Pure Xperia Z3 ROM for Xperia C (Stable Release)

Pure Xperia Z3 ROM for Xperia C (Stable Release)

Pure Xperia Z3 ROM for Xperia C (Stable Release) is all you need ROM for Xperia C which is very much stable as compared to previous ROMs for Xperia C. You may already had experienced Pure Xperia Z3 ROM earlier but thought to provide a more basic and awesome ROM for Xperia C 2305. And today we are done! So not wasting your time anymore let me describe the features of Pure Xperia Z3 ROM Stable Release for Xperia C :

Xperia C Custom ROM

Pure Xperia Z3 ROM is Based on Latest Xperia C 16.0.B.2.16 Base
A. Xperia Z3 HOME & Simple Home
B. Xperia Z3 Themes (Lollipop Themes Added)
C. Smooth and Fast Respose
D. Xperia Z3 SystemUI
E. Xperia Z3 Framework
F. Xperia Z3 Media Apps
G. Xperia Z3 System Apps
H. Xperia Z3 Widgets
I. Latest Xperia Keyboard
J. Xperia Z3 Fonts
K. Xperia Z3 Smart Social Camera
L. Xperia Z3 Style Settings
N. Xperia C3 Style Camera
O. Xperia Z3 Wallpapers
P. Xperia Z3 Sounds
Q. Xperia Z3 Bootanimation
R. True Viper4Android/Dolby Integration
S. Xperia build.prop
T. No network/Wifi issues
U. 3G SIM Switching
V. S-Force Surround Sound 3D
W. SeraJR QuickSettings Toggles
X. Battery Savings
Y. Advanced Reboot Menu
Z. Compatible with Xposed Modules (JB)
Z1. Smart Gestures
Z2. No Bloatwares plus Multi User support
Z3. Xperia Z3 Style Task Switching

Moreover gaming performance has now increased to a great extent as now we have huge amount of free RAM usage option.

Video Review of Pure Xperia Z3 ROM on Xperia C :

Do not go on the Video Clarity. That is due to color split by the recorder!

Here are the Screenshots of Pure Xperia Z3 ROM Stable Version Running on Xperia C :

HomeScreen Landscape
Landscape Mode Home


Wide Variety Of Themes To choose From
Wide Variety Of Themes To choose From

IMG-20150121-WA0043 IMG-20150121-WA0044 IMG-20150121-WA0045 IMG-20150121-WA0046 IMG-20150121-WA0048

Further Screenshots can be unlocked by liking or Follow or Sharing Us[sociallocker id=”1630″]

IMG-20150121-WA0049 IMG-20150121-WA0027 IMG-20150121-WA0029 IMG-20150121-WA0030 IMG-20150121-WA0031 IMG-20150121-WA0032 IMG-20150121-WA0033 IMG-20150121-WA0035 IMG-20150121-WA0037 IMG-20150121-WA0038 IMG-20150121-WA0040 IMG-20150121-WA0041 IMG-20150121-WA0042


Instructions to Install Pure Xperia Z3 Stable ROM on Xperia C :

  1. Xperia C must be rooted! If it is not rooted then first read our earlier post to Root Xperia C.
  2. Now you need to have Custom Recovery Installed (CWM, TWRP, Philz or Carliv any). If you do not have recovery installed then read our earlier article to Install Pure CWM Version 2 for Xperia CΒ ( Remember to Check BootVersion before installing CWM)
  3. Take CWM backup of the Stock ROM so that you can revert back to original if you do not like the ROM. To do so, Turn Your Phone OFF and then press Power and Volume Down together and you will see recovery, from there navigate to Backup and Restore and Select backup! Do remember in CWM recovery Touch do not work, only the Hardware keys work, so not get panic.
  4. Remember to Increase Your Internal Space Storage from our Previous article and then proceed as this will help you all to get the essence of Pure Xperia Z3 ROM. Read : Increase Internal Apps Storage Space in Xperia C
  5. Download Pure Xperia Z3 Stable ROM for Xperia C . We are here with the two different versions : One that which has Xperia Z2 Camera pre installed! But this can Β not record Videos! So another Version do not have Xperia Z2 Camera! So select as per your decision!
    1. Download Pure Xperia Z3 Stable ROM for Xperia C By simply Liking or +1 or Follow us : [sociallocker]Download Pure Xperia Z3 ROM Flashable ZIP[/sociallocker]
    2. Now Download small patch which will fix large size icons and also add 10 Lollipop Themes for Xperia C : [sociallocker id=”1630″]Download Patch for Pure Xperia Z3 ROM[/sociallocker]
  6. Now Paste the above two files on SD card of your Phone. Now boot the phone into recovery mode by pressing Power and Volume Down button together!
  7. First of all Wipe Cache , Wipe Dalvik Cache , Factory Reset and then go to Install Zip from SD card and First flash Pure Xperia Z3 Stable ROM , followed by the patch.
  8. Restart the phone. First time startup will take time, so do not get panic!

Here is the Video demonstrating How To Install Pure Xperia Z3 Stable ROM on Xperia C:

FAQ regarding Pure Xperia Z3 Stable ROM :

1. What to do after first boot up?

Ans : Simply reboot once again and then first go to Xposed modules and then install the framework and let the phone restart, thereafter activate all the Β inactive modules and restart the phone once again!

2. Video Recorder not working!

Ans : That is the common problem with Xperia Z3 ROM with Xperia Z2 Cam. We are working on another version of the same ROM which will be without Xperia Z2 Cam. So dont get panic!

Credits :Β Thanks to bgos10 and Pure Xperia Team for developing this fantastic ROM for other MTK devices, we have just ported it to Xperia C! Thanks to Iwan and Ofcourse Me (Somesh ).

Do not forget to subsribe to the website in order to stay updated with the tweaks for Xperia C and further updates! If you are struck somewhere, then feel free to comment! We are at your service! But please read earlier comments before commenting! πŸ™‚

185 thoughts on “Pure Xperia Z3 ROM for Xperia C (Stable Release)”

  1. Hi bro
    Please help me
    I want to install lollipop or z3 Rom in my xperia c
    But I don’t understand which is better and stable with out any issues.can I install those Rom with out increasing memory?
    My requirement are
    1. 3g switching
    2. Better Rom with out increasing memory

    I think if I install z3 Rom I no need to install 3g switching.
    Please let me know am I right or not
    Waiting for ur reply

  2. I just want to ask you something before i do it….i want to do it for one reason only, to change the keyboard and make it look like Z3 keyboard…i mean i want the number above the letters at the same page…like Samsung note keyboard .
    so if i installed this ROM..will i get this keyboard??

  3. Hey ,is it important to increase the internal storage ..
    If i am not increasing it … Can in install the rom properly ?
    Please Reply!

  4. after updating succesfully with this xperia z3 ROM i m not getting my stutus bar. i m the status bar is empty its not showing anything please help sir

  5. in my case this message is apear on cwm:

    “Script aborted (no error message) E: Error in /sdcad/Pure+Xperia+Z3+Informationlord.zip
    (Status 7)
    Instalation aborted.

    Help please.

  6. Somesh bro…… I hv downloaded this rom n im using it but my apps take much more time to get installed means they take 15 to 16 days to get installed….. Plzzzz help bro plzzz help……..

  7. thank you for your tutorial. all the installation perfectly done on my xperia c. i check the android version, it still 4.2.2. is there anyway for me to upgrade the android version to kitkat or lollipop?

  8. Hi, I want to ask, after flashing i cant swipe notif bar with 2 finger. The function 2 finger at notif bar is not working, how to solve this? Thanks

  9. I had installed this rom but now i m facing problems. as it hangs again and again. I want to roll back to original rom that came with this phone. how do i do it?

  10. Really appreciate your work with this ROM but I didn’t like the notification area where you’ve added music player (and two WiFi) shortcuts. Is there any way that can be removed?

  11. Hey buddy can you please make the status bar and navigation bar transparent. i am looking or this rom and this one didnt have transparent feature. Could you do it or us.

  12. Hi somesh,

    Thanks for the awesome ROM, i already installed it. It works like a charm but i have one problem. When i play a game, for instance “marvel future fight” and i touch the home button by accident, and when i switch back to the game, the game gets restart again. Is there any option to make it normal? I mean, it’s like the application/game getting killed (force close) somehow when touching the home button.

    Best Regards,

  13. All right installed a ROM , but the screen starts is all black . already uninstalled and installed the rom again and nothing , until the pacth installed and nothing

  14. Why settings.apk background is not changing when i change the theme? It was possible for the previous pure z3 rom, please tell me how to make it possible, thanks for this awesome rom

  15. hai,
    First of all ,thanks for ur grt work.
    Z3 rom was very nice.It is working nicely in ma xperia c.But when i taking music it shows “sound enhancement stopped” notification.And i think now ma loud speaker sound is low.

  16. What should we do to install gravity box. I have already installed framework in Xperia xposed, but when I opening the gravity box it doesn’t responding

  17. Hii somesh, how to fix status bar issue (status bar not coming after reboot). I have to make a notification like incoming sms or something to fix it. thankz..

  18. Hi Soumesh,

    Thanks for all the hardwork done..!! its really great to see that Xperia C has got a ROM.lol
    few things which i would like to mention as my findings.

    1. Time in status bar. I read ur comments. and followed it.. But no succes..!! please fix this
    2. The Keyboard doesnot support Swipe. Thats a bit annoying.
    3. The symbols like . ? ! are not available at top. I need to press the symbol key for long and then i get the option. Please fix this keyboard problem..!!
    4. What about google now??? Why isn’t it there?
    5.Browser has to be the first thing bro!!! πŸ˜€

    Please help me solving first four bugs bro!!

    Thanks for the effort..!!


  19. Hi Somesh I’m unable to get Latest Xperia C 16.0.B.2.16 through PC companion or phone, my version is 16.0.B.2.13. To install the above Z3 ROM 16.0.B.2.16 base is needed. could u please help me ??

  20. GravityBox Cant be installed. everytime, its saying APK corrupted.

    Also, Can I remove 2nd row of shortcuts in Notification Bar?

    How to remove the weather report from ToolBar.

  21. Hi bro just flashed this from pure Z3. but the problems are…
    1) unable to get dual sim function in messaging app. want the previous app back.
    2) take too much of time to battery recharge
    3)prefer to have the previous network signal
    can you plz give a link to get the previous messaging app or can i use the apk from the backup??
    may i flash the pure Z3 rom on this rom?

  22. First of all the ROM is awesome and it has few bugs like Humidity not changed in notification bar, weather app force close, video recording force closes , I tried google camera their video recording works well, status bar takes time to show their content and clock not display. Anyway such a nice rom thank you for making such rom…

  23. shalll i restore my previous apps and games and files via cwm

    or need to be install all apps new ……after Z3 rom……update

  24. Thank you very much for your contribution.I want to test this ROM but the androidfilehost is SUCK.why all mirrors that I get links always stuck at 89%???
    Would you mind uploading to mediafire for me?

  25. Hi somesh…

    Awesome work… But my xc is too slow after flashing this package… Please provide any solution for this problem…

  26. Bro, after reboot status bar not come(not visible).. if any notification(massage or update notification) came status bar visible. i also tried with tinted app.. still same problem

  27. Hii somessh, this room is working, i just dont know how to show the clock on the top right corner of status bar, please tell me what can i do? N why android version still 4.2.2 not 4.4.2

  28. after reboot status bar not come(not visible).. if any notification(massage or update notification) came status bar visible. i also tried with tinted app.. still same problem

  29. Thanks somesh.. Nice rom..great work brother.. There was just a video recording and camera problem which i solved..now its working perfectly fine.
    No.problems at all..

  30. its an early release of this rom….u myt hav worked a lil more on it…m really not satisfied….neither left nor ryt i can see my netwrk signals,,,video cam not wrkng…humidity on notify panel…man who need ittt….walkman has naruto wallpaper dats osm..bt white wallpaper with white font…hw can one see his songs list….n my last ques is if u can modify the stock to lollipop den y not u try to mod the stock to cyanogen???

  31. Hey somesh just a simple question, what abt the app storage space is it still the same as before or have u changed it to 2GB. Pls do reply

  32. Excellent work.. Bravo man…
    Only one thing i dislike is status bar..very buggy even not show time, we have to scroll it..
    Pls change this to ur privious z3 rom status bar and notification bar…
    Although nevigatin bar is excellent.. Pls help me..
    If u could tell me, how to change this roms status bar with previous status n notificstion layout…iwill do it my sel.. Tks

  33. Hi fellas first reply for this time…
    Okay let’s start with user experience
    1.A more refurbished ui which I like it to my heart.
    2.The rom itself is 650mb only which is more lighter than old version of pure z3 rom.
    3.New apps and less bloatware which is a thumbs up.
    4.Battery seem to be more better than the old one.
    5.Omg the stock camera.Wow it is a new one and 10x better than the old.
    6.Tweaked settings which I like it.
    7.Init.d support which was more better.
    8.Overall it is a badass rom.

    The thing i didn’t like was system apps are outdated which I didn’t expect

    No browser.Seriously you guys are joking…

    I expect antutu score increase but nah its okay..

    All in all I’m more than satisfied..
    Thank you for the great job.
    Btw can I install pureperformance mod?Does it cause problems?

    Thumbs up fellas

  34. So the one with the z2 camera, video recording won’t work. How about if you install another camera app, say lenovo snap it, will that application be able to record video? thanks!

    • Yes, it might help! Or one can have short quick fix by replacing mediacodecs.xml in etc folder with the stock ROMs xml and then installing the stock Xperia C Camera! Do try and let me know πŸ™‚

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