC or Mobile

There might be cases when your Jio TV for Laptop or PC or Jio Tv on Mobile stops working; one can after that proceed to Re-Install Jio TV app for PC using the above procedure or Try clearing Cache of the App and then sign in again to Get Your Jio Live TV app working. Jio Play Live TV also Known as Jio TV To Live Stream Movies, Sports, Songs, Daily Drama, etc.

A blow to all Jio Users- Jio cancels Jio Summer Surprise before 15th April 2017.

Another possible solution to fix Jio TV not Working – Keep your App always updated to Latest version or else you might get buffering issues on Jio TV App which might obstruct your viewing experience of Live TV on Your PC or Mobile Phone.

This was the easiest guide possible with different methods to Install Jio TV Free for PC after you download Jio TV App for Laptop or PC Windows 7 etc. If you still have any problem in watch Live Jio TV from PC or Laptop, then let us know in comments, we will guide you out of the problem.


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Tech Blogger and Android Expert who loves surfing Internet and finding new tech stuff and frame new articles over the same and help the world with the knowledge attained!

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