[JIO TV] Watch LIVE TV without Internet Connection

Reliance JIO is really working very hard to reach out to a maximum number of customers with different ideas they have. This time JIO is testing new service of Media Middleware that will enable users to Broadcast LIVE TV on their JIO 4G Enabled smartphones without the need for internet connection. It is very simple to test this LIVE TV service without an internet connection. Just follow up the instructions here to enjoy free live tv on your Android Phone running JIO LTE enabled SIM.

Play Jio TV without Log In

Install JIO Play Live TV Free without App login

How Do JIO Live TV work without Internet or Data Plan?

ClearCast service is the magic that will enable us to do the same after which one will be able to use free live tv access on your Jio TV app without any internet connection. And the purpose of Clearcast service is served my two of the JIO TV supporting apps which will be officially installed by you in alongside Jio TV app.

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Basic Requirements To Watch LIVE TV free without Internet Connection on JIO TV App

  • Jio 4G SIM Card
  • Android Play Store supported Device
  • Active Jio 4G LTE Connection

Get My Jio Login Username and Password and enjoy free premium Jio Services.

Guide to Watch Live TV On JIO TV without Internet Connection

  1. Install Jio TV App officially from play store. If already installed, then check for the updates from Google PlayStore.
  2. Now install the following two apps that will be running in background while you are using Jio TV App:
    1. JioMediaWareX App – PlayStore Link
    2. JioMediaWare App – PlayStore Link

    Watch Live TV without Internet Connection

    JioMediaWareX Sideload App to watch Free Live TV

  3. Once installed, Open Official Jio TV App and grant all the permissions that are being asked for the first run.
  4. Now you can enjoy seamless live tv experience without having internet connection on your smartphone.

As this middleware technology is in the testing phase, therefore, for the beginning you can watch Colors HD Live TV via Jio TV App from 1PM to 5PM everyday.

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Make sure that you subscribe to our website via push notifications, so that we can update the list of channels being added to the list of free live tv on jio tv app without internet connection.

Benefits of JioMediaWare App

  • No More buffering as it was earlier due to connection issues.
  • It is used directly by the JioTV app to bring you a smoother, seamless streaming experience. JioTV integrates the JioMediaWare technology for its most watched content.
  • The power of LTE-eMBMS ensures you get to view your favorite live stream seamlessly, even if millions of others are watching at the same time.
  • No network congestion, no more buffering. JioMediaWare gives you the LTE-eMBMS advantage, for unfettered viewing.

More and more channels will be added for the same Jio free to air initiative. Therefore stay tuned and enable push notifications from Informationlord.

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