Install Jio Cinema For PC, Laptop, TV [Windows, Mac, Android]

Jio Cinema App is one of the most used App after Jio Live TV. But do you have free access to Jio Cinema for pc or Laptop or did you ever try to watch Jio Cinema on TV directly? If yes, and still were not successful, then you have landed here to the right destination. We today will show you how you can watch Jio Cinema Online without any need to spend single Rupee. Yes, you read it right you can watch Jio Cinema live without Jio Sim Card or any other formalities.

watch online jio cinema for free on pc laptop

Watch Jio Cinema Online Free Laptop TV PC without username and password

Watching Jio Cinema on Laptop was never so easy with access to list of latest movies and TV Series directly on jio cinema. Jio Cinema is just another app to watch latest movies and tv series via its own app. One can directly access Jio Cinema for Laptop, PC or TV by trying out one of the best methods that suits you which will be listed below. And in case, you have any questions, then feel free to comment on the same regarding running Jio TV web version on Laptop or PC or Chrome.

Requirements to Install Jio Cinema on Laptop/PC/TV

  • Download latest Jio Cinema Apk from here or Direct Install it from Google PlayStore once you have followed rest of the instructions to successfully run Jio Cinema Android Package on PC or Laptop.
  • 1.5GB of RAM
  • Device running Windows or Android or Mac OS
  • Jio Account username and Password. Do not panic if you do not have Jio Cinema Username and password as we have also mentioned the instructions to get Jio Username and Password for free from us at the end of the post.

Install Jio Cinema for PC using Bluestacks Android Player

Bluestacks is an app that will allow you to install and run apk or Android Package on your PC or Laptop directly with the above file of Jio Cinema which you downloaded. One can also increase RAM of Bluestacks in order to faster the Bluestacks Player on your PC or Laptop.

Instructions to Run Jio Cinema for Laptop/PC:

  1. Download Bluestacks for Windows or Mac from their Official Website: Download
  2. Install Bluestacks app on Your PC or Laptop.
  3. Double click on Jio Cinema App that you downloaded and wait for the installation to be completed.

You have now successfully installed Jio Cinema Online App on your Pc Or Laptop.

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Play Jio Cinema Via Website On Any Device

This method of watching Jio Web Cinema online is the best one as it does not require any additional software all you need to do is to have Jio Cinema Username and password or MyJioApp Username and Password, afterwhich you can watch Jio Cinema On PC or Laptop or even Any Chrome browser supported device.

Note: If you do not have My Jio Username and Password, Please proceed to last part of the post to get your Jio Username and Password for free.

Step by Step to Watch Jio Cinema Directly without Bluestacks or Software

  1. Open any browser on your device (Chrome recommended).
  2. Log On to JioCinema official Website from here.
  3. Now Click on User Login Icon which is visible on the Top Right Corner on the website as you can see in the screenshot below:
    Watch Jio Cinema directly via website

    Username and Password Jio Cinema Login System

  4. Securely signin to Jio Cinema Website using your Jio Username and Password that you have.

Congrats, you can now watch Jio Cinema Online free without any obstacles.

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Watch Jio Cinema On TV directly

Jio Cinema can also be accessed directly on your Smart TV or normal TV using Google Chromecast. If your TV is smart TV, then you definitely have Screen Mirroring in it.

Steps to Watch Jio Cinema on TV

  1. Enable Screen Mirroring on Your TV and install Jio Cinema App on your Android Phone.
  2. Now Go into Settings of your Android Phone and go to Display. Select Screen Mirroring and Mirror your Screen.
  3. You now successfully have mirrored your screen. Now Open Jio Cinema App on your Mobile and the same will be showcased on your TV as well.

Jio Cinema for Laptop using Nox Android Player

Android Players are the new way of watching Jio Cinema App on PC or Laptop running Windows or Mac OS. This method includes installation of third-party app- Nox Player, Just like Bluestacks and then installing Jio Cinema App on PC or Laptop.

Steps to Watch Jio Cinema For PC Using Nox App

  1. Download and Install Nox Player for your PC or Laptop running Windows from here.
  2. Now simply Install Jio Cinema from PlayStore if you have signed in using your google account on Nox Player and open the app.
    watch Jio Cinema Live on PC or Laptop using Nox Player

    Nox Player Jio Cinema Install Method

  3. Open Jio Cinema App that you installed and sign in using Jio Cinema Username and Password.

This was another easiest way to Watch Jio Cinema for PC or Laptop.

One can also try KO Player to Watch Jio Cinema App directly on PC Or Laptop.

Download Movies from Jio Cinema

Ever tried to download Movies from Jio Cinema App directly to PC or Laptop? Well, this is possible using the tutorial that we will be providing to the special customers who are interested for the same. One can download Movies from Jio Cinema in full HD and watch them Offline whenever you want to.

To Download Movies from Jio Cinema to PC or Laptop or Mobile, One needs to have a working internet connection and My Jio Username and password to Save Movies from Jio Cinema to Offline.

Get Jio Cinema Username And Password Free

Watching Jio Cinema for PC or Laptop or TV is of no use if you do not have My Jio Username and Password. One with Jio Sim can easily get the same, but what about the people who are out of India or do not have Jio Cinema Username and password. Well, you need not to panic after working hard to install Jio Cinema on PC or Laptop as we are providing you with Jio Username and Password that will help you to watch Jio Cinema for Free on PC or Laptop.


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Jio Cinema Not Working [100% Solution] ✅

After following such a detailed guide to Watch Jio Cinema or Jio Movies for PC or Laptop, we don’t think that you might land up into a problem. But, if at all you are facing any issues watching Live Jio Cinema on PC or Laptop, do let us know for the same by commenting about your problem.

General Fixes for Jio Cinema Stopped Working:

  • Clear Cache of Jio Cinema App from Settings > Apps > Jio Cinema > Storage > Clear Cache
  • Log Out and Log In with the Username and Password.
  • Uninstall the Jio Cinema app and install it again.
  • Check for the updates available at Play Store.

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