How To Set Caller Tune In Jio for Free [2019]

Activate Jio Free Caller Tune with simple steps for quick activation after which you can welcome all your callers with the song of your choice. 2019 will be the year where you will see a lot of offers being introduced by various Telecom industries to attract customers. And Reliance JIO has already hit the segment by providing services for free- like free live jio tv, free unlimited games, free doorstep delivery of jio sim and various other telecom facilities.

How to set Caller Tune on Jio 4G
Activate Free Jio Caller Tune 2019 Trick

What is Free Jio Caller Tune all About?

Caller Tune basically welcomes the caller with the song of your choice. Coming to Jio network, Reliance is providing free access to Caller Tune in 2017 for a month without any charge. One can select the favourite song of yours and set it as Caller tune for free.

Top Working Methods to Make Latest Songs as Caller tune On Jio Network

There are basically three methods to set Caller tune on your JIO number. We prefer the first one over the other as it is very simple to use. The decision is all yours, check out! One can easily set Caller tune on JioPhone or Any phone running on Jio Network.

Set Jio Caller Tune on Phone Using Jio Saavn App [Android/iPhone]

Jio and Saavn have now merged into one initiate to provide unlimited HD music via Jio Network on your Android or iOS powered iPhone. You can now make any cool song which you like as your Caller tune on Jio network instead of that boring rings.

  • First of all Download latest JioSaavn app on your Android phone or iPhone.
  • Now make sure that you are on Mobile data, that is, you are connected to the Internet via Jio and then open Jio Saavn app and login with Jio ID. If you do not have one, then signup with Jio number on JioSaavn app.
  • Once you are logged into the JioSaavn app, play the song of your choice and select the option: “Set JioTune” which appears when the song is being played.
    How To Set JioTune in JioSaavn

    Select Jio Tune Option in JioSaavn

  • Now you hear the Caller tune which actually would be served to your callers. It is just like a preview of that song. Again tap on “Set JioTune”
Jio Caller tune Confirmation

How To Preview CallerTune in Jio

  • Wait for the confirmation message and you are done. You have successfully set that song as your Caller tone.

    How Set CallerTune in JioPhone

    Set CallerTune in JioPhone

This one is the best and the easiest method to get your favorite song selected as hello tune on Jio.

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Bonus: You can change your caller tune in every 2 minutes without any charges. It is all free.

How to Set/Activate Caller Tune in Jio For Free Using SMS

  1. Go to the Messaging app on your Android Smartphone with JIO Sim in it.
  2. Type in “JT” (without quotes) and it to 56789
  3. You will now receive various options to Activate your favourite Caller Tune on Jio Sim. Just follow the on-screen instructions thereafter.
  4. Few of the Quick Searches to select Jio Caller Tune faster is by typing in:

    Type: MOVIE <movie Name> send it to 56789

    SINGER <singer Name> send it to 56789ALBUM <Album Name> send it to 56789

    Watch Jio Cinema on Laptop or PC – Grand Bonus

  5. Once you select the Song of your choice, you will now receive a confirmation message from JIO, Reply with Y.
  6. Finally, you have successfully activated free caller tune on your jio sim card for a month.

Make Other People Hello Tune as Your Caller Tune in Jio

This is another easiest method to set callertune on jio phone or any other phone having Jio Sim in it.

  • Make a call to your friend who has Caller tune on his phone.
  • When you start hearing the Caller Tune, “Press * Key” on the keypad and continue or end the call.
    Make Caller Tune in Jio Phone with * key

    Caller Tune Copy with Star Button

  • You will now get SMS from Jio asking to verify if you want to select that song as your Caller Tune on JioPhone. Reply with “Y”
Set caller tune on jio phone

Confirm Caller tune on jio phone

  • Once done you will get another message stating that you have successfully set Jio Caller Tune on JioPhone or any other phone.
    Jio Phone easy caller tune copy

    Success Caller Tune Setting in Jio phone

Set Caller Tune in JIO Number with Jio Music Trick [Outdated]

This method has now become outdated with the launch of JioSaavn App. You can now follow the latest tutorial mentioned above in the article.

  1. Install Jio Music App on your Android or iOS Smartphone.
  2. Now login to your JIO Account or Simply Turn ON Data and press on Skip button when you Open Jio HD Music App.
Easy Jio Caller Tune App
Press on Skip Button to Login to Jio Caller Tune
  • Now simply play the song of your choice from Jio Music HD and Open up Music Player in Jio Music. You will now see an option to set that song as Caller Tune.
  • Set Caller on JIO Number free
    Press on Set Caller Tune After playing Song
  • Press on Set as JioTune now and wait for the confirmation popup. Once successfully done, you will activate free Caller tune on your Jio Number!
  • Free Jio Caller Tune Setup Video Guide

    Step by Step Video to Set Caller Tune in Jio Phone or Jio Network.

    What is the Validity of Jio Free Caller Tune?

    This free service of Jio Caller tune is now valid for one month starting from the day you activate free caller tune on jio sim card. But we have trick to use Caller Tune for free forever in 2019.

    Simply repeat the steps 1 to 6 again and you will be again provided with the Free Caller tune for another month on your jio number.

    Extend Jio Caller Tune 2019 Time to Unlimited for free

    As the validity of free jio caller tune is valid for 30 days only, but we have simple trick to extend this free caller tune offer of your favourite song forever in this 2017. In order to get the little jio caller tune hack, simply like, share or +1 from below social locker and the trick to extend jio caller tune offer will be unlocked. Extend Jio Caller tune expiry date

    How to Deactivate Jio Free Caller Tune on Jio Number

    1. Go to the stock messaging app on your jio smartphone.
    2. Type “STOP” (without quotes) and send it to 56789
    3. You will now receive a confirmation message about Stopping Free Jio Caller Tune Service on your Jio number.
    4. Reply with Y and your free jio service will stop.

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    How to Change or Replace Jio Caller tune with Another Song

    Replacing or changing caller tune on jio number is very easy, all you need to do is simply follow the procedure which you did while you chose new caller tune for jio sim. That means, basically you need to set the new song as your caller tune again and by this you will also get the new expiry period of more 30 days to jio caller tune.

    Trick To Copy Caller Tune from Anyone

    If you like caller tune of someone else, then you can simply press “*” while you dial the number of the one you are calling and this will directly activate the caller tune of your jio sim directly as the one which you heard now.

    If you are still unable to set your favourite caller tune on your jio sim or jio number, then you can simply comment in here and we will be at your service. These were the simplest of all procedures to Set JioTune for free.

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