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Reliance India gave India a big boost with the introduction of Jio services all over the nation. Jio account Login will enable you to access the data you are offered by MyJio to all its premium Jio Customers. If you are not even a Jio Customer and still want to avail Jio Premium services like Watch Jio TV for PC or Watch Jio Cinema on Laptop, you can do the same after reading this article of My Jio Login. Our guide to Jio Member Login is very easy and anyone reading this article can easily follow up the same.


My Jio Login Id and Password Guide How To

Get My Jio Login Id And Password

In general, there are two methods via which you can access Jio Login to various Jio Apps like Jio TV, Jio Music, Jio Cinema. These methods to Jio.com login are valid to Jio sim cardholder customers. And if you do not have jio sim, you can get one now via Jio Sim Home Delivery.

But nevertheless, you can use our MyJio Login Username and Password that will enable you to Enjoy all Jio premium services for free. You will find the public Jio Login Username and password in the end of the post. Also, do not forget to subscribe to the website via push notifications in order to get the latest updated myjio username and password directly.

How To Find My Jio Login ID and Password using MyJio App

If you are already having My Jio Sim card and do not know what is your username and password. Then follow up this step by step quick guide to get your jio username and password that belongs to you.

  • Insert your MyJio Sim card in your 4G enabled Smartphone.
  • Install MyJio App from PlayStore.
    About My Jio App: MyJio App allows you to manage services related to your Jio Sim Card like your recharges, plans, your services, Data remaining, Your Jio phone number.
  • Now make sure that you are connected to Internet Connection via Jio LTE network instead of any other wifi network. Open MyJio App that you installed now [Grant all the Permissions that you are asked to for the first time My Jio App run]. You will see MyJio Login screen like this:

    First Time Jio Login Screen With Wifi Connected

  • As you have enabled your data connection, i.e you are connected via Jio Network, Tap on Login with Jio Sim. If you want to signup and get Jio Login Username and Password which you can use on Laptop or PC, for example, to Watch Jio Cinema for PC
    , then I would recommend you to Signup for Jio Login via the second option.
  • You will be asked to enter your Jio Phone number that can give you OTP and thereby follow onscreen instructions to verify your mail id with your number.

Video Tutorial To Create My Jio Login And Jio Money Login:

We would recommend that you even verify your mail id in order to use the same while you login without OTP on various Jio websites as is shown in the video.

Find My Jio Mobile number from MyJio App:

As you have seen in the video above when you Switch On Mobile Data and proceed to Login to MyJio app using Jio Sim, you are automatically shown with the page displaying your current Jio number which can be lateron used to access to My Jio TV or Jio Cinema as well.

In this manner, you will create your own my Jio login username and password via MyJio App on Android or iOS devices. Now, if you have JioFi and want to get your JioFi username and password or in short you want to register to My Jio login using your JioFi, then the next pointers are for you:

Create Jio Wifi Login Username and Password for JioFi Users

JioFi devices are the fastest growing hotspot hubs all over the nation which gives your seamless internet experience on the go with cheap data plans. To create Jio Wifi Login Username and Password with My JioFi Device:

  1. Connect your smartphone to JioFi Network.
    MyJioApp JioFi Login

    How to Login with JioFi in MyJio App

  2. Now open your MyJio App and Tap On JioFi User. Make sure that your Jio Sim is activated. [The one in JioFi].
  3. You can now access My Jio Login with your JioFi directly.

If you want to manually create Jio login id and password for JioFi device, then we would recommend you to install Jio4G Voice app on your phone and then connect Your phone to JioFi Network after which you can receive OTP on your JioFi via the mobile connected to JioFi network using JioVoice 4G App. If you need detailed tutorial regarding how to register JioFi number using OTP to create Jio Login Id and password, then let us know in comments section. Jio Wifi Login could not be much simpler than this.

Jio Login Direct Jio.com Method

One can easily access your Jio Website once you have created or have your My Jio Login ID and password. All you need to do is, simply head over to Official Jio Website and now fill in your Jio phone number on which you can receive OTP to login to your Jio Account. Once you fill in the OTP, you are now logged in to My Jio Account wherein you can Enable or Disable services and check your jio account as well.

Signup to Login Jio.com via OTP

If you are first time user and need My Jio Login Username and password directly from Jio.com Official website, then you need to follow these quick steps to create jio.com username and password.

  • Head over to Jio Official Website from here.
    How to create username and password jio

    Login Jio.com Username and password menu

  • Click on SignUp and fill in your Jio Mobile number in next step and Click On Generate OTP.
  • Once your OTP is send to your mobile number, fill the same in next step along with other details like your Mail Id and password that you will be using to access My Jio Login on Jio.com
    Create username and password myjio.com

    OTP generated using MyJio.com website direct method

  • You have now successfully created Jio.com login and your services are ready to be used.


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Bypass My Jio Login or Jio Wifi Login

People wonder if they can actually bypass Jio username and password. Yes, You can actually do that if you have Jio enabled 4G VoLTE sim card. The trick for the same is- Turn off your wifi and use your mobile data while you login to your Jio Apps like Jio Cinema, Jio TV or Jio 4G Voice etc.

Jio Login Without OTP

One can directly login to Jio Services without OTP. To do the same follow these quick steps to My Jio Login without Username and Password:

  1. Turn your Wifi Off on your Smartphone.
  2. Turn On your Mobile Data [Jio 4G LTE]
  3. Now open the Jio App which you want to login to (My Jio App, Jio Cinema, Jio TV, Jio Music) and wait for the App to auto login as you are connected to My Jio Network.

This is the simple trick to bypass jio login without otp on your Jio 4G Lte smartphone.

Here is the list of services that you can access with My Jio Login Username and Password:

  1. Jio Live TV – To Watch Live TV in action on your Phone or PC/Laptop
  2. Jio Cinema- To Wach Online Free Movies via Jio Login Id and password for Jio Cinema.
  3. Jio Chat- The Official replacement to SMS and Messaging system by Jio
  4. Jio Xpress News- Unlike Newshunt, you get real and valid news which you can rely upon with Jio Xpress News.
  5. Jio Security: You get Antivirus protections just few clicks away using your my jio username and password.
  6. JioCloud: Create a backup of your smartphone with My JioCloud username and password and save your memories for life

Easy Jio Money Login Method

To Login to your jio money wallet, all you need to do is Install Jio Money app and turning on your Jio Mobile data simply login to JioMoney app which will enable you to direct login to Jio Money and thereby, recharge your Jio numbers.

  1. Download and Install Jio Money App from PlayStore or direct access Official Website of Jio Money from here.
  2. If you are accessing the JioMoney Official Website, press on to Login Button and use the My Jio Id And password that you created earlier to login and access Jio Money Login.
    Jio Money Login id and password to enter to jio money site

    Jio Money Login Page Fill In details

  3. On Smartphone, enter in your Jio Phone number and you will get OTP to access Jio Money Login page.

In this manner, you can easily login to Jio money from your Jio Smartphone or PC with your Jio Login Username and Password.

Jio retailer login can be done with the userid and password that you generated and then going to Jio.com and using the My Jio credentials to login to Jio Retail network.

Access JioFi.Local.html JioFi Login Page

Many folks still are unable to find the config page on their Jiofi hotspot. Why do you need access to Settings of JioFi device? Well, the answer is so simple: You can change password of JioFi device or check the signal strength on JioFi Hotspot or even change name of jio hotspot and also secure your JioFi Hotspot with different levels of security and many more features that can be accessed via JioFi.local.html url.

How To Access JioFi Settings Page: http //jiofi.local.html

To access your JioFi Settings page or to log on to Jiofi device, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn on Your JioFi Device or Jio Hotspot and wait for the Wifi hotspot to be turned on.
  2. Connect your Laptop or Computer to JioFi Network with default username and password given on your JioFi device.
  3. Once connected, Now open your Chrome or Any other default browser you are using and head over to: http://jiofi.local.html/
  4. You have successfully come over to JioFi Login Page wherein you can currently see the status of your JioFi device.
    JioFi Local Login guide


  5. Now to make changes to your JioFi device, Click on Login button from the top right corner on the page and then Enter Username and Password for JioFi.local.html and you will then successfully get logged into JioFi Config page.

jio.local.html login using ip:

You can also access JioFi Device config page if your jiofi.local.html gives you timeout or not found error. In this method, you simply change the Url of login to IP method.

  1. Connect your Laptop or PC to JioFi Device wifi network.
  2. Open up your browser and head over to and you will be reaching back to JioFi Login page showing stats as you saw earlier.
  3. Now you can simply log in to JioFi Hotspot device with Default username and password, generally: “administrator” as username and Password is printed at the rear of your Jiofi device which you see when you uncover the rear and remove the battery.

Change Password of JioFi Wifi Hotspot

You can change the name and password of your jiofi hotspot by simply going on to the interface you just opened by Jiofi.local.html or via IP

  1. Once logged in JioFi Hotspot, Head Over to Settings Tab.
  2. Now Click Over to Wifi Option, where you can change the Name and Password of JioFi Hotspot very easily as you can see in the screenshot below:
    how to change password of JioFi Hotspot

    How To Change Password Of Jio FI Device Wifi

  3. Now Click on Apply Settings. Once done, your JioFi Hotspot will restart and then fill in the new JioFi Wifi Password to Log In to JioFi Wifi Hotspot.

jiofi.local.html change password of Admin Page

Once you have access to your JioFi Device, you may also like to change password of JioFi Hotspot login page from default, which is very easy. Here are the simple steps to change password of JioFi Device hotspot:

  • Login to JioFi.local.html or Config page of your JioFi device.
  • Now head over to the settings tab and Click on “User Management” And edit the things as per your convenience.
    How to change username and password Jiofi Hotspot

    Change Default Username and Password Jiofi.local.html Jiofi Hotspot

  • You can change the Username and Password that you use to Login to JioFi.local.html from defaults. [administrator, SSID].

✅ jiofi.local.html not opening [Error Fix]

If by some reason you are not able to access the login page of JioFi Hotspot device, One can simply Open incognito window in your browser by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N or from Menu > Incognito Mode and then proceed to Open Jiofi.local.html or Jiofi Login ip as mentioned earlier in the post.

People at times also see DNS error or Address can not be found. We would recommend you to reconnect to the JioFi Wifi network again and try with the same URL.

Reset JioFi Login ID and Password

This is the last thing that can be done if you are unable to access jiofi.local.html or Login page of Jiofi device. In this manner, you will be able to Hard Reset your JioFi device and then log in to the portal with the default username and password.

  1. If you are using latest Jio Fi Device as shown in the picture below, then press down the Power and WPS button together until you see All Lights Blinking on the Device. And your new jiofi device has been successfully reset.
    How to reset jiofi device without reset button

    Press Power and Wps Button Together to Reset JioFi new Device

  2. If you have old JioFi device or JioFi 2 Hotspot, you need to remove the back cover to find a hole wherein you can use a pin to insert in that hole until you see all the lights blinking on the device and you have successfully reset your new jiofi device too.

Video Tutorial For JioFi Device Login | Change JioFi Login Details | Reset | Default Username and Password

Also, note that – Your Wifi name and Password are changed to default and as a result, you need to reconnect to JioFi device with the supplied password on your laptop.

How to Find default JioFi Username and Password

Once you reset you JioFi Device or you got the new Jiofi device, you might be searching for default JioFi Username and password, to find the inbuilt or default username and password to login to jiofi.local.html and also wifi password follow up these quick steps:

  1. Open up the rear cover of your JioFi Device and Remove the battery for the same.
  2. Now you will see a list of details like IMEI, SSID And PWD along with Login Url for JioFi with Username and Password.
  3. Note down the same so that you can Login to your SSID with the PWD supplied.

In this manner, you will be able to access your default JioFi details and use the same.

If you have any query or problem in Jio Login or Jiofi Login you can directly comment in here. We will be at your service.

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